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Cosplay, post here your monthly inspirations

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  • Cosplay, post here your monthly inspirations

    Just kidding, I know this is a last day of this forum But since it's all going up in flames here is a goodbye post.
    I got this idea a few years ago when, at the beginning of October I made a bet with a friend on who will be the first to lay the Octoberfest girl. Blonde, braids, extra points for bodice and German accent. Neither of us found the right woman so I cheated: I bought the costume for a woman I was already sleeping with. So, sue me.
    Ever since that day, I do spice out things now and then with monthly themed costumes.
    Latest purchase was for memorial day. I seriously considered this:
    but ended getting this:
    Which was a good thing because I thought of it too late and didn't get it on time/ find anyone to gift it to on short notice. It's OK. June 14 is Flag Day, plenty time till then. (And there is 4th of July but I really hope this will be well used by then.)
    So, practical steps: women like to play dress-up, they're born with that gene. And they need to feel admired, desired, etc. Suggesting to a woman that you are thinking of her in a kinky costume is an easy way to break through social barriers and formalities. If you're sick let her know. If she responds with well wishes tell her you're shopping on line for a dress for her. If she says she can't come out, busy cleaning this weekend, offer to come and help if she wears the dress you bring her. She might not take you up on the help offer but she will clean her house with you in mind. And with a plan to have you over soon...
    I never had this backfire. I've tried it in the past online too, on women I never met. They always giggle. And for older, less motivated guys like me cosplay and dressing women up ads much welcomed spice to a game that is getting old at times.
    Thank you again SilverTree and BlackDragon this forum has been life-changing. Thank you all who made it so. See you on some other side.