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A Fundamental: Voice training - my 10 min a day plan

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  • A Fundamental: Voice training - my 10 min a day plan

    Bachs podcast post stirred a lot of talks about voice which reminded me to work a lil on that. Figured i would just shoot in what im doing to improve it to hear if anyone else have done some work.. aka this is MY PLAN and not field tested yet. But ive played w the exercises to get a sense of things. and feel satisfied itll provide something.

    I find this guy is good imo and ive taken his approach into my daily doings

    Basic, simple and easy to do daily exercises:
    - Humms down in the abdomen and all around
    - Relaxing parts that seem stiffned
    - using parts ive neglected before- building a feel for them (eg abdomen vibrations)
    - The mouth exercises - to loosen up the upper parts of the throat - especially the R sound.
    - Commanding type Breaking rapport type doings which lowers the end of sayings down into the diaphragm. helps feel the deepest part.

    I believe that these exercise help me build muscular awareness and loosen up tight areas while putting my focus to the right pats and learning how to use those more. Like i feel where the vibration happens and focus on the areas. Sorta try to land these physically as a new way of using them for me.

    im thinking voice as a felt vibration, as sound and as a force.

    The effect is aimed for me on attraction, sexuality and authority. As subtext of course since its a fundamental. This comes from speaking from the abdomen/chest as a core. vs throat or nasal. And then varying it from there. As a starting point.

    Beyond that im playing w various voice intonations and pacings - primarily in presentations i do. to start using it w audiences. For vocal varity.
    - Rikers decisive and purposeful pace(slower, using punctuations, decisive).
    - Rikers energised pace(more energized, a flow, punch and vocal projection).
    - Shifting between these to display contrast and vocal variation.
    - Adding Ross Jeffries sensual articulations of commands, various sensual ( i use his short 3 types of attraction pattern) to really train the voice nuances)

    i wanna learn about vocal projection too to have more punch or weight in the pressure i can hit with.
    but enough on my plate. thatll be next

    10 min a day!
    Focus on the little 1% changes

    Shoot in if you have good stuff on it. Im very training focussed here so to the point vids are preferred.

    - not to get back in the throat killing air supply and "drying it up"
    - simple exercise for body vibration at 3.47
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    Various Info about the voice, air etc. - good learnings and shows many sides of vocal cords,air, adams apple, placemen etc

    just collecting stuff
    not quality rated yet
    building understanding

    Anyways the points seems to suppors what ive heard which indicated that many "Pua" voices which has been "just" lowered to chest/abdomen level means that its not good as it sorta dryes it up eg by laying it back in the throat or whatever people do. Since im curious to use voice as force and vibe enhancer i want to insure variety and projection power etc. Still early in understanding but it seem to suggest i have to be carefull w just speaking from chest and alike.

    its about reaching a good place w a powerful voice from what is natural for me.
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