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Conversational stacking in day game using mystery method

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  • Conversational stacking in day game using mystery method

    I tried using Mystery method in day game and found it too difficult.

    I get numbers, but i realised things flake as conversation is very short.

    I am wanting to know how to amplify the emotions quickly in the conversation and leave them in a better state.

    My game looks similar to the below video infield using mystery method.

    I can't use the indrect/direct game a lot of you experience guys here use because that type of game is for young guys. I think it's harder to stop young girls if you are doing it as a 40+ year old and the mystery method is most ideal for that sort of game. But I would like to get your opinions on it.

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    type out your opener and how it goes , see that speer dude is doing his own thing and not the actual method , if you are doing what dude did in the video , youre not gonna be very successful with that method! (not the way mystery does it either)


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      I generally follow this stack

      I use the dental floss opener 23:24 time, viewed in the video link above.

      "Hey guys, I need to get your opinion on something. It’s very important, and we need a woman’s perspective. It’s a matter of life and death.. My friend and I were having a debate and your answer could completely change my entire life…. Do you brush before floss or floss before brush? No one knows…"

      But unfortunately, I don't hook quickly like the contestant in the above video.

      Instead I try to stackforward with another opener.

      This time I use "Is Kissing Cheating?"

      "Hey guys, we’ve been arguing about this… is kissing cheating?
      [girls talk for a bit, then you cut them off]
      Like, if a girl goes out with her friends, and gets all drunk, and makes out with some guy, that’s cheating, right?
      [people will agree at this point]
      Well what if she’s making out with another girl?
      [girls talk for a bit, then you cut them off]
      See, my friend Michelle has been dating this guy for a few months, and she likes to go out with her friends and get drunk and make out with other girls. He doesn’t like it, he says it’s cheating, but she says it’s just for fun.
      [girl will talk excitedly about this]
      Sheesh, this is just like watching “The View”

      – Style

      If i don't hook in this one, I tend to walk away.

      I don't know whether i should stay after the second opener and force myself to continue with the pickup by stacking forward again, this time with a dhv story or another opener.


      • Grodmeister General
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        not a fan of that floss opener ...and kissing is cheating i use that too, (at night though)

        cut out for kissing is cheating ....the first part

        (go straight into the friend thing ,let em respond with yeah or no then cut em off)

        dont say arguing open with is kissing cheating

        then segue to so my friend michelle been dating a dude for a month and she made out with a guy 2 nights ago or last night or whenever ...should she tell him or no

        if its a 2 set

        then you go into a funny observation before going into a captivate story

        something like hmm i got you 2 figured out ...pvc devil gambit

        then go into a dhv story and you should be good!

        i would run the above stack im giving to you ina bar!

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      Colgate likes stacking 2 openers its viable but if the open didnt hit i like to go into a stimulator(he agrees with that too )a stimulator is a fun buying temperature routine like pvc devil ....funny mini cold reads etc then dhv story ,,,,,you should small chunk it first ....worry about dhv stories later ....right now the important thing is open (with ftcs etc ) and stimulating your sets (will get you further than trying to close something right away)!


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        Firstly, thanks for your feedback Grodmesiter general. I appreciate it.

        When you say stimulator like PVC devil, there is a bunch of ones listed in this site:

        Do you mean like the below example:

        "Hey! this is too early in our relationship for you to be
        bossing me around like this. "

        I will do what you said.

        1.I will try and practice opening,
        2.throw ftc,
        3 continue with open
        4. And stacking forward to stimulation


        • Grodmeister General
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          no thats not a stimulator friends test is a stimulator so is pvc devil ..and mini cold reads ..look up tyler durden mini cold reads this a lone aint gonna get you lays...the captivate with a dhv story phase will get you solid attraction ...then from there you will qualify and that will get you the lays and more solid numbers etc..but you gotta learn this stuff piece by piece!

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        Ill check up on tyler durden mini cold reads and also look up the other information you gave me. Thank you so much, once again.


        • Grodmeister General
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          no prob G, I will give you the rest of the stack after 20 to 50 sets