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Best thing I've done to drastically improve succes

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  • Best thing I've done to drastically improve succes


    There is too much information on the subject of pickup. Thousands of pages, hundreds of video's and a billion posts. This overload of information is killing you. This overload of information causes you to think too much while actually talking to a girl. Thinking is the source of all your 'fear'. This fear is not real, it's ONLY in your head. This may be a fear of rejection, embarassment or any other imaginary reason. In reality these fears do not exist. You have to understand that humans have a very wild imagination, which is usually not in line with reality. All imagination comes from you overthinking everything. Think less to impress.

    Talking to girls is not like you have to slay a dragon. It's not that difficult. You dont need 384 techniques to open a girl. Just say whatever comes to mind. 'Hi' is the best opener there is. From there on just talk about light fun stuff. The most important thing is to be in the moment. If you are in the moment, you don't think at all. You are just reacting instead of thinking. This, my friends, is the best way to get a girl. All your thinking is blocking you from being in the moment. Once you don't think you are FEARLESS.

    So, how do you do this? Easy. Just go talk to a girl without letting a single thought slip into your mind. It's THAT SIMPLE. Don't think, be in the moment. Just walk over there and say hi. All the fear will go away once you practice this way of being in the moment. And what if they reject you? they rejected you for making a conversation? Fuck them, just go talk to the next girl, no big deal. You might think: "Hey dude I can't do that man, I'm way too nervous for that". Well yes, at first it might SEEM like that. But why are you nervous? Because your mind paints imaginary scenario's in your head of you looking like a total fool. In reality this never happens. Besides, you shouldn't care at all what people think of you.

    What do you really need to know about pickup? Less is more. Trust me, you dont want to overload your brain with useless information. I would say about 95% of all material is actually making it harder for you. The only material you need is 60 Years of Challenge. He keeps the stuff simple and to the point. The way how it should be. You only need to escalate & be genuinely horny for a girl.

    This is how my overall thought process and 'game-plan' is like.

    The #1 fact you need to have realized
    First of all you need to know that girls like to have sex just as much as men do. Girls are no saints, they like to get fucked hard. Just like you. Men and women are exactly alike regarding sex. The media and society might tell you not to. Lies. All fucking lies. If you don't believe me you dont know women good enough. Usually comes from inexperience. But that's okay. You're here to learn after all Once you realize this fact, you will have a much easier time getting girls.

    Social phase
    I focus on being very social. Talk to your friends, have fun! Dont think, just do whatever you feel like doing. If you see a cute girl in your immediate area, go over there. Smile and say hi. You will know almost immediately if she has any interest in you or not. I call this 'the spark'. You get this spark within 10 seconds, the social phase usually doesnt last very long. It might be 10 seconds or 5 minutes. She might give you strong eye contact, smiles all the times, touches her hair alot or contributes to the conversation. But the best and only thing you need to know is how she reacts to you getting closer to her. Does she move back? If so, she is not interested. Tell her to have a good night and move on. If she doesn't flinch at all, keeps on talking to you or even gives you very strong eye contact at this point. You're in. Now you're in the sexual phase.

    Sexual phase
    Time to create a fire from that spark! Escalation is key here. You want to increase sexual tension and not giving a fuck if she gives any resistance. Don't react to it and escpecially DONT VERBALIZE IT. Just act as if nothing happens if she gives some resistance. Girls like to play a little hard to get. Escalation means to increase sexual tension and to move towards sex. You escalate by getting closer to her, touch her and have strong eyecontact. You automatically escalate much better if you are horny. If you are horny you just want to fuck her. You dont think with your mind but with your dick. Follow your dick and the pussy will be within reach. You kiss her at the point you can get really close to her. Think about 3~5cm from her face or even closer. But don't kiss too much! This will decrease tension, just tease her a bit and make her more horny. Grab that ass. Get horny and you want to just fuck her right there right now. But this is not always possible, you gotta isolate her so you two can be together. Usually your place or her place is best. Logistics are key here. If your place is nearby and you have a nice comfy bed available. Tell her "let's go to my place". If she asks why? (ofcourse she know why, you want to fuck her!, but don't tell her that ofcourse just make up some random excuses like 'I have to show you this awesome drink I came up with') Anything will do, just dont verbalize your intention. Once you are at her place it's all a matter not reacting to her resistance (if she gives you any). Just keep on going untill she gives up and you can have a nice fucking time

    If you'd like to know more about being in the now you can read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It's a great book but you might have some difficulty reading it because he uses difficult words and sentences I did not always fully comprehend.