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Do you have any golden rule, roadmap, method, technique, order, format, system, formula, habit u always follow?

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  • Do you have any golden rule, roadmap, method, technique, order, format, system, formula, habit u always follow?

    There are guys who wing it, those who are a bit more calculated. Just curious to know if there are any small rules you never break or anything regarding the topic title that you tend to do often? Things always change for me, but to get things started, here are some things I been doing a lot lately:

    Disqualify myself as a potential bf
    Using baits before compliance tests
    Using a lot of kino (I used to be very anti-kino)
    Planting a lot of seeds (always talk about future activities)
    Building solid plausible deniability (My compliance tests are almost all centered around plausible deniability)

    A follow up question would be, do you like doing things in a certain chronological order?

    In most cases I try to disqualify myself and get into relationship/sex topics asap, gain good momentum and compliance before I physically escalate. Other than that I don't really do anything in any chronological order, hbu guys?

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    From after the hook:
    I set a sexual frame, but disqualify myself and our "relationship" at the same time.

    When she accepts the sexual frame I evaluate her on the frame.
    I reward her with escalation, and I punish by disqualifying and stopping my kino escalation.

    I escalate towards sexual convo topics.

    I create a feeling of togetherness by moving her through a lot of different emotions, creating a "we" frame, creating a plotline, future projection, hypothetical scenarios, vulnerability, and commonalities.

    ​​​​​​​I think our game style are much alike.


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      PUA Reality

      Editing a comment
      I really like that whole thing u do about evaluation on sexual frames. I am stealing that.

      I have gotten to the point where I feel I can get ANY girl to talk about her sexual experiences in a very detailed manner, I still can't figure out exactly what I do that causes this. I also like talking about my past relationships and ask a lot about theirs, their past partners gives u a good idea on what pace u should game her.

      You are more proficient at the verbal stuff than I am, I need to do more of this we frame stuff and plot lines. When I do it its very uncalibrated so I am more indirect.