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Two women (friends) showing interest on me, meet both or only one?

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  • Two women (friends) showing interest on me, meet both or only one?

    Background: I'm attending a dance class, where I've recently noticed that two women who are friends (HB10 & HB9), are both giving considerable attention to me. Today, both were asking me questions at times, other one (HB9) asking personal questions like where do I work, where do I go to school, etc. I'm planning to set up a meeting either with one of them, or with both of them at once.

    I'm fairly good at meeting one HB at a time, but never had any experience on having more interested HB's to meet at once. But now I think it would be really cool! So the question: is it good idea to continue flirting and invite both for a coffee at the same time? Can it lead to isolation of one HB, or even to a threesome?! Or shall I make my pick and ask only other one? I'd say that HB10 may be a bit out of my league (just an instinct, the feeling how she dresses and stuff...., so I'm thinking maybe she's trying to pair HB9 with me.

    So, of course I'd see if HB10 is genuinely interested in me, but also keep HB9 as a backup option (or, just continue with HB9 immediately because she is really hot too! What do you think, is it possible to meet them both, and decide then (based on how they act)? If meeting both, how should isolation be done? Should I already start being physical with other one? Or tease both?

    After first meeting, should I have clearly indicated whom I like more? Or, should I just make my pick already and go meet only with her?

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    If you really believe that HB10 is trying to set you up, then I see no reason not to take the bait - it's not like she's setting you up with a 5. Plus in the long run, there's no better way to make HB10 like you then for her to hear stories from HB9 about how good you are in bed etc...


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      Do you know why most people don't have much threesomes?

      Because they don't take the risk.

      Take the risk really it's worth it.