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What Is “Low Value” Seduction

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  • What Is “Low Value” Seduction

    Good question,

    There has to be an underlying value, some sort of algorithmic ticket that takes you on the ride. This is what Tinder and Bumble are doing when they plug in the numbers. This is what gucci and Versace and Louis Vuitton are, all about the numbers.

    They are wrong though.

    Game was made for people to follow, so was twitter.

    What at is it when you decide that value all this is just the equivalent to the cheap syrup used for your Starbucks Frappuccino? Where is this value?

    I look as a man who has chased value but will never be valuable. Maybe somebody who is a huge loser but is getting laid more often then me will be able to say something.

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    Human behavior is extremely complicated and, surprisingly, not actually studied all that extensively. I mean the most analyzed one is how to get you to buy sh!t and click the "Buy Now" button and even that is rather remedial, and depends on rather juvenile A/B testing such as button colors and placement rather than bigger picture type thinking. Details matter but bigger concepts are harder to capture in 'data' stored in a database.

    What I mean to say is --- yeah, a girl will look at you and about 1000 different factors forge together to determine if you're "fuckable" or not.

    Same as you looking at a chick. Like the obvious is "model" vs. fat-chick, but guys aren't as look-focused as they think. There are many fuckable fat chicks as well.

    As a man, it's up to you to determine your goals with women. Do you just want to fuck as many bimbos as possible? Or find a classy high-income slam piece to put a ring on?

    Once you figure that out, you figure out how to get it. Same as anything else. A lot of it swallowing your own ego and pride. If you're not getting laid with hot girls, often it's because you're the male version of the "Fat Chick." But like the Fat Chick, you can lose the weight.

    A lot of is theatrics, theater. Hollywood knows that.

    I wouldn't confuse "perceived sexual value" which is the only thing of importance when it comes to getting ass, with "my actual worth as a man" -- the two things are completely different.


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      The main component in "low value" seduction is being available without being an orbiter. You need to make her understand that she can fuck you without consequence. Women get let down by chads and stay horny. You want to be the most available guy when that happens. Just don't orbit or give off the vibe that you want her to be your girlfriend because that rules it out. Women fuck anything if they think they can get away with it.


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        I found you right tonight it is as you say.

        Thanks for advice