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Not making moves and dumming down game

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    Originally posted by glow View Post

    just sounds like the reaction goes out of proportion for you which shakes your centre and overtakes your focus/state?
    no as i said does not affect my focus or state, it just annoys me....


    • glow


      Editing a comment
      oki. sorry. missed that. But thats just good.

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    Originally posted by Skills360 View Post
    Razorjack thanks for the response, interesting take, i do know is mental but it does not affect my state, it happens in 2 scenarios:

    -as i said in the op when i dumb down game and don't make moves.

    - when i have been with a girl previously (sexually or messing around) and she is present and seeing me in the clubs gaming or trying to game other women, i get anxiety of she seeing me gaming....

    the first scenario which is the op, does not affect my state/game

    the second scenario totally affects my game/state and gives me anxiety... So what i do is go to another part of the club or venue...

    I will however field test what you are saying of getting into that "optimal zone" (gwm 1 gets into the sexual, nice you combine it with emotional super hard to do that)
    I still get this sometimes too but doing the whole sex club thing has lowered this a lot! most girls don't give a fuck and are in their own bubble. I go with my girls and I told them before that probably only like 20% of couples want to play with us. it's like 20% are down for full swap 20% the attraction isn't mutual with everyone 20% just want a unicorn 20% don't want to play with anyone and just watch and be watched 20% misc. need game or are tired from playing earlier.


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      Originally posted by POB View Post
      Mostly an ego thing, as you already acknowledge in your OP.
      2) take the social route, be friendly, but don't spend any time with them when you're gaming;
      This is what I do. I was at a bondage club recently, and there were no single hot women, but I chatted with other girls anyway just to socialize. I wasn't into them enough for sex, but was friendly and I stayed/left whenever I wanted.

      If one of these girls goes to some hot girls and talks smack...
      1.) How would you know?
      2.) Who cares? I hardly believe hot girls would take ugly girls' feedback at face value, they know the *real* reason behind that girl's boy-problems.

      If she's some bitch, then ok, sure you can be pissed at her. If she's talking smack about you to her bitch friends:
      1.) Who cares? Why would you want to associate yourself with bitches?