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What, in your personal experience, are external indicators of a woman being excellent at sex?

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  • What, in your personal experience, are external indicators of a woman being excellent at sex?

    Putting up raw sexual encounter numbers has never interested me in dating so this is a question that I can never answer for myself. But many of you here have slept with abnormally high amounts of women so I'd like your input on this.

    The common viewpoint in the world among the casual male is that the more attractive a woman, the more desirable she is in every aspect (including sex). This has never settled well with me, as it was clear even masturbating that the sheer attractiveness of the woman in erotic material never correlated with how powerful the orgasm was. Internal factors like personality, context, the subject matter being taboo, coveting someone you actually know in real life, etc....they were better indicators.

    I have two questions around the same subject:

    1. The top 5 women you have slept with, based on your own standard of pure physical beauty, how many of them also ranked in the top 5 best sexual encounters you have had (in terms of just how good at sex they were)?

    2. In your experience, what external factors indicate that a woman will be well above average in bed, if there are any?

    If you feel there is nothing, that it's just random based on energy level and the moon aligning that day, then feel free to give that answer as well. But I'm just curious. Body type, personality archtypes, hobbies, whatever...when you think of the dozens of women you have slept with, what common traits did the ones who clearly rose above the rest have that could have been externally recognized or screened during the dating process?

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    I don't think its a good idea to try and screen for girls who are good at sex. It only requires for 1 person to be good at sex for the sex to be good, as as long as you know your skilled you can take over and do all the work.

    But to answer your questions:
    1) My overall best sexual experiences were with the hottest chick I ever had sex with. "Theoretically" she was one of the worst sex partners because her movement sucked, but I didn't mind doing all of the work. The foreplay and the desire to fuck her made up for her shitty movements.

    2) the only thing I have noticed that usually indicates that a girl is good in bed is if she can twerk good. Its a bit awkward to ask a girl to twerk though so idk how your going to go about it. Other type of dances don't generally show anything, the "best" partner I had was a horrible dancer but in bed she could move like crazy. I also noticed that the most skilled women also have very high sex drives and they have this "I want to please you" attitude.


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      to me - its an undercurrent in her

      you can activate it through escalation

      escalation is really a display of sexual capacity and her mirroring within that displays hints of her capacity. for me they are gateways into her sexual being.

      eg how receptive shes to certain subtleties like a softening of the eyes while moving towards her after a sync is set up
      eg how she vibes back to your paimai and the quality of your paimai (vibe and tension quality)
      eg. how she responds to things like your contained way of pushing her against the wall, moving, close, breathing on her neck, tempting her with out touching, kissing while pushing away her hands and tries to get body-to-body (you contain the pull putting everything into the kiss amplifying the sensitivity of that)
      eg. how active she is in the interplay and how shes active
      eg. how she lingers, how she vibes in the linger
      eg. her containment within that
      the above happens in response to a rolling and continueous momentum, one leading to the next

      there you look at
      * her degree of refinement, nuances of her responses
      * the quality of her depth in responses etc
      * how she mirrors you sexually within these under currents
      can she even do so or is she brutal. or anything in between.

      the more reference you hold the less you need to see to know her capacity


      part of beauty is an active thing

      But to your question im finding myself to be less attracted to societal beauty and more to my own preferences. Im still re-realizing that these days. Trophy wife material bores me.

      sex becomes better when i follow my own "inner" preferences. doesnt deal w her capacity but on what turns me on unabided by others perception ( which had formed my orientation earlier)


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        there is no indicator, a particular physical beauty helps, for example i like big butts if doing dogg style with a girl with the nice butt that will translate in my sexual enjoyment....

        Guestimating how the girl will be in bed is a waste of time....

        I have been with girls that i thought pre bed "is going to be awesome" and it was bad and vice versa....

        With that being said vibe, chemestry, gettting, connection helps post busting nut.... Cause if you do not have those things post busting nut you want to banish no matter how hot she is...


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          IME a good bedroom experience = my skills + strong mutual attraction. Her skills matter little.

          A "good in bed" experience to me almost entirely comes down to mirror neurons firing off. I know I'll enjoy the shit out of a girl in bed when I'm wildly attracted to her and she's wildly attracted to me. Her technical bedroom skills are entirely meaningless, I'd rather a beautiful girl suck my dick with a bit less experience looking up at me with her big beautiful eyes than a meh girl who's going to town on my dick but I don't want to look at her. The former will get me off considerably more than the latter. I'd much rather a beautiful girl with an amazing ass ride me reverse cowgirl a bit hesitantly than a meh girl going to town, watching my dick sink into a beautiful ass I genuinely lust over is way better than some fat ass with "technical skills." Etc etc. I get off on mutual attraction and my own skills do the rest.

          I have bad sexual experiences when I fuck a girl I'm not that attracted to (even if she's got technical skills) or when a hot girl is too shy to really give herself to me. If its a girl I'm genuinely attracted to, she just has to give herself to me and that's that.


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            Petite women are easier to move around.


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              From my experience, there is no indicator at all.


              • Skills360


                Editing a comment
                cause there is not, is silly to think otherwise

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              All the best sex I’ve had have been with women age 35-42. Since I was 21 and in college.


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                HSD girls who are horny all the time (masturbate every day) are the best lays. Their pleasure from sex shines through.

                The woman’s skill absolutely matters for memorable sex.

                However, it might be rare to find girls who give the best blowjobs (with deepthroat, spitting on your dick, licking and sucking it, licking your balls) among the most sexually attractive, simply because their looks suffice to get most guys incredibly horny, so they don’t need to (again, unless they’re HSD so having sex very often) develop those parts of themselves.

                A HSD 7.5 and a normal 8+ are equally enjoyable. But it is more likely that a LSD girl, no matter her hotness, will not be a memorable lay, and may even constitute a shitty lay.

                That said, if you haven’t seduced the girl properly (i.e. shown her that you understand and welcome her true, animal, nature, and are nonjudgmental about it) she may untruthfully give the conservative appearance of being clueless in the sack.


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                  Okay any guy sayin' the girls skills don't matter is completely full of it. Yes, during missionary sex, where she just needs to be able to take a dick well (by which I mean not have a short vaginal canal aka 50% of Asian woman LOL) --- then no, she doesn't need to do much.

                  Does hotness correlate with sex skills? No, of course not.

                  The pleasure of sex is obviously some combination of the woman's physical appearance, but also her own mechanical skill and experience. I imagine some Amsterdam hooker, for example (which I haven't tried) would be extremely good at making dude's blow nuts.

                  That said, no there is no sign that a woman is good at sex, in my opinion.

                  Obviously the most basic indicator is how much sex that woman appears to have had. It's unlikely a virgin will give you the best head of your life. Or any decent head. But you never know. Some are curious, eager to learn, and ask for feedback. Of course, I'd rather have a qualified candidate with years' experience already, TBH.

                  But yeah, like anything else, the girls best at sex know their way around a penis. Like, the basic anatomy of it and how it works. They won't yank your dick up and down like they're churning butter or give you a rug burn.

                  Two particular girls come to mind. One was moderately experienced, the other maybe even more active count wise, though who can say.

                  One girl could ride a dick like a pro, something that's very rare I've found. Most girls on top --- they are just terrible at it. Trying to snap your dick off or other terrible shit.

                  Second girl gave me the best head of my life. It just takes a girl who has training. Just like dance or ballet or piano. You can only learn by actively learning. I can't tell you the amount of girls who have given me terrible head. They didn't quite understand the anatomy of a penis. One was super hot and constantly tried to 'deepthroat' me. Unfortunately, I cannot give tips, as I don't blow guys for a living. I'm not sure how it's supposed to go, but it was just damn painful for me, the back of her mouth, basically like trying to fuck through a brick wall.

                  It's one of those things where you just don't know, but you hope. I find if a girl is edgier/ in to hip hop etc, the chances of her being good in bed (or WANTING to be good in the sack, which is just as important) improves. Blowjobs, riding dick, not fucking up your rhythm, to a lesser extent handjobs, these are all prominent skills.

                  I don't even think I've ran into the REAL freaks either that will try to stick something up your ass, etc but are real hobbyists in making a guy blow a load.

                  TBH I'd take a 7 that is an absolutely freaky fuck over a 10 who won't give head most days of the week. True, you can do a lot with a starfish, try to fuck her tits etc but meh.