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  • Setting up Comfort Bombardment

    I've recently embraced BlackDragon's online dating system and there are a few areas I need insight on.

    The ideas I'm exploring are setting the date via email and Comfort Bombardment.

    I'm finding that it's harder to connect with the women after we exchange phone numbers.

    For example, I have setup a date Mon, Tue, Wed and Thursday of this week.
    What I've noticed is that after the meet is setup, it's difficult to get the girls to respond to texts.
    I would like to have a nice phone conversation, but I've found with the younger girls( under 27), they just don't seem as available to do this.
    I usually like to text, then call immediately after she responds. I assume if she has time to text she is more likely in a position to talk.
    However, I usually end up in Voice Mail.
    Then I don't get a voice response.

    I usually attempt the phone conversation between 6 - 8 PM.

    I've gotten more flakes ( 6 for 10 dates set up ) in the last 3 weeks I've been using Blackdragon's system, than I got in a year of dating using my old system and over 100 dates. I'm willing to try new things, and obviously doing something wrong.

    The only difference is setting the date online vs on the phone.
    I hated trying to do the phone because it was more difficult to manage after I got the number. I'd end up not calling many of the numbers I harvested.
    So, I guess I'm looking for ways you guys setup the Comfort Bombardment.
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