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Non-Verbal Escalation

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  • Non-Verbal Escalation

    I'm going to talk about how I like to escalate non-verbally. This may be obvious for some, but it was a major breakthrough when I figured it out.
    First of all, I'd like to recommend 2 threads that were responsible for me to start doing it.

    1. 60's antimanifesto
    2. Teevster's Resistance VS Rejection within sexual escalation

    It's all there, I'm just going to describe how it works for me, in practical terms.

    The key thing is the body language. You have to look confident and bold.
    This works particularly well in the dance floor, since the loud music makes it hard to have conversations. You are dancing excitedly, if a HB comes close to you, game on. If she looks at you for more than 2 or 3 seconds, game on. You get closer to her, and “accidentally” touch her (a good way to start is to touch her arm, for example). If she's ok with it, game on. The important thing is to reduce the distance while kinoing the HB. At first, the kino will be almost “accidental”, then, it's going to get more and more assertive, always escalating.

    This works really well with HB that give you IOIs.
    In case of resistance, start over from zero. If she leaves, then that's it, time find a new target.
    Sometimes the girl might get self-conscious of *closing without talking. If that happens, she might suggest that you two talk. In my experience, it hasn't been a problem to start talking after all this. It might be a good idea to leave the dance floor for a while and go somewhere you can actually hear each other. Then, it might be good to rely on some other strategies, but if you came this far, closing the HB shouldn't be too hard.

    Feel free to share any thoughts and experiences on this subject.


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    Good for you.