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  • mansplaining game

    mansplaining has become a popular sjw term. it’s when some man, presumably in a higher position than her, explains to someone what she was saying “what darci here is trying to say” or explains something a child could understand to them “gravity is a complicated topic, but it’s what is responsible for keeping our feet on the ground, nancy”

    i started doung this long before id heard the term mansplaining. i got the idea from tv shows where a male would do it to a female he had authority over. it’s basically a dhv because it assumes your higher value. men mansplain to other men they are superior to also.

    not very complicated and in turn very amateur. i would not consider this good game. but it’s a newbie tactic that could help while you’re still learning nuance or just something to play around with to see the reactions. it’s funny and really good exercise for working on calibration.