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Daygame Rejection - What Did I Do Wrong? (Infield Video)

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  • Daygame Rejection - What Did I Do Wrong? (Infield Video)

    Hey Guys,

    Wanted to share an infield pick up video I did in SF.... any feedback or tips would be appreciated.

    thank you

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    Your game is weak. You can make people comply to idiotic things but you cannot make them like you.

    When the German is asking you about stuff you are just trapping her in a tension sink and she is obviously lonely.

    You are giving her a compliment and laughing off, and that is horrible. Learn how to give compliments.

    When you are trying to neg her, you are doing it in a way that there is no real way for her to buy into.

    "I am not spontaneous" <- You have blown this.

    Would love to see more videos from you, but this seems like a channel-plug, and I think this might not be the right place for that.


    • Grodmeister General
      Editing a comment
      yeah its a channel plug but breaking this interaction down can help other guys who are not this obvious marketer!

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    hmm heres what i gathered

    instead of saying your probably not from san fran(obvious) say im guessin your german or whatever take that first obvious statement out

    dont ask for her name wait til she asks for yours (wait and she will ioi you if you are on point)

    you milk threads too long ....(shows interest lets both parties know who wants to keep things going , who wants whoooo and if yo uwant her before shes earned it or before she finds value or attraction in you thats all bad)

    you are asking how men shake hands , you coulda have did something to the effect of do you know the san fran handshake it goes like this (and do a cool handshake , where you are actually LEADING HER)

    then you figure out her plans for what ? why ...that interaction was going nowhere that after established interest from both parties

    luck would have it that she continued the conversation

    now your auto responders (good canned answers for these questions /situations shoulda been on point)

    when she asked are you studying ..what would you say ]

    and you answered with 30 thats boring

    and while shes engaged like that walk back a lil and LOCK IN

    interestingly enough she joined you on that venue change (you got so many chances)

    on that date you are facing her shes facing straight ahead dont do that

    you giving more interest before she earned it

    that neg was harshly delivered (not playful)

    and it was way late in the interaction when you neg its on open and during stimulator at the latest

    plus you punished good behavior sound judgmental , Colgate reccomended never neg things that you can judge someone on or sound judgmental

    in her mind , wow i told this guy what i like to do and he thinks im basic,damn i cant tell him my favorite sex position he might judge me there too!

    it wasnt sexual intent that fucked it up for you

    she said i dont think your interested in me (as in her as a person ,but you just wanna bang her ) sexual intent shown would compound that suspicion

    tellin her your interest at the end yuck .......she didnt earn that ...

    you tried to tell her shes spontaneous and she said she isnt

    a playful neg works there

    talking about her nails boring dont have gambits that say anything great about you

    this ask her questions stuff is wack

    98 percent of guys look at nails and as long as their painted it looks good to them sound liek a typical guy why not sound like a guy whos in the know with women

    for example at least your T zone is on point ( she will ask how you know that ) and you can say you dated a makeup artist

    or with working out ask her if shes done hot yoga you tried it in new york with your ex and you surprisingly liked it

    or health hack ,coconut oil goes with everything , my friend stephanie has been using coconut oil over listerine its healthier and it makes your teeth whiter too ,she showed me her test shots after she rinsed
    coconut oil and her smile does look whiter

    boom you are saying shit with value attract spikes in there!!

    yeah man cool it with the you like aggressive guys and those childish touches ..thats thirsty ..

    yuck the head pats and side hugs ..... if you do kino ...have a context like say lets check out bla bla in the store next door ..then stand up and extend the elbow expecting her to walk ,elbow in elbow

    or gently tappin her leg with the back of your hand as you tell a story etc

    overt non contextual touches are low value n creepy

    the idk about you but i like for some weird reason only works

    if your first impression of her was you disliked her

    you didnt come up to her like that (ive used that line many a times)

    so it didnt hit and you came off your lying

    are your hands cold let me see ( once again you intiate kino ) more iois from her and she didnt have to do anything but be a pretty girt

    why do you keep going for that hand hold when she shows resistance the correct play is iod ,display value than try a different compliance test

    you keep bulldozing and thats all bad !!!

    another note you volunteering to walk her to all these places

    imagine you had a time limit on your interaction and when you got up to leave she was working to make you stay

    that should be the frame not the i got all day to hang out with a girl and have nothing better to do

    (and you coulda communicated your a high value guy with a life , if you didnt focus the whole chat on her )

    props for trying


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      so here are some answers you can say to her questions etc ( display value and let her fill in details about you ina good way )

      when she asks are you a student (lol she shouldnt think that , dont dress like one next time)

      "student ,wow not even close I gotta full time career girl "

      she will ask what do you do

      you "have you seen wolf of wall street "

      her yeah omg or whatever

      you , yep cocaine and hookers thats my mo

      na actually im a ( bank teller, hit man etc)

      when you talked to her about working out

      tell her i know dudes are supposed to lift weight and do roids but my thing is hot yoga ,its pretty cool, me and my friend becky tried when we went to new york and now we are hooked rate (san fran where your from) over new york in hot yoga but new york actually wait miami has the best pizza )

      (ideally you wanna use places you have actually visited )

      when she said her nails were ugly instead of saying na they are fine (how do you know ) or most guys dont care (painting yourself as that guy)

      say well at least your skin looks nice ...heres a quick health hack ..coconut oil goes with everything friend stephanie has been using coconut oil over listerine its healthier and it makes your teeth whiter too ,she showed me her test shots after she rinsed
      coconut oil and her smile does look whiter

      here is a neg when they disagree with you ( for example you say they seem outgoing and they say no im not)

      ohhhhhhhh stop it ..youre just gonna disagree with me everytime huh? (playful delivery )


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        Hey, firstly I want to give you props for sharing this video. It was really refreshing, I haven't watched infields in forever. You are out there taking action and I respect that, you will be killing it in no-time!

        Before I break down specifics, let me highlight some of the good things you do. So I give you an A+ on your effort, it was obvious that in some points of the interaction you weren't too sure where to take it but you kept pushing things forward regardless. You went for the instant date and you tried to get her to qualify herself.

        The thing that stood out to me the most in your video is that you are completely unaware of context and "where shes at". She was a perfect cold approach target because she was extremely receptive, well mannered and compliant.

        0:43 --> The opener was weird, I don't like it. It had potential if you were to explain or sell the fact that you thought her name was Gina but you kinda just threw it out there and transitioned horribly to cold reads. You might as well have opened her direct with "Hey I find you cute and thought it would be cool to get to know you". The whole context of why your talking to her doesn't make sense.

        1:00 --> You are tossing out cold reads and aren't going anywhere with them. Elaborate and add value to your cold reads, my advice would be to prepare some canned stuff. Also like I stated in the 0:43 portion, you transition very awkwardly. Your bombarding her with cold reads, my tip would be only use ONE cold read elaborate on that a little and then toss another one after 3-5minutes IF NEEDED, don't bombard her with them.

        1:17-1:28 --> Pointless clunky banter, work on your story telling. Again, you should have a handful of canned stuff prepared just in case you can't think of what to talk about.

        1:30 --> Very good, you are asking logistical questions to move things forward.

        2:04 --> Very good, you cut off the "guessing my age" convo and transitioned smoothly to instant date request.

        2:10 --> I have an interesting observation, she agreed to go to Starbucks but you can clearly see in her facial expressions that she wasn't bought in. I don't know if you caught on to that. This is a symptom of not getting to the point. She is still confused as to why your talking to her. Since you haven't wen't direct yet, you could have added a little softener to your instant date request like "Hey your very fun to talk to, it would be cool if you can come to starbucks with me" The underlined part is what you could have added to smooth things out a little. It seems like a minor thing but it adds a lot of context to make sense of why your talking to her.

        2:42 --> Very uncalibrated disqualifier. I don't understand why you felt the need to throw that out, it was kind of insulting imo. Not only was it badly timed and worded in an insulting way, but it wasn't relevant to how she was conveying herself or to what you guys have been talking about. Disqualifiers have to be relevant and make sense in the situation they are thrown in.

        3:14-3:20 --> She straight up told you that theres something shady about you. You have yet to make any explanation as to why your talking to her.

        3:28 --> You posted that you failed to communicate sexual intent, its not necessarily that, but its more of establishing a concrete reason as to why your talking to her. I don't know if you were intending to game indirect on purpose. My advice would be to stick either to direct or indirect, if you choose to practice an indirect style, work on your transitioning skills (by that I mean you have to start showing intent).

        3:48 --> You finally show some intent, you should have done this WAYYYYYY earlier. I don't like how you blended that with a clunky qualifier. The way you worded the qualifer makes you come across as narcissistic.

        4:13 --> Your coming across as very try hard with that whole trying to force her to be spontaneous thing. If you wanted to be persistent, you should have used a slight reframe or a different word with similar meaning (adventurous, free-spirited etc).

        4:34 --> "Why are you so insecure about your nails"try not to say things like that, its very clunky.

        5:00 --> Very good, that was a very good tease and compliment at the same time. She loved it!

        5:20 --> Clunky kino mixed with clunky verbals. Not sure what you were trying to do here.

        5:38 --> Her emotions are still spiked from the tease/compliment you threw earlier, so now shes actually trying to qualify herself as being spontaneous. I like the kino you used here, minus that rub on the head lmao.

        5:55 --> She already qualified herself, you should have cut the thread and transitioned to a different convo topic. You kinda of killed the buzz by staying on that topic.

        6:14 --> Stop telling her you like her and start sexualizing the vibe. As soon as theres even a hint of teasing and laughing (5:00), that should signal to you that its time to start sexualizing the vibe. Key word here is vibe, I am emphasizing that because you seem like that type who favors verbals.

        6:28 --> Clunky kino, ur cleary uncomfortable doing it, which is telegraphed by the nervous laughter.

        7:00ish --> You killed the vibe with the clunky kino and reactiveness. You should have taken a step back and gone to a different convo topic until the vibe was more appropriate for kino.

        7:18 --> Don't ever verbalize her discomfort or resistance. It just makes things worse. Afterwards you put your arm around her when shes clearly uncomfortable, horrible timing on the kino. Since your kino is clunky, try to train yourself to only kino on high notes.

        7:00-7:55 --> CRINGY

        8:10 --> You keep trying to brute force her with kino when shes clearly not down. Your building a resistance ladder. I respect the persistence though. With time you will start becoming very alert to when theres resistance and you will be able to handle it better.

        Overall your effort was excellent. The main things I would tell you to work on is being more talkative, you don't add much value to a conversation and you barely elaborate on things. Also practice on sexualizing the vibe. My personal tip is not to smile or laugh much when your trying to set a sexual vibe, be a bit more serious and only do slight smirks if its relevant. Read this


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          Focus on getting to the point. As Todd would say, set the right premise from the start of the interaction. It will make everything way easier, and kill the awkwardness of why you are talking to her + create some of the base line sexual tension you are looking for.

          Different types of openers


          His take on premise




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            Nice try. Better than the BS reports I keep posting from time to time... Take the advice from these guys about the details and the mistakes you are doing .. I liked the replies...