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What is Maniac_High Ground Work?

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  • What is Maniac_High Ground Work?

    Hello Everyone, Long time no see!

    I would want your thoughts about a concept Maniac High called Ground work where he and another veteran mrsex4ync seems to consider being very important but don't give to much details about.

    C)Ground work...get her ready to fuck. -Maniac has found that GROUNDWORK is real important (ie. kissing/feeling up the chick before getting her to your place). If you don't do this, she often freezes up and freaks out when she gets to your place. Getting to your place is a REWARD for her letting you kiss her and feel her up.
    Source: Last winter when in Japan, I had my first lay(and the first kiss, and for the ones that remember me, know what does it means ) from a Tinder girl after less than 20 minutes of meeting her! I partly credit this to following the Maniac Guide. I initially read it because I remembered that the author used to live and do pick up in Japan and thought that there will maybe be some specific tips to J-Chicks, I ended up finding a gold mine!

    What made the biggest difference was that this time, unlike my previous dates, I did what he calls Ground work (or what I understood from it) where I kissed/touched the girl before pulling her home, where I got then no token resistance or LMR.

    So I would want to know from the more experienced the following things:
    1. Maniac (and NYC) words it as preparing the girl to fuck so she doesn't freak out at the sex location. But is it more to it than just kissing/make out/ touching or is it just that?
    2. Are there other older sources where this is talked about? I couldn't find more about it in both Maniac and NYC archives (if there is and I missed it, please let me know!)
    3. Most of the current literature doesn't advise to kiss/Makeout before full isolation saying that it will cause the girl to resist, were here in this actually used and advocated to reduce girl resistance to intimacy. Can anyone clear this for me, this is very confusing
    All other comments are welcome as well!


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    The reason it isn't advised to makeout before being in the sex location, is because it increases the % of triggering that obviousness of outcome (H/T: Todd V) feeling. Where it makes it pretty obvious where this is going. There's no more "is this gonna happen?" and once that "ok this is definitely gonna happen" feeling is confirmed in her mind, then there is no more sexual tension. Hence resistance. Hypergamy 101: she only wants to fuck somebody who is above her SMV. You making her feel like she already has you, communicates you're obviously not above her.

    With that being said, don't take this to mean, don't ever makeout with girls if you wanna pull them home ("no...must resist kissing her, cause that guy on NextASF said makeout = obviousness of outcome!!"). I've made out with tons of chicks that I later pulled home. What you want is to have her feeling like she's won you over because she's qualified/invested so much of herself in you. You guys have a solid connection. Makeouts, if you wanna do them, should come AFTER she's done something to impress you. They should be a reward. Not whenever she's giving you that look in her eyes that she wants to makeout just cause she's horny. She hasn't done anything yet to EARN your kiss, so you should be saying shit like, "hey stop looking at me that way" while grinning or doing a kiss denial. This helps maintains the sexual tension.

    Also, about the "doesn't freak out at the sex location" thing? yeah that's when you play hid yo dick game, then taking her home and being like "surprise I have a penis hahaha!!" and she's like "what?? I thought we were actually going to an afterparty, not that you were just saying that as an excuse to go back to your place".

    That's a failure to get her sexually aroused and maintain sexual tension. Kissing and feeling her up (kino) is simply one way to accomplish that. Other seducers prefer things like sex talk, setting sexual frames, telling her sex stories and the like.


    • SargeMaximus


      Editing a comment
      I don’t get the hypergamy thing. I mean, girls have sex with guys all the time, and often keep having sex with the same guy. So the idea that she doesn’t want guys she can get makes no sense in that context.

      Another thing I don’t understand is how on the one hand you can’t telegraph your sexual desire in her but also have to show you have a penis. None of it makes any sense to me.

      Also, if you were truly above the girl you wouldn’t want anything to do with her and would blow her off and would never have sex (field tested as this was my mentality first 24 years of my life. Never got laid cause I felt too good for any girl)

      Sooo there are a lot of things that don’t quite add up.

    • Velasco


      Editing a comment
      "[hot] girls have sex with [cool] guys all the time"


      they aren't having hot desire sex with socially retarded unstylish guys with no game, and bad sex game (and if they (hot girls i.e girls that can pretty much have just about any guy they want) do sleep with someone with those qualities (i.e she was drunk as fuck) then she won't be hitting him up again). Cool guys are either at or above her level. Never below. That coolness factor doesn't have anything to do with looks (but max em out tho) or money. A guy can "fake" being above her level one night in order to bang her. But if he isn't congruent to the guy she fucked that night, she'll ghost him.

      "often keep having sex with the same guy".

      ya. cause he's triggering her hypergamy. She really doesn't wanna sleep around when she's with a high value dude. Once he stops triggering her hypergamy tho (he gets boring, starts acting needy, mundane routines), then she'll be looking to monkey branch to someone cooler/exciting/alpha.

      "the idea that she doesn’t want guys she can get makes no sense in that context".

      she needs to feel like she can't control you. You gonna do whatever the fuck you wanna do, regardless if she likes it or not. Sometimes you'll do nice stuff for her, because you want to. Other times, you're like nah lol I ain't doing that shit. and if she don't like that that's the way you roll, cool you'll just go out and get another girl. And she knows you can.

      She feels like she's got you, when you more often than not, do things you don't wanna do, just to please her. Because you feel like if you don't do what she says, she'll leave you. And she feels that ("I've got him. Yawn. Boring!")

      "how on the one hand you can’t telegraph your sexual desire in her but also have to show you have a penis".

      it's really a balance between showing interest and disinterest via disqualifying, ("you're too short", "I'm too old for you", "we can't have sex tonight"). this push/pull friction ("does he like me or not???") creates sexual tension. Because on the one hand you want her, but you've also shown that it might not happen tonight if she doesn't impress you (via investing) enough because you don't sleep around with any girl that gets your dick hard. ya she's cute (otherwise you wouldn't be talking to her), but at the same time you're trying to find out if she's cool enough and prove to you that she's actually more than just a cute face. That's what your communicating.

      "if you were truly above the girl you wouldn’t want anything to do with her"

      it's her feeling you're above her. If you're a 7 in looks and she's a 9, you can show her via DHVing about your cool life, in a non try hard way, and the way you act around her (you're used to sleeping with 9s) showing her that you understand her world, and relate to her life experiences, she'll think you're a 10.

      but like if you're 7 and she's a 5, then probably don't want anything to do with her lol....unless you're going thru a dry spell and desperate for some pu$$y

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    This is an early community realization that what’s done before you get to the sex location affects what happens at the sex location. They’re discovering a basic, that game isn’t simply about getting her isolated at a sex location, that the issues you face at the sex location can depend on the game you’ve run before then. They’re using “groundwork” in its general meaning of “get things fully prepared” here, it’s not some special technique or method.

    This is from an early pioneer phase of PU. They’re not going to know the specifics as well as we do today, these were their very first observations, which have been fine tuned and finessed for many years now. It’s a bit like turning to Freud to learn modern behavioral psychology.