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MEGA POST - EXPOSED: Female Psychology & What Women Instinctively Respond Too

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  • MEGA POST - EXPOSED: Female Psychology & What Women Instinctively Respond Too

    Get out of your own way and stop over-analyzing. The most attractive thing to a woman is dominance and knowing yourself. Also, because you are here seeking advice you can naturally and automatically start to recognize the reasoning is quite simple. The more self respect and confidence you have the more she can relax and be a woman around you. Acquiescence and submissiveness are extremely unattractive qualities to women. Sadly most men frequently demonstrate this to their woman, often unconsciously. Everything around you is influencing you to behave in this manner. From Hollywood down to the bar scene, you are subliminally being fed information to make you generally submissive. You can instantly start to notice the difference between the average man from 2019 and 1950. The change is so astronomical they might as well be two different species. The more you embody the qualities of a masculine man who's woman can feel safe and comfortable around the more your relationships with women will exponentially improve. This is true for all women. ALL women are biologically hardwired to positively respond to this behavior. If you were to find yourself suddenly starting to vividly imagine living in a hunter gatherer society from 10,000 years ago, the most dominant and sexually aggressive man had access to the most resources and women. What do you think causes a woman to like "bad boys"? They are exhibiting traits that women INSTINCTIVELY find sexually attractive. The more dominant the more attractive. This may seem like common sense to some of the more advanced members in this group. However, what I have noticed after personally mentoring hundreds in this field is that they frequently try to use a band-aid instead of a full treatment. What I mean when I say this is they desire to learn a wide variety of "techniques" and "tactics" without updating the hardware they are running on. The information men in this group share can be applicable but only when the appropriate belief systems are in place. You can have the most effective "material" in the world, if you are not congruent with it (which most men aren't) the effectiveness will be dramatically diminished. You can not play Grand Theft Auto 5 on a Atari 2600. You have to update your hardware for the software to work.
    The fact that you are in this group means at some level you want to improve, and because of that you can smoothly and instantly begin to notice the link below contains a FREE cheat sheet that contains information that will allow you to gracefully become a man women dream about. I'm going to be honest with you, do not click the link below unless your hardware is already optimized. If you are a complete beginner you need to work on yourself or the advanced material covered will not be effective. The information below is for men who are already at a specific skill level.

    - Adonis

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    Unfortunately there are too many PUA “gurus” to take anything seriously that doesn’t have a money back guarantee.


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      Welcome aboard. Always nice to have another teacher of seduction join our ranks. We allow commercial guys to have a link their site, which you do. We do ask that your posts here be informational as opposed to advertising. Let the knowledge you impart be your advertising, and everything will be fine. Just don't let the spam to content ratio get too bad.
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