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Faster Seduction Rules and Guidelines - You must read this before posting anything.

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  • Faster Seduction Rules and Guidelines - You must read this before posting anything.

    Faster Seduction Posting Rules

    By posting on Faster Seduction, it is assumed that you have already read the following posting rules. Please read them if you haven’t already.

    Posting rules are absolute and must be followed. Posting guidelines are simply that, guidelines. They are not required but strongly recommended

    We reserve the right to amend these rules or add new rules at any time without notice or notification of anybody. If we change the rules, the new rules apply from the moment they are posted. If we encounter situations not covered under the rules, whatever Moderator has the authority to deal with the situation in whatever way he thinks is best. We reserve the right to make up new rules on the spot as needed to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

    The Managers and Moderators are the final judge in any case, and their rulings are final and may not be appealed other than asking them to reconsider their position.

    Managers and Moderators discussions are private and not available to the members.

    Posting Rules

    1. No trolling. Trolling is defined being negative without real content. Whining, complaining, bitching, or attacking without any constructive criticism or suggestions or facts would be considered trolling.

    2. No ad hominem attacks. Viciously attacking an idea, statements, or groups is fine. Attacking one’s behavior is fine. Harsh language is also fine. Attacking an individual without demonstrating facts or without clear intent of helping others or without providing constructive criticism is not. Some examples:

    Acceptable: “What you just said is crap and here’s why…”
    Acceptable: “Your advice is shit and here’s why…”
    Acceptable: “Dude you’re completely wrong and here’s why…”
    Acceptable: “You’re lying. You said over in the other thread…”
    Acceptable: “Holy crap! You’re acting like a pussy! You better...”

    NOT Acceptable: “You’re full of shit.”
    NOT Acceptable: “You’re a fucking piece of shit.”
    NOT Acceptable: “He’s a fucking liar.”
    NOT Acceptable: “He doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.”

    You can clearly see the difference in the above examples between attacking the person and attacking the words, actions, or ideas of the person.

    3. No spamming or selling of products or services without the explicit written permission of the Faster Seduction staff. The exception to this rule is the two-line advertising allowed in your signature (explained in rule number 15 below). Hard selling and soft-selling of anything is prohibited.

    4. No rendering of KJ (“keyboard jockey”) advice. Do not render any advice on any issue unless you yourself have actually done it in real life, hopefully more than once, even if it was a long time ago. Do not render advice based on something you read or was taught in school or at seminar. Do not render advice based on something you saw someone else do. It is acceptable to use examples of what other people have done in order to prove a point. Using examples is fine, rendering KJ advice is not.

    5. No posting of completely off-topic subjects. Everything posted on Faster Seduction must be at least tangentially related to the topic of pickup, seduction, or sexual relationships. Even posts in the Lifstyles or Off-Topic forums must only have PUA-related topic matter. Any off-topic posts will be deleted and a warning will be issued.

    5.5: All posts must remain on-topic to the thread in which they are placed. Radically changing the topic within a thread ("threadjacking") is not allowed. Mods reserve the right to delete posts placed within a thread that veers the topic of said thread to something not originally intended by the original poster. Repeated infractions will result in warnings and/or suspensions or bans. What is allowed is a single post within a thread regarding your new topic that says something to the effect of "I have just started another thread over here regarding this related topic" and a link to your new thread.

    6. Asking questions that are clearly stupid, clearly obvious, or way too general is also not allowed. I.E. don’t make posts like “How do I get laid???”

    7. The following topics are considered off-topic for everyone on Faster Seduction and will not be allowed:

    -Discussions or debates on the morality or ethics of studying seduction or teaching seduction as a skill. On this website it is a given that seduction, meaning tactics, strategies, and behaviors designed to induce others to engage in sexual activities with you, is moral and ethical. If you disagree with that premise, this is not the place for you to be posting, and you will be shown the door if you insist on presenting your position on our forums. We do not feel the need to justify what we do, nor do we grant anyone the right to demand such justification on our site. Read Rule #17.

    Discussions of what are or are not moral and ethical tactics, strategies, and behaviors for a seducer are acceptable so long as the discussion does not degenerate into questioning the basic premise that seduction itself is moral and ethical.

    -Anything regarding penis enlargement or circumcision. These are medical questions and have no place in a seduction forum. Here is all the advice you need about penis enlargement; don't worry about it, don't do it, it doesn't work. Not only will you waste your money, some methods can injure your penis. Whether or not you are circumcised has no impact on seduction, and is off topic.

    -Religion (except those aspects related to pickup or relationships).

    -Politics (except those aspects related to pickup or relationships).

    8. Violation of posting rules will result in one or more of the following:
    1. A warning being issued via email or P
    2. Your post(s) and/or thread(s) being edited, moved, or deleted.
    3. Your account being suspended or permanently disabled.
    If one of your posts is edited, moved, or deleted you will always be notified by a mod explaining exactly why. Repeated violations will result in your account being permanently banned/suspended. If you are banned, you will receive one final email explaining why. Faster Seduction moderators reserve the right to ban anyone at any time provided they receive consensus to do so from at least two other moderators (to avoid abuse of power by mods).

    Replies to any Faster Seduction moderator that are full of curses and/or ad hominem attacks will result in your account being disabled with no further explanation. It is OK for you to be mad at us and tell us, but please do so in a polite manner.

    9. Lying about who you are, how old you are, or where you live may also necessitate corrective action by mods. Please be honest.

    10. Usernames, handles, and avatars will be reserved for current or former members of the old mASF (Fastseduction). It is prohibited to create a user account with a handle or avatar identical to that of a current or past poster of the old mASF.

    11. There are times where men may want to have a discussion without female input, just as there may be times women may not desire male input. Therefore gender-specific threads may be used. Male posters are allowed to add the phrase “no women please” onto a thread title. This means no women are allowed to post in that thread for any reason. Female posters are also allowed to put “no men please” onto their thread titles. Anyone posting in threads where their gender is not allowed will have their posts deleted (as well as other possible corrective action).

    12. Do not post or otherwise distribute copyrighted or proprietary content. Do not post quotes from copyrighted material anywhere on Faster Seduction. Violating this rule is serious business. Don’t do it. Posting URLs to outside content is fine.

    14. Posting any HTML code anywhere on Faster Seduction is prohibited. The forum software will prevent most attempts to do this anyway, but please don’t push the envelope.

    15. If you are not selling any products or services, your signature can be anything you want as long as it does not violate any other posting rules and does fit within the space and format limits set by the system. Please keep them short. A signature that is many lines long may require a mod to tell you to shorten it. If you do sell something or are promoting something, even if it’s just a non-for-profit or for-fun blog, and want to mention that in your signature, you may do so, but only under these restrictions:
    1. Your signature must be a maximum of two lines.
    2. One of these two lines can contain one URL link. Just one.
    3. Nothing else can appear in the signature line that contains your URL. Just the URL, that’s it.
    4. In your one additional line, you may have a small blurb describing what your web site is or what you sell. ONE LINE. That’s it.
    It is a violation of posting rules to not adhere to the system above if you place a URL in your signature for any reason.

    Realize that even though you are welcome to put a URL in your signature (following the above structure), if you do so moderators will be watching you extra carefully to make sure that A) you are NOT spamming or selling on the forums, and B) you are making posts of value to others, not just posting random crap. You have been warned.

    16. You must be 18 years of age to be a member. This is an adult forum discussing adult topics. Minors are not welcome.

    17. There is no right to membership on this site. You are here at our discretion. We reserve the right to terminate the membership of any member at any time.

    18. Discussions about the seduction of minors are prohibited.

    Posting Guidelines

    Unlike posting rules, posting guidelines are not mandatory, but strongly, strongly recommended. Failure to adhere to posting guidelines will result in a much more unpleasant experience on the forums for you.

    1. Female posters are welcome to post on Faster Seduction just like anyone else. However they must understand that this is a forum designed by men, run by men, for men, dealing with male topics from a masculine perspective. Female posters must realize that introducing or defending female topics from a feminine point of view will often bring strong opposition and harsh reaction. If you can’t handle that, don’t post here.

    Following is the entry in the Moderator's Handbook regarding women:

    Women are welcome. However, they are here to discuss and get/give advice on seduction, relationships, and women's psychology. They are not invited to give us the Feminist perspective, discuss the morality of what we do or how we do it, be offended by the male orientation of the forum or the concept of seduction, vent about male behaviors, or to resolve their issues with men. All of the above rules apply to women exactly as they apply to men. They are under no special restrictions, they get no special privileges.

    2. Other than in the Monogamous Relationships forum, posts regarding “There’s this one girl…” should be avoided. Pickup and seduction is not a system by which one guy focuses on one particular girl. Rather it is one guy focusing on women in general to achieve results. Asking questions about how to get that one girl in your chemistry class will frowned upon.

    Also, remember that even posting that kind of thing in the Monogamous Relationships forum means you are actually having sex with the woman you’re asking about.

    3. Urgent requests for help on some “immediate” problem will be frowned upon.

    4. When posting a quote from another post on the forum, do not quote the entire post you are responding to! Quoting an entire post with just a few comments of your own at the end is very hard to read and demonstrates sloppiness on your part. If you need to quote a post, quote a short and relevant excerpt from the post, or just use the @ symbol and direct your comments thusly: “@Silvertree – Hey man, I agree with you, but…”

    5. Do not “introduce yourself” to the board. Just start posting with your quality questions and/or experiences and advice. Remember to make posts of value. (Quality questions can be valuable.)

    6. Refrain from putting your own username in the subject of your posts. It’s arrogant and no one is interested.

    7. Before submitting a new post, please check to see if the same topic has discussed already recently. If so, post in the existing thread instead of making a new one.

    8. You can change the usergroup title to anything descriptive you want as long as it does not indicate a rank you have not earned. Your usergroup is designated by your rank badge which you cannot change. In other words, you may not use the words CEO, boss, administrator, manager, moderator, guru, pua, or player in your usergroup title unless you have that rank on this forum.

    9. You are expected to put up an avatar and fill in the personal information in your profile, including your correct age and to set the age display to “Display Age Only” which will include your age in the information box on the left hand side of each post. We put a great deal of work into creating and operating this forum, we expect you to do a little work and complete your profile.

    10. You are expected to post in English, using good spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and adhering to the concept of dividing prose into phrases, sentences, and paragraphs.

    If English is not your native tongue, we understand, and simply ask that you make the best job of it you can.

    Most popular browsers have a spell checker add on and Strunk and White's “The Elements of Style” is available online for free. It is the best little book on writing proper English ever published and is worth the $5 – $10 it costs for the paperback.

    Learning to write proper English will help you everywhere in life, so consider improving your English to post here as part of the general self improvement you need to become a PUA.

    If you post in all caps or all lower case, and/or do not put spaces between sentences or use capital letters at the start of sentences, or use 'i' for the personal pronoun 'I', or use texting slang, or do not divide your post into sentences and paragraphs, there is a good chance we will lock it until you edit it into an acceptable form.


    There four ranks for posters on Faster Seduction. Your rank determines which forums you can post in as well as a few other things.

    Member is the lowest rank that you will be assigned if you join Faster Seduction without transferring over from some other seduction forum where you have a documented history. Members can not post in any of the three Advanced forums but may post freely everywhere else. Members cannot post polls but can vote in polls in non-Advanced forums.

    The next rank is Player. Players are guys who have proven (see below on how) that they are or have been actually out in the field at least trying things. A player can post and start threads in Day Game Advanced and Night Game Advanced. Players cannot start threads in Advanced but can post in existing threads there. Players can vote in polls anywhere, but can only post new polls in non-Advanced forums.

    The third rank is PUA. A PUA is just that, someone who has the game down and regularly fucks new women and is capable of coaching other guys who are aspiring to become PUAs. PUAs can post, start threads, and post new polls anywhere on Faster Seduction.

    The fourth and final rank is Guru. Gurus are top PUAs who have followings, have posted much useful information here and elsewhere, and typically have their own websites where they market their services and publications. Only Gurus are eligible to contribute to the Vault of Knowledge.

    While we expect everyone to behave well on this forum, the lower ranks will be expected to show respect for the PUAs and Gurus who post here. It is fine to ask questions, it is out of order to address them disrespectfully. This place is a school of seduction and they are the teachers. Remember, they are teaching you for free, things that you would have to pay for elsewhere. Act accordingly.

    Promotion to higher ranks is solely at our discretion and will be based on current or past posts you have made that demonstrate you are (or were at one time) actually out in the real world at least putting in the effort to get results with women. This is to avoid KJ posting.

    Posts on other seduction forums outside of Faster Seduction may count as “proof” that you’re not a KJ, including the old mASF. Often it will be a case-by-case basis. PM a moderator for more information on this.

    Posting Rules By Forum

    Note: Not all forums will be opened when we first open the site. We will only open the high traffic forums at first and as traffic increases the other forums will be opened when there is a substantial amount of posting on those specific topics.

    Night Game Forum – Beginners

    Only posts directly related to cold pickup at night in locations such as bars, lounges, clubs, and parties are allowed here. Posts regarding daygame, online game, and going out on dates are prohibited here.

    Night Game Forum – Advanced

    Same posting rules as the Night Game Beginners forum except that absolutely NO KJ or hypothetical posting of ANY KIND will be allowed here and any such posts and threads will be deleted without mercy. If your post is a little more on the KJ or hypothetical side, put it in Night Game Beginners. Only ranked Players and above may post here.

    Daygame – Beginners

    Only posts directly related to cold pickup in (normally) daytime “non-pickup” locations, such as grocery stores, bookstores, the street (street game), etc, are allowed here. Posts regarding any night game, bar game, club game, online game, or going out on dates are prohibited here.

    Daygame – Advanced

    Same posting rules as the Day Game Beginners forum except that absolutely NO KJ or hypothetical posting of ANY KIND will be allowed here and any such posts and threads will be deleted without mercy. If your post is a little more on the KJ or hypothetical side, put it in Day Game Beginners. Only ranked Players and above may post here.

    Online Game

    Only posts directly relating to the ONLINE portion of online pickup are allowed here. This includes communicating with women via dating sites, social networking sites, instant messaging, texting, emails and the telephone. If you’re talking about what to do once you’re actually in front of her face-to-face in real life, put those posts in the General forum, NOT in the Online forum. Online literally means that: the portion of pickup process that occurs online.

    Asking for profile critiques is prohibited. These threads will be deleted. Instead of asking for a profile critique, ask a specific question or (questions) about profile creation.

    Do not post long IM or text conversations asking for critiques. Instead, post a small excerpt and ask for advice regarding that.

    Remember that whining about how much online game sucks / doesn’t work / is for pussies / whatever is considered trolling and a violation of posting rule number 1 and thus subject to consequences. If you don’t like online game, please post in the other game type forums instead.

    Over 30 Forum

    Only men age 30 or over may create threads in the Over 30 forum. Men under 30 are not allowed to post in a thread here unless it is clearly stated in the thread title that the OP desires younger men to participate. Place something like “Younger Men Allowed” in your thread title if this is the case.

    Any pickup, seduction, or relationship topics are allowed in the Over 30 Forum, as long as they’re on topic to those areas.

    General Forum

    Any pickup or seduction topic may be discussed here as long as it doesn’t specifically belong in the other specialized forums (night game, daygame, online game, or relationships). Topics like going out on dates, sexual escalation, social circle game, general pickup techniques, etc are great for the General forum. Topics here must be specifically for pickup and seduction; tangentially related pickup topics should be placed in Off-Topic.

    Advanced Forum

    This is a place for more experienced posters to relay their wisdom and discuss more advanced topics. Only ranked PUAs and Gurus can start threads here. Players cannot start threads here but may post in existing threads. Members can only lurk here.

    Any non-relationship pickup/seduction topic may be discussed here. All advice given here must be HEAVILY FIELD TESTED, which means YOU YOURSELF have done what you’re recommending at least three times on three different women. Ten times is ideal. Any KJ posting or stupid/obvious questions here will be deleted without mercy, regardless of what your posting rank is.

    Sex Forum

    Only topics related to sex are acceptable here. Techniques, psychology, problems, birth control, training, STDs, drugs and diet related to sexual performance, and sex enhancing equipment are all acceptable topics. Discussing sexual difficulties with a particular woman are acceptable.

    Monogamous Relationships

    This is a forum for people in relationships where monogamy is expected and actually practiced both parties. You must actually have had sex with the woman you are posting about, otherwise it’s off-topic for the Monogamous Relationships forum. Posting about FB type relationships is not allowed. We’re talking about LTRs, girlfriends, and wives here. Do not start threads about FBs, ONS, MLTRs, OLTR, swinging, threesomes, or any other type of nonmonogamous relationship.

    The monogamy forum is about being monogamous, not saying you’re monogamous. If you are cheating on your GF / LTR / wife, you can NOT start a thread about that in the Monogamous Relationships forum and must post in the Poly forum regarding your relationship.

    If you are posting in an existing thread to give advice or perspective, you do not necessarily need to currently be in a monogamous relationship yourself, but you must keep your posts on the topic of monogamy and monogamous relationships or marriages.

    Poly Relationships

    This forum is for any non-monogamous sexual relationship regardless of how serious or casual it is, from the casual FB all the way to the wife you’ve been married to for 20 years in an open marriage. This also includes swinging relationships/marriages, threesomes in relationships, and relationships or marriages where you are cheating on your spouse (or she is cheating on you). You must actually have had sex with the woman (or women) you are posting about. Poly relationship types recognized in the forum are:

    FB – Fuck Buddy or Friends with Benefits, a girl(s) you have sex with but are not romantic with.
    MLTR – Multiple Long Term Relationship(s), a girl(s) you are romantic with but you still have sex with other women, either FBs or other MLTRs.
    OLTR – Open Long Term Relationship, a very serious relationship where you are emotionally excusive but can have sex with others as long as they’re only FBs. This includes open marriages and open live-in girlfriends.
    Swinging – A relationship (usually an OLTR or very serious MLTR) where you both have sex with other people, but do it together as a couple.

    Lifestyle Forum

    Topics posted here must be about lifestyle issues conducive to pickup, seduction, and/or relationships. No theoretical posts are permitted. Keep your topics here real-world and on-topic.


    There are tangentially off-topic posts and completely off-topic posts. This forum is for issues tangentially related to pickup, seduction, sex, and/or relationships in some way. If your topic has nothing whatsoever with those areas, DO NOT POST IT, HERE OR ANYWHERE ELSE. It is sometimes temping to post WAY off-topic posts in this forum and that is NOT what it’s for. Wildly off-topic posts will be deleted, as will any political, religious, spamming, or trolling posts here. If you’re ever in doubt, contact a moderator before posting. You have been warned

    Action Reports

    Your thread titles here must adhere to a specific syntax. There is a drop menu with preset thread prefixes denoting the type of report, you must choose the one that fits best. Not choosing a prefix, or choosing a misleading prefix could get your post locked or deleted.

    For example:

    Sex Report (Night Game) Laid a brunette hottie on a day2

    There are four kinds of reports:

    Sex Report [SR] When you actually had full penis in vagina or anus sex with someone you have not had sex with before. That “not had sex with before” part is important. You can NOT post an SR about someone you’ve had sex before, even if it was years ago; put that in one of the two relationship forums instead. Your SR can apply to one person or several laid in the same evening or event.

    Example: Sex Report (Type of Game) I got laid!

    Action Report [AR] When you went out, tried some stuff, and got some results such as kissing, sexual touching, or oral sex but no actual sex.

    Example: Action Report (Type of Game) I almost got laid!

    No Action Report [NR] When you went out, tried some stuff, learned some things, but didn’t really get any results other than learning or practice.

    Example: No Action Report (Type of Game) I tried something that might help me get laid!

    Fuckup Report [FR] Where things went phenomenally bad, you blew an easy lay, got thrown out for sarging aggressively, got beat up, got drunk and threw up on the girl, etc.

    Example: Fuckup Report (Type of Game) I didn't get laid!

    After the TYPE PREFIX but before the SUBJECT in your thread title, you need to put the (TYPE OF GAME) in parenthesis. In terms of action reports, there are five game types:

    Day Game – Any seduction that started by meeting a woman cold during the day in a “non-pickup” venue like a bookstore or grocery store. Daytime street game is also included under Day Game.

    Example: Sex Report (Day Game) I got laid!

    Night Game – Any seduction that started by meeting a woman cold at a club, bar, lounge, or similar location. Seductions at parties is also included under Night Game

    Example: Sex Report (Night Game) I got laid!

    Social Circle Game – Any seduction of a woman you already knew or met through another person in your social or work life. Meeting women via your high school, college, or other education venue (like dance classes) would fall under Social Circle Game.

    Example: Sex Report (Social Circle Game) I got laid!

    Online Game - Any seduction that started by meeting a woman cold via an online dating site, sex site, or social networking site like Facebook. Marking your action report with “(Online Game)” is only if you did NOT know the woman in advance. Finding an old female friend on Facebook and then fucking her would be considered a Social Circle Game Sex Report, not an Online Game one.

    Example: Sex Report (Online Game) I got laid!

    Other – If your seduction does not fall into ANY of the above four categories, you may place “(Other)” at the end of your thread title. However, you’d better make sure you just aren’t being lazy. If you put “(Other)”, moderators will be checking your action report carefully and there may be consequences if you name your game type “Other” when another type of game would be applicable.

    Example: Sex Report (Other) I got laid!

    Your action reports should be as detailed as possible. They should lay out the process from the very beginning to the very end. Talking about your goals, discoveries and new things you learned are all fantastic. Action reports that are simply one quick paragraph will likely be deleted.

    Regarding Online Game seductions, only post transcripts of email / text / IM conversations if they actually lead to some real-life results. Transcripts that result in nothing are of very little value to anyone. Please edit the conversation down to the essential part you believe either secured or lost the seduction. No one wants to read a hundred text exchange searching for the salient point.

    Vault of Knowledge

    The VoK is a forum set aside specifically so readers can locate high-quality how-to information very quickly. It comprises only posts written by top-level posters. Advanced guys may post comments or questions in the threads in the VoK, but you must keep your comments very specific to the original post.

    Only posters at the Guru rank may create new threads in the VoK and even then the content will be posted only after a moderator examines it. This forum is set to require a moderator to approve the post before it appears. Do not post it 73 times when it does not immediately appear.

    If you are interested in creating a new post in the VoK, contact Blackdragon who is the only moderator of the VoK. However be warned that you’d better have some serious, demonstrated, successful history as a PUA to even be considered.

    Fantasy PUA League

    The Fantasy PUA League forum is for playing that game. No other posts are in order there and off topic posts will be deleted. Fantasy PUA League posts in other forums are equally out of order. Posting how much you hate the Fantasy PUA League, or otherwise disparaging the game or its players on their forum is trolling and will be dealt with as such.

    Notice: The views expressed in our members' postings do not necessarily reflect the official opinions of, nor do the owners or moderators necessarily agree with, endorse, condone, or approve of anything stated in any post by any member.
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    Also, if you are a complete newb and this is your first encounter with the Pick Up Arts, take a few minutes to browse the Hall of Fame. That's where you will find some of the easiest to understand and practical advice, theories and illustrations anywhere on the site. Thanks and welcome aboard!



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      Hear hear,

      To the player that helped me pup up to dog player. +++Johny