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Not making moves and dumming down game

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    Originally posted by glow View Post

    just sounds like the reaction goes out of proportion for you which shakes your centre and overtakes your focus/state?
    no as i said does not affect my focus or state, it just annoys me....


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      oki. sorry. missed that. But thats just good.

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    Originally posted by Skills360 View Post
    Razorjack thanks for the response, interesting take, i do know is mental but it does not affect my state, it happens in 2 scenarios:

    -as i said in the op when i dumb down game and don't make moves.

    - when i have been with a girl previously (sexually or messing around) and she is present and seeing me in the clubs gaming or trying to game other women, i get anxiety of she seeing me gaming....

    the first scenario which is the op, does not affect my state/game

    the second scenario totally affects my game/state and gives me anxiety... So what i do is go to another part of the club or venue...

    I will however field test what you are saying of getting into that "optimal zone" (gwm 1 gets into the sexual, nice you combine it with emotional super hard to do that)
    I still get this sometimes too but doing the whole sex club thing has lowered this a lot! most girls don't give a fuck and are in their own bubble. I go with my girls and I told them before that probably only like 20% of couples want to play with us. it's like 20% are down for full swap 20% the attraction isn't mutual with everyone 20% just want a unicorn 20% don't want to play with anyone and just watch and be watched 20% misc. need game or are tired from playing earlier.