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    Hey there. I would not be posting such a thread if it wasn't for the fact that this place is closing and nobody has offered any significant alternative to this place.

    Everything must come to an end, which only open for new beginnings. I am personally very excited about the future. In the upcoming weeks we will have a new place, run by real seducers for both real seducers and up-and-coming ones. This is exactly what we need.

    Everybody will be welcome to join, but you need to accept that the new place is not:
    - An MRA forum
    - A place for only "theoretical" pick up.
    - A place for KJ's
    - A place for trolls (don't even try impulse)

    All schools of pick up and seduction will be welcome there. That implies "seduction" and "pick up" are core elements. This is not a free-card to vent whatever opinion you have on your mind. In fact things have to be empirically tested and confirmed and the explanation behind the technique must be strong. A crap theory is a crap theory, and same goes for shitty techniques or methodologies. These will not be protected from potentially harsh criticism under the pretext that they are just "different ways of thinking". Crap is crap.

    The forum is owned by Chase Amante, owner of girlschase. He is a very down-to-earth guy, who never had any issues with anyone. He is old school, and used to go under the name of Regal on mASF. He had many great posts, was part of the masterminds forum and has even on mASF never got into quarrels with anyone. He has also met many guys from the community.

    His blog is commercial and will of course be strictly controlled by him as he so wish, but the whole idea behind skilledseducer was to make an independent place. This is why it gets its own name and own website - to create a distance between the forum and Chase's business. This means that you are welcome to discuss any schools of seduction as long as the discussion is based on real life experience. There will be no censorship what-so-ever. He will not even be moderating the board himself.

    It was many profilic seducers who pushed him to make the forum. This is because he is trusted, but also have access to good and stable servers. He accepted the task as hand as a way to let the community grow again, considering its decline. There may be some long term benefits for him in the sense that a bigger and more alive community may open for more sales, but commercial reasons are not primary one here.

    The new forum will have:
    - A live chat
    - Reintroduction of Ranks (6 ranks)
    - A like function
    - Good search engine
    - Few forums - but with many prefixes instead of subforums.
    - A really cool layout
    - Stable server
    - Easy to use
    - It will be the place with most profilic posters
    - Strict but fair moderation.
    - Bigger userbase than this place (it will be a merge of the users of the GC forum, and other places). Girlschase will also redirect to the forum (GC has 750 000 daily visitors... go figure).
    - Most likely we will use some moderators from here to do moderation so that you do not feel too lost.
    - And more...

    Now onto the bad news. The developer was supposed to be done the 22nd. He is almost done, but he had to do a quick trip. The forum will therefore be up sometime quickly after the :

    6th of June 2019

    I hope to see you there. Again everybody is welcome.


    edit: i will neither be part of the ownership nor will i be moderating the new place. I will however be a helping hand just like i did with sedfast in its early days.

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    I"m excited for this. I like that real world experience will trump theory. That is very important. I also like how you won't be able to post theory that isn't backed up by such experience.

    Chase is one of the first guys I started following when I got into pick up. I remember I gave my brother who turned 18 a chase blog post for his birthday lol. He's since proven to be a natural.


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      Thanks Teevs glad to hear Chase is being proactive in, essentially, bring us mASF 3.0. I hope it reaches its original heights in the quality and breadth of ideas.