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You aren't being rejected for your looks, she's probably banged a guy uglier than you (re: "rejection")

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  • You aren't being rejected for your looks, she's probably banged a guy uglier than you (re: "rejection")

    There are always exceptions, this does not apply to all 3.4 billion men in the world.
    this advice applies to guys that approach women to fuck them, not as much to guys that approach women to meet them, try to convince her to like him.

    this took me a while to figure out when I was hitting on chicks full time in 2010, I spent a good portion of 2009 talking to women, but didn't figure this out. it doesn't help that this thing is is never discussed (it seems). there's financial reasons for that. (another topic entirely)

    Here's the deal- MOST OF THE TIME, you are not being rejected for your looks, unless you look like total dogshit and present your like total cowshit with low class clothing, presence.

    don't think for 1 second that what I just said suggests that "looks doesn't matter," they matter. they are probably the #1 factor (after social freedom, balls) in GETTING LAID. I'm not talking about meeting women, I'm talking about meeting women and fucking them.

    So why are most guys being rejected?

    The girl was not available in the first place.

    That doesn't mean she isn't single. She is simply NOT sexually available. She could have a boyfriend, she could only want a boyfriend, she might only be out for attention, she could be on her period, she could have already been fucked earlier that day, she could be a super conservative girl that doesn't have sex until it's time to have babies. none of that you can control.
    I give 36 reasons (there are literally hundreds)-

    For some reason this issue isn't discussed around the mainstream PU community. It is assumed that every woman is available, its just a matter of timing your AMOG or "Boyfriend Destroyer" line. That's complete bullshit. I know PUAs that run businesses that literally believe that. Go up to Kate Middleton, she's married to the Prince of England, use your little AMOG/Boyfriend destroyer line. Tell us how it goes.

    Mainstream thought is- if you don't "get the girl," YOU did something wrong. Not true.

    On any given day there is a certain % of girls that are sexually available (also known as DOWN TO FUCK) and a certain % that are not sexually available.

    The key to getting laid is finding the girls that are DTF.
    This differs from mainstream thought where the key is to get the girl to like you via jokes and witty funny man banter.

    So how do I find which girls are DTF?
    touch them, I called this screening. Immediately or shortly into your interaction. If they respond positively OR don't respond at all- it's a green light. If they don't, they aren't sexually available.

    You can stand there running Funny Man game and chicks will stand there and listen and laugh if you are entertaining enough. You still might not be getting anywhere, in fact- you probably aren't.
    If you begin touching the chick, she WILL NOT stand there and let you unless she is sexually available.
    That's screening, get laid or get lost.

    The majority of the threads on this board and all others where a guy wonders "what happened?" "what did I do wrong?" and 10 guys try to break it down for him and give suggestions-
    the answer was "THE GIRL WAS NOT AVAILABLE," you did nothing WRONG (unless you look like dogshit)

    most guys will be familiar with these 2 scenarios-
    1) you walk up to a girl, barely say anything and she's immediately into you
    2) you talk to a girl for hours, think its going SO WELL, and NOTHING comes from it, you wonder what you did wrong

    In #1- the girl was sexually available
    In #2- the girl was not
    it had nothing to do with your "game"

    Now that doesn't mean that guys aren't being rejected for their looks by girls that are sexually available. They are, particularly if they are overweight, poorly dressed, super short and have poor body language.

    Consider this though-
    The majority of sexually available girls have had a handful (or 2 handfuls) of partners. Chances are, at least 1 of those guys was uglier than you. Chances are- she's already fucked a guy uglier than you. Chances are, she'll do it again (when she's DTF)
    Girls have a 'looks threshold' -- unless you are super gross, you probably pass that test. If you are good looking, you score extra points.
    Guys that are good looking, pass the test and have better chances are banging the sexually available girls.

    I have friends in LA that are models and actors. Some of them are in movies and on the covers of magazines. The ones that approach women, get rejected. They aren't getting rejected because they are ugly or don't measure up to the 'looks threshold'. They are getting "rejected" because the girl IS NOT available. It had nothing to do with their "game".

    The majority of girls that don't sleep with you, if you are aggressive, weren't available to YOU OR ANYONE ELSE. Don't blame yourself.

    Keep this in mind when you wonder "what did I do wrong?"
    The girl gave me a number and flaked! I need a flake control routine to stop this from happening!

    This took me a while to figure out, I used to take rejection very personally. Blame myself. Unfortunately mainstream PU has no concept of this "sexually available vs. sexually unavailable" concept. I was running Mr Funny Man/I hope she likes me game though. Totally different. That's not 'get laid' game.

    looks + style + social freedom = get laid

    hope this makes sense of "rejection"
    the majority of interactions that don't go well, the girl wasn't available in the first place. Not for you, not for me.
    this is not a "reframe" or "affirmation" or "super PUA phase shift"... this is the truth, the real world
    stop analyzing scenarios and go approach women, touch them quickly, when you get one that is DTF take her to a private place

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    Excellent post.


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      Originally posted by hangman View Post
      Excellent post.

      Touching is the fastest compliance test.


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        thanks guys


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          Very good post!
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            SO add to this post i actually followed that advice the letter..until i found out ...........

            1) apparently girls are always wet...just some more than others......meaning they are always sexually available about ( 7 days after their period.... ofcourse) (7 days prior........they are the horniest)

            2) Its not about a "liking" factor is about a sexual attraction and chemistry.........and how do you exploit that.........well you have to carefully analyze your target and come accross as the kind of men..........she imagines when she is fingering herself.........

            so basically learn to get into their minds............and let their dreams come to life........easy..........and then touch them.......your touch will Carry more power......


            i grab her by the waist... she holds my hand a bit too long as if she just came ..i look up she blushes.........

            its either you buy me some cigarretes or you have sex with me..........(...her figure was perfect .cute face..tight little waist ..a gigantic ass and a nice pair of tits.......cant ask for more..).....i get my cigarretes as im leaving i overhear................that guy has a powerful touch i think i just came when he touched me........they both eye me over.......i ignore and continue with my adventure.........GOTTA LOVE LIFE.....


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              Do you have some touching routines?


              I went up to a girl and used a bit of shock and awe coupled with touching today.

              I told her that she was very good looking and then told her sorry for being so forward but that she was just so good looking I couldn't stop myself.

              I then asked her her name and held out my hand for her to shake when she did I kissed her hand. I then told her sorry a again. She was not sexually available and walked away.

              I feel if I keep up this I'm gonna get in trouble with store security. Although I loved it. I'm aggressive by nature. Do you have any routines that you could share for touching girls right away?


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                yes and no.. this is basically how I handle things-


                its more of a blueprint, than a separate routine, but it can easily be separated into separate routines.

                im def not against routines, but they should be to screen the girl and not to 'make her like you' or "create attraction" (there's no such thing as seduction/creating attraction, per community definition)


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                  Shhhh! GLL what are you doing?! They're going to stop entertaining timewasters and take all our precious precious DTF girls!!!

                  Originally posted by Good Looking Loser View Post
                  For some reason this issue isn't discussed around the mainstream PU community. It is assumed that every woman is available, its just a matter of timing your AMOG or "Boyfriend Destroyer" line.
                  Of course professional PUAs teach it backwards. That's because are not teaching, they are selling.

                  Teaching is what you just did: describing reality as it is, and trying to help the student successfully adjust to it. Selling is telling potential customers that all their irrational fantasies will come true if they just pays that $39.99.

                  We don't want to believe that successful pickup is about approaching 100 girls, screening / getting rejected by 99 of them, and ending up with the single DTF woman who wasn't necessarily the hottest.

                  We want to believe we can get that 10 in the street / club / social-circle who looks like our high-school cheerleader. In high-school she rejected me and bruised my poor little ego, but now it's going to be different, because I got me some mad skillz. I'll pay $39.99 to get those skillz alright - in fact I'd pay thousands of dollars.

                  You know, I don't want to dismiss it completely. Maybe learning how to "stay in the set" actually gets you somewhere once you master it to the 99th level. Maybe a hot girl in that set is going to say "man, this guy is so cool, the way he stays in our set of bitchy girls who only want entertainment, it makes me so hot, I'm gonna fuck him even though I wasn't horny at all and have a hotter loving boyfriend who satisfies me completely".

                  Only thing is, I've never known a guy to successfully do that, and I've known one guy who basically replicated Mystery: learned magic and street magic, was working hard 4-5 nights a week approaching dozens of girls in clubs and on the street. He actually became a good magician. Maybe he could even make a living of it, that is if he wasn't a very sharp guy already making tons of money in more sophisticated and lucrative fields. Unfortunately, getting laid wasn't among his accomplishments.


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                    I think this approach is awesome, and that definitely screening in ways such as this needs to be emphasized more. I too have learned from experience the power of screening for DTF, or in online situs, Down to Meet chicks.

                    I disagree with those who say attraction cannot be creative or you cannot cultivate yourself into a more attractive man. In the end even a DTF chick is not going to fuck a guy who she finds unattractive or has repulsive, unattractive behaviors.

                    The whole 'creating attraction' thing is more about getting rid of unattractive traits in yourself and cultivating high value behaviors then brainwashing women into wanting sex with you. So in that respect I totally disagree that attraction can't be created by changing your behavior/words, etc. I've seen it and I've done it myself. I've seen the difference from the times before learning this stuff. Becoming a more attractive man works wonders. A chick may be DTF, but in the end, it's still the best man that wins.

                    There might be a bunch of beta men fawning all over a chick who is in the 'DTF' category that you mention, but none of them are going to fuck her, because she is not attracted to them! They will try to fuck her, they will even touch her, but she will still be repulsed by their wimpy, needy behavior.

                    Screening, and especially taking definitive action that will result in her showing whether she's just there for attention or not, are definitely is very important though I agree.


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                      This rings so true, this one girl I know from university is gorgeous. One of my buddies went for her last year, despite being universally claimed as "sexy" by every female that has ever seen him he wasn't able to close with this girl.

                      What happens? 3 months later she is having sex with a chubby, average looking at best goofball who we used to treat as kind of the joke of the group and make fun of.

                      I would attribute it generally to what you have been talking about, she was unavailable at the time. When she was available, however, even a "passable" dude who was sure in himself was able to close. Factors out of our control effect everything, game is no different.

                      **When I mean passable, his looks were passable as in average. This is the bare minimum. Almost anyone can look passable**


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                        Originally posted by PrinceofNaples View Post
                        I would attribute it generally to what you have been talking about, she was unavailable at the time. When she was available, however, even a "passable" dude who was sure in himself was able to close. Factors out of our control effect everything, game is no different.
                        Exactly. This average guy was lucky to fumble into her horniness. Then she backward rationalized that they have this special connection, and now he's enjoying a super hottie on a regular basis. If he's not utterly moronic, he can turn her into a full-fledged girlfriend, and then if he's so inclined, a wife.

                        This is how hot chicks end up with average looking guys. This, and not because the guy was nice, or really loved her, or is incredibly smart and sensitive, or any of the other bullshit.


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                          this type of thing, sexual availability, is rarely discussed
                          this really reflects a complete non-understanding of the 'game' and likely a general lack of real time experience by the 'authorities' on this subject
                          I want you guys to understand that and not get down on yourselves.

                          the majority of the time- guys are using techniques [insert funny man routine here], to try and "attract" sexually unavailable women.
                          it doesn't work, and they wonder what they did "wrong"
                          then 10 guys give their suggestions "more kino" "less kino" "backturn at 30 second" "too much interest" "too little interest" "you need comfort" "you need attraction"

                          the other half of the time- guys are using techniques [insert funny man routine here], to try and "attract" sexually available women THAT ALREADY LIKE THEM

                          i've seen this a million times
                          case in point- 99% of the time when a girl lets you touch her and gives you her number-- SHE ALREADY LIKES YOU
                          no need for 4 weeks of "witty text banner"
                          no text game

                          think about it
                          that's how "normal people" get laid, and yes- normal guys get laid as much if not more than more community guys (which, granted- isn't a lot)

                          the basic techniques screen for sexual availability (DTF) and have nothing to do with convincing her to like you, DHV, tricking her into thinking you're cool

                          could it be that this ENTIRE TIME you were talking to either:
                          1) girls that already liked you
                          2) girls that weren't available to you, me, anyone else

                          maybe so

                          my 3 cents


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                            This is great advice. There has never been a time that I can recall where a girl has been difficult prior to meeting me.
                            The ones who don't result in a meetup usually go radio silent or give a totally lame excuse.

                            Knowing this makes areas such as "Txt game" a hell of a lot easier too: If she's already into you, the most simple txt is effective, i.e. "Hey" followed by "let's get together Thursday".


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                              This thread is great, but it works best when you already have pretty solid game. "Game" is basically about knowing when to pull back (physically, verbally, using humor, etc. etc.). Maybe some guys don't get it, but at least a fair fraction of the time I get things like LMR, she playing hard-to-get (even ones who claim sometimes that THEY were chasing me), waiting to put out until she is satisfied that she has resisted enough, etc.

                              Ping for availability and then play solid game. Thats how I'd put it. Despite its seeming simplicity, this is a pretty advanced post.

                              Originally posted by Tarzan View Post
                              Exactly. This average guy was lucky to fumble into her horniness.
                              Your negativity is your ruin. And you consistently make it a point to write it all up and and reinforce it.