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  • Female Body Language

    Seen a new body language I have never seen before by a couple women. I am pretty sure I know what it means but I thought that i would ask you guys and get a consensus to be sure. (I hope its not what i think it is). I think they are probably signaling disinterest.(don't get it as I didn't try to pick them up or anything like that. I simply walked past them lol)

    Girl in store either working or buying something puts/covers the small of her back with one arm or in other words covers her back above her butt with her arm. Or puts one arm behind her back.

    What is the womens body language saying exactly? I have seen 2 different women do it recently in a short period of time. Have never ever seen a women do it before until now.

    Hopefully some of you have good insight about this to share. I guess they could be possibly eccentuating (drawing attention to) there features too but also could be blocking their features too (signaling a highel level of disinterest).
    Thank you!!!!

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    if her hands are behind her back or to her side that’s open body language. probably how she’s most comfortable standing.