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Girls ever tell you theyíre seeing someone?

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  • Girls ever tell you theyíre seeing someone?

    Iíve noticed this as a trend recently in a lot of the girls I know since Iíve been single again. Iíll run into them in public or meet up for whatever reason and very early in the conversation theyíll tell me theyíre seeing someone and maybe drop a random detail about the person as if to convince me theyíre real. It does not seem disqualifying though, if anything it comes off as the opposite - like theyíre trying to qualify themselves by saying ďBy the way, Iím good enough for someone.Ē Iím older, more attractive, and make more money since the last time I was single, so I definitely think thereís an ambiguous status thing going on. Just curious if anyone has any thoughts on this or how to interpret it.

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    If the girl tells you she is seeing someone specially early in the interactions = they are not interested or you miss calibrated early to the point that you made her back off by saying she is has a boyfriend don't come at me so strong or is use as plausible deniability....."I have someone so if i sleep with you is your fault cause i already told you i was with someone is your fault...."


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      Yes, when she tells you early, she want to brush you off because she is not interested or really just met someone. When she has a boyfriend and doesn't want to cheat, she at least enjoys the interaction with you and won't tell you so soon.

      When she tells you later, maybe on the way to your place, she wants you to be discreet and to make sure you are not getting too involved emotionally.