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The opposite/contrarian method

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  • Practical Technique The opposite/contrarian method

    Besides grandmaster style (sexual trolling), cocky funny, fake angry and polarity this is another method I use and seems to work extremely well as far as my charismatic/party persona. However, funny enough this is the best method to use, to get that special woman that you are pedestalizing.

    I am going to nickname this method “the opposite method”, because you want to do the total opposite of what you would want to do or what other dudes normally do. I learned it accidentally by watching the popular show “Seinfeld”.

    In one of the shows (clip at the end of the post), the character of George Constanza , who plays a fat, balding, loser, with no job, living with his parents, no success with women etc… Reaches a breaking point and comes to the realization that everything he does and says is fucked up and never works, so why not just do the opposite.

    So George goes up to a hottie at the coffee shop and instead of trying to impress her with his accomplishments, money, car, looks etc… He just goes up to her and tells her something along the lines of “My name is George, I’m unemployed and I live with my parents.” After the girl gives him the “puppy bowl eyes” and she is Hooked.

    What is the subcommunication he is blunt, honest, not trying to impress, real, humble and DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK.

    I am not the only one that does this, many guys especially Julien Rsd does stuff like this a lot. The same with Howard Stern.

    Most women especially hot women have a bunch of dudes coming at them subcommunicating or announcing how much money they have, the car the drive, their awesome career, how good they are etc… In other words most people and normal fags want to seduce coming across as good boyfriend potential and trying to impress which is a horrible strategy, cause you are trading sex for relationships and you will seem as a boyfriend, future husband potential instead of a lover, which delay sex and/or disqualifies you in most cases cause they are looking for flaws, and even if you have no flaws they will put you in the boyfriend application stack with all the other normalfags, which will DELAY SEX, we are sex provides, we exchange SEX FOR SEX, no SEX for relationships.

    So we come across with the subcommunication as not trying to impress, humble, real, unapologetic, fun, we do not take ourselves to serious which is VERY ATTRACTIVE, and you come across as cool and charismatic. But the most important is you come across as HIGH VALUE. As always if you can combine with sexual innuendos a plus.

    This is some real FRAMING LIFE SAMPLES:

    " Listen i am sure you are not for everyone, same with me i am not for everyone either, i am going to be myself and tell you what you want to hear but more importantly WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR AND MAY SCARE YOU AND MAKE YOU RUN AWAY.... I am not your typical guy, I live an ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE... I don't drink or do drugs i am not married and i have no kids, i am not the jealous type.... I need a lot of time for myself to do projects, i teach guys how to be attractive via behaviors, style, gym etc..., and i need a lot of alone time to work on my mission and projects.... blah blah blah"

    ^ a lot of things that will kind of scare her a bit instead of attract her bit and may even disqualify you... Till this day i have not lost 1 girl...

    now here are some FUN life examples, Disclaimer (do not over use, say it one time and if she keep pressing give her the real answer, CALIBRATION CRUCIAL).

    Hottie: what do you do for living

    Me: I am a certified (pause) dishwasher. What do you do?

    Always finish a question with a question for control

    Now if she keep asking, then do not over do it give her the real answer.

    Hottie: how you guys know each other?

    Me: we just got out of jail. Credit Julien Rsd

    Other samples:

    Me: once upon a time I had virgin and she told me “ you are the worst lover I ever had and I have nobody to compare you with” “fuck she was so tight”

    This one I use a lot as role play when I meet a girl and we go after clubs to eat or walking or whatever and I run into friends etc…

    Me introducing her to another dude or girl: sup dude, this is my ex wife, we are trying to get back together, she really hurt me and left me cause she got tired of my 2 inches (dick size for you geniuses)

    Me: yea she left me for a big black guy name Tyrone, but now she is back with me to try again.

    Another thing, if you want to get a girl for example one that you really like, or you are going through a break up (me, I fucked up this one). You want to do totally the opposite of what you are supposed to do, for example instead of fighting for a girl or a relationship, you want to do the total opposite and let her go and get other women and tell her to go and live happily ever after with her beta boy/normal fag.

    Anyways, you get the point… The whole goal is to be memorable, different, cool, and charismatic. This will not directly get you laid, but the more you can show your charismatic personality the more people and specially women will want to gravitate, hang out etcetera with you…