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QT: Isolation is Emancipation

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  • QT: Isolation is Emancipation

    The true purpose of isolating a chick is not to dodge the cockblocks or guarantee yourself her undivided attention so you can better run your game.

    its to liberate her from fear, ambiguity and the specter of judgement.

    You can pull a girl into a bathroom stall or the darkest corner of the club, but if you can't project that unshakable air of masculine protection (and not just horniness), she'll find any excuse to squirm away.

    Conversely, you could be together on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and if you can find a way to fully OCCUPY her interest and create that magical couple-bubble, you will be shocked where you can lead her.


    EC and BL. Don't let them falter! More important here than on the approach. I learned this after bringing dozens of girls to the threshold of motel/hotels and no further.

    SOIs. Not compliments per se, but some plausible excuse ("What is it about you...?" "i need to tell you something...") for further ongoing interest will put her logical brain at ease even as her BT primes for lift-off.

    Master the environment. You are calm while everything around you is chaos. You smile or wordlessly acknowledge all around you as you anticipate the rugged ebb and flow of random traffic. You catch a beer bottle before it falls from the bar. You intuit the best place to be and the best time to move or stay put. You are in sync with the world around you, yet focused solely on her.

    Some useful phrases:

    "I'm just gonna borrow you/her for a sec..."

    "We're all grown ups here..."

    "Your friends can entertain themselves for 5 minutes..."

    "Let me look at you..."

    Long live game. Let freedom ring.

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    I like the essence of this reframe.
    Just keep it "low key"

    Reframe them to suit the way you see sexuality


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      A master post Daigoro!

      This is one of the keys to being a Natural.

      Ought to be moved to the hall of Fame.

      I'd like to add, this is one of the prime keys to effective dance game. You as the guy are expected to take charge, focus in on her and lead her on the dance floor (in particular anticipating hazards & manouvering her deftly around them) and when you do that effectively, she allows you to create a bubble your "own world" without a second thought.