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    I've noticed in my interactions with girls lately, that I take on a Teacher/Student advisor role. Coming to 30 years old, I have so much more life experience than them, I have so much value to offer to someone in their early twenties or younger, and I end up giving them advice and guidance in most subjects that we end up speaking about. It's also something that comes from a place of genuinely wanting to help them when you know you can, and not at all stemming from a desire to seduce. I'm not sure how to feel about this, and whether it's something I need to stop doing.

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    For me it works well, specially when i take the teacher role to help them seduce other dudes... i made lay reports and posts about this...


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      That's a good tip. I think Gun also has something like that in his product. So you can teach them how they can seduce dudes and have them try it out on you.


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        Hmm. i wouldn't say this is a bad thing per se. Teaching girls things is very attractive because it displays competence. One of the three components of survivability. Which from an evolutionary sense, IS "Value". (the other two being: health/fitness and social feedback). Todd goes deeper into this in The System.

        So teaching them something interesting with conviction/passion about things you fully understand with all your life experience and explaining it to them in a way that it's easy for them to grasp ("you know that always used to bother me as well when I was younger. But something interesting I realized is that....") does elicit a sense of awe attraction. which is definitely not a bad thing

        This is why girls feel sexual aroused by Teevster's sex talk gambits. Not just because he's talking about the topic of sex, but because he is conveying he is (and will be if she plays her cards right) COMPETENT at sex.

        I think perhaps you are going about it wrong. So to you it looks ineffective. Hence why you want to stop doing it.

        And I think, the reason is simply because you are teaching girls using too much logical talk ("ok girl. First you gotta do A then from there you can either do B or C. But if you do B then...blah blah blah") rather than emotional. Which in terms of seduction is counterproductive.


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          Originally posted by hey_lover View Post
          That's a good tip. I think Gun also has something like that in his product. So you can teach them how they can seduce dudes and have them try it out on you.

          uhmm! i don't remember in gun products that part, but that is not what i do, i just use it mainly to disqualify myself, and to display no jealousy, no judgmental frame, and i have a GOAL in mind which is to show that i am secret society...

          But is just a sneaky way to disqualify myself and then seduce with the guard down sort of Troy horse analogy....


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            IMO The question is how you do it.

            eg. theres a huge difference between the "fix it for girls type" that tells her what to do every time she has a problem as an auto response (so many guys due this - saviorism) and the guy who eg takes a positive override to an issue or point and provides a sharper more positive approach to her frame of mind. eg based on experience. An intelligent positive overwrite makes girls impressed and comes from a stronger place of authority. The other often makes her confused and unseen. Just two concrete examples - there are many more.

            The teacher/mentor role can function great because you become an authority in her world. You can transfer it in for ONS on the sexual side of things as an older guy younger lover relation - the fact that she can try somethings out w an experienced capable guy. Great frame that works well. Removes the whole age issue into one where age is an authoritative resource she seeks.
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