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Asian girls' pattern @ cafes

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  • Asian girls' pattern @ cafes

    I was having a lunch at a cafe.
    At a table in front of me there was a an asian chick with a guy.
    She was a small cute asian girl, which seemed innocent and slutty at the same time.
    I started watching them.
    At first she gave a guy a DDB-look with a cute smile. (which seemed fake)
    She started laughing very girly.
    Then she fed this guy.
    Guy was so happy.
    Then she started playing with his hair.
    Offered him to drink her beer.
    Started touching his shoulder with her head.
    Pretended to fall asleep on his shoulder.
    Then she noticed me looking at them, and her smile instantly disappeared.
    She said something nice to him.
    He started trying to kiss her.
    She moved away a bit.
    He started being more aggressive.
    She turned her cheek.
    He tried again, makeout.
    She is smiling so nicely and cute.
    She moved away again.
    A guy is already in love with her.
    He had lovey eyes.
    And she is already a prize.

    I wouldn't watch them if I wasn't attracted to Asians.
    All this performance seemed FAKE to me, and I felt like the guy was being tooled. Because she wasn't being receptive, she was PROACTIVE.
    I had exactly the same thing happening with an Asian girl half a year ago. Absolutely the same. It seems to be a pattern.

    Have you experienced anything like that? That girl's purpose to make a guy fall in love with her to grab his balls, right? What's the right reaction to such behaviour from a girl?

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    I am just a beginner, but already I encounter some attention whores. They seem friendly, very proactive, they smile at you, they talk to you, actively start topics that normal girls have no gut to do, and when you make a move, she runs.

    Recently is a Korean girl, she smiles at me, actually sit next to me, ask me all the things, like how to say "I love you" in my language, compliment and all that shit, then when I ask her phone number, she starts telling me her boyfriend, her former boyfriend. It's kind of bollock so I just keep playing around by saying something along the line: "Ok stop fooling around, you have no boyfriends..."

    I am also needed advice how deal with them (may be tips on seducing them too). From what I heard, just be aloof, cocky and funny, but always keep a distance.


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      actually I've read advice from Tubarao on similar situation. He says about flipping the frame and blaming trying to seduce on her + willingness to walk away. Interesting read, however I think we still need more input.


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        This almost never happens to me but I know what you are talking about. It's a form of betaization. Asian girls use "innocent" NON-SEXUAL affection to try to tame guys into becoming beta and implicitly following their agenda (leading to a relationship) instead of the guy's (leading to sex).

        It's a brilliant ploy and usually successful. They show affection (usually in public) so the guy feels puffed up, but if he tries to escalate, she withdraws because she's "not ready" or "not here" or whatever. She acts helpless and docile so the man feels like he should lead and protect and pay for meals... BUT you usually end up doing what she wants and taking her home at the end of the date instead of to your place. They are brilliant at pulling the strings in the relationship by getting a guy hooked on FEMININE AFFECTION and pretending to be passive, but influencing the guy's behavior through her positive/negative response.

        The way to counter this is 1) be prepared to lose her; 2) be unaffected by her public displays of affection; and 3) escalate discreetly.

        1. Some of these girls are simply cock-teases or gold-diggers. Don't waste your time with these girls. The chance of them putting out is very low. Follow rule 3 and make them blow you or blow you out.

        2. Receiving feminine attraction from a woman can be a powerful drug. Asian girls do it right, making the man feel strong, attractive and masculine. They'll cling to your bicep, laugh at your jokes, put their head on your shoulder, and pretend not to know how to order at the restaurant. Ignore the things she does that are SPONTANEOUS and UNPROVOKED by some action on your part. Only accept as genuine the responses she gives when you have actually done something to merit appreciation/affection. Conversely, be prepared to call her out if she forgets to say "thank you" or acknowledge your efforts in picking her up, planning the date and taking her home. She will use "manners" and "etiquette" as a rigid code to enforce the type of behavior that is beneficial to HER; don't be afraid to turn the tables on her if she is rude or unresponsive.

        3. Whenever she tries to put her head on your shoulder, put your hand on her thigh. If she stares into your eyes, go in for the kiss. Trump her attempts at affection with sexual escalation, but do it all subtly, discreetly. Don't start pawing her and go for a heavy makeout in the restaurant or she'll just pull the "not here" card.

        Just enough to show her where all her games will be leading and that YOU will be the tour guide. Tell her you can't control yourself. That you're only a man and she's making you crazy. She'll accept this because she is aware that that is what she has been trying to do all along. Put the pressure on her. Not only with physical escalation but with talk about "unique connections" and "fate" and "chemistry."

        Some classic game lines such as flipping the frame so she's chasing you may not work as well because Asian girls do not like to feel they are in the masculine/chasing role, even if that happens to be the case. Instead, I recommend that you fan the flames of whatever behavior she shows into as sexual a fire as you can. You may need to continually escalate and retreat, escalate and retreat, but be persistent! And be prepared to keep going until you get blown out. If you get blown out in the end, be thankful you didn't waste four or five dates like all those other chumps. Two dates max, if you're playing it right and consistently sexual.

        Hope this helps!


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          Daigoro, brilliant post.
          I'll reread it tomorrow though, as I've just returned from a club and my head doesn't function very well


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            That girl's purpose to make a guy fall in love with her to grab his balls, right? What's the right reaction to such behaviour from a girl?
            That's ALL women's goal. Our goal is to get laid as much as possible, whereas their goal is to win as many men's hearts as possible.
            With asian girls, attention whoring (and actual whoring) is more pronounced.

            One thing that myself and a few other Japan expats agreed on, was the Japanese preoccupation with all things "cute" was simply a SURVIVAL strategy for women. If the girl could act cute, men would like her and happiness would follow. For any Japanese girl who is NOT cute in Japan is almost equivalent to a DEATH SENTENCE, and life becomes much much harder.

            All that pink, hello kitty, glitter shit pales in comparison to the porn star technique of the girl wearing the outfit.

            I am also needed advice how deal with them (may be tips on seducing them too). From what I heard, just be aloof, cocky and funny, but always keep a distance.
            Being aloof is simply this :- Not rewarding women with any of your attention until they do what you told them to do.

            By being aloof, you present a challenge. The girl KNOWS that you aren't going to pay attention to her until she's sucking your dick. Either she's going to get angry about that (too bad), or she's going to be horny and take you up on that when she's in the mood.... and since you're not integrated into her social life, she sees you as a low risk challenge.

            Men who are not aloof are looking for ways to engage and hopefully "attract" the woman by being a nice guy. This doesn't work because the end goal for women IS ATTENTION, and she has no reason to fuck a guy who is already in love with her. In fact, sex may just jeopardise her constant stream of attention from that particular guy.

            Another skill you need around women (any woman) is the ability to switch off to whatever they are saying and not give them any attention. This is especially true when they are saying nonsensical or stupid things as a ploy for attention, and to derail your train of thought. Sometimes this comes in LMR, sometimes later. Hopefully you don't have to learn this skill should you move in with a psycho girlfriend get married to a nagging fat bitch, like most men have.

            With asian chicks, you really need to "bait" them with a promise of love and attention. You be nice to them, but then you organize logistics and escalate to sex until you get blown or blown out. If she doesn't show up, or if she flakes, or if she tries to give you the run around, you just drop all contact and be willing to walk away until she starts to play ball. You stick to your game plan, and when she doesn't play, you simply drop all contact and go for other women.
            Trying to figure out why she didn't call you, or why she flaked on you, and calling her up for answers is a DEAD END... because her lack of initiative is just a trick to get you to pay more attention to her. So don't fall for that shit. Get on with your awesome life and feel no pity for the idiot gameplaying types.

            Additionally, unlike aggressive western women, asian chicks are not going to get offended by sex talk. They paint themselves into a corner by playing up the cute/passive role, so they aren't going to verbally attack you for talking real dirty to them. Also, it gets them turned on. They know, as much as you should know, that not being cool around the opposite sex just gets you blown out. So by all means you can be direct about asking them how recently they've had sex and if they like doggystyle or whatever. The role they try to play forces them to blush and giggle and not resist you when you escalate.