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  • I am Hdr ..

    Hey ,
    NextASF members, I am feeling Awesome right now to join NextASF . I am Hdr , I am from Pakistan , I am going to be 23 this month and I knew about The Game from the age 16 and till this day , there is been lots of ups and downs Community wise which I don' t want to talk about right now.
    I really really wished I was a member of ASF , but saw NextASF , I was like wooooow ASF members are here , back then reading Ijjji posts or Jester I will be like Don't Know where they are cause they are gone but then wow they are here again felt really good .
    I wanted to join NextASF but conditions were not easy to join , but Now saw it became easy to join , Joined now and Awesome I am a member now .

    Okay , I want to say I really appreciate you all are still here and helping each other .

    Lastly , Please , Let's make The Pickup Community Rise again . Do not let anyone disrespect our Community.

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    sup Hdr welcome,If you wanna learn the correct way to do indirect game then let me know that's my area of expertise lol !!!! if you wanna learn other styles we got guys proficient in that too!!!


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      Grodmeister General , I know and you were the only member I wanted to first learn from because You are the only one here who knows The Mystery Method inside and out .


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        got you bro