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    Originally posted by hey_lover View Post
    I've trialled the 'fast way' method for the best part of a year, and even though there were times where I lost hope in it, it has eventually managed to pay off for me. I have altered it a little to suit my own needs, but here is what I have realised.

    The strength of the initial interaction is critical. No amount of text game is going to make up for that.

    Texting often, on average 4 times a day is enough to keep her hooked, without becoming too available. If done right, you will be texting her once every 4 hours and she will be responding almost immediately.

    I will go roughly 4 days of daily texting before hinting or asking for a meet. I won't mention any desire to meet up until after we've built up a lengthy texting relationship. Usually, at this stage, she's probably wondering if I am ever going to ask her out. Yes, the alteration I made was to actually ask her out after prolonged texting, as opposed to waiting for her to hint it. My experience is that they take too long to hint, if they ever do and when they do, it's usually on days that I am unavailable. I want to be in control of my schedule, as opposed to waiting around for her to suggest it. It's also worth noting that one of women's major criticisms about men is that they text too much and never pull the trigger.

    If the meet is scheduled within 2 days, I will only text her again on the day of the meet. If the meet is schedule within 3+ days, I will go no contact for 2 days maximum and re-engage her leading up to the day of the meet.

    My flake rate has completely dropped since I started texting more frequently.

    Lastly and most importantly, the absolute KEY to making this method work is to have a truck load of banter and flirty material at your disposal. Without that, you will fail. It is precisely that which will make this method work. Ijjjji forgot to mention this part, because he has already internalised the required material many moons ago. I recall going on one of his forums where he had pages upon pages of flirty material, and I have done the exact same thing by internalising hundreds of flirty lines. This method only started to work for me, once I was able to flirt consistently through text messaging.
    Great fucking recipe! 10 stars


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      If ur in Japan id recommend the complete opposite of this. Im usually pretty inflexible in my schedule and was doing
      modified ijji and it was still pretty unsuccessful. I started schedule dates and women show up at my station and exit at a predetermined time sometimes planned weeks in advance. Walk them straight to my place for a fucking. Different culture maybe.


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        Originally posted by Travel&Museums View Post
        Different culture maybe.
        Interesting! Is it;
        A) Japanese people never flake. (There is a lot of 'honor stuff' in that culture, right?)
        B) These girls are strongly hooked on the date idea. (My personal guess.)

        Do you ever struggle with flakes in the West?

        Note: I wrote very clearly in OP that there are guys who dont suffer from flakes. And that those guys tend to give advice accordingly, which is BAD advice to the average person. Lo and behold, this thread is rife with more of the same :-)


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          I've had a few flakes but the girl still texted the day before to cancel. It was usually a supposed health problem. One or two said I was dating other girls bc I Fucked up and asked when we were meeting even though we had a date scheduled. It's easy to forget. They act shocked. If the girl studied or lived in the west she may even give attitude. Fuck those chicks. Less English the better. One thing that really helps is making sure you schedule the date before 8-9pm so they aren't worried about missing last train. I've missed out on sex a few times bc I wanted to go to a night festival in another prefecture and it coincided with our date/her only free time. So I brought them along which tends to be annoying as it sets a date frame and there's no sex location. Rather than exercise and be fit most Jgirls like to wear heels and inappropriate clothing for an activity. High heels for hiking is common.


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            Originally posted by Impulse View Post

            Where are all the links please for the flirty text material? Or do I need to do a search? It should be linked in here somewhere

            Something I agree with Impulse on! lol.

            Seriously, I have no flirting repertoire to glean from...


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              Guys guys guys..
              -hey_lover is talking bullshit! You absolutely DONT need a 'repertoire' of fucking jokes!! Stop trying to make an EASY method into rocket science!
              -just look at my freaking examples in the thread goddamit!! LOOK! No clever jokes! None at all!
              -Argh - just to shut you guys up once and for all:
              -A later (shorter) version is on my blog (link called strategy collection).


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                Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
                Part 2 - How to Make Unplanned Meet-ups Happen.

                Effortless way:
                -Avoid communicating entirely, until next friday/saturday night.
                -Then text something like "Hi Im at bar X! You?"

                - -
                (Digression: The fallacy of reverse engineering is evident for this subject. 'Good' (popular) guys report that they never have problems when planning a meeting. (Since the girl had NO DOUBT to begin with.) Consequently, they tend to SPAM the forums with the BAD ADVICE of scheduling meets, leading to an endless stream of frustrated posts from newbies who always get last minute cancel from girls. On average there are 2 new topics like this every week. Every time the same useless advice given. Possibly making this the most deeply rooted misunderstanding in all of seduction.)

                (Scheduling meetups can actually be useful for weeding out lukewarm girls, in a situation where you have many girls lined up.. e.g. you could schedule 10 girls from online on the same day, and hope that 1 or 2 dont flake.. Be warned though: the reduction of interest still plays a role, so the girl could be lukewarm when you meet her, leaving you with more 'uphill struggle', compared to a spontaneous meeting..)
                Hey ijjjji, how would you text girls who you just got their number from online? I think I need some kind of transition from "online" to "real life" but how does that work? I think it has something to do with what you call containment but how do you pull that off in texting?

                For example, I tried this with a recent convo:


                To which I replied:

                Me: Sounds good

                Her: Have fun!


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                  Thanks iijjjiii Now I know what to do about this girl I wanted to take out who is super busy.


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                    Hello Folks,

                    I started naturaly to use a similar version of Ijjji, If i want to meet a girl i would tell her that for exemple tomorrow i have some shit to do in your area (like where she study/work) , why don't we get a launch. Before going further , i want to clarify that i game mostly girlsaround my age, early to mid twenties and do Pureevil/Chase Amante Compression dates for logostical reasons. So our first date is generaly an Informational Date or 1 to 2 hours.

                    I started this approach when i realised that the stanard Scheduling thing wasn't working, cold feet as Ijjji says or it seems that for these young girls i seemed too "Organized" wich coudl also make them auto reject ( i live in society where plannings and scheduling are not a norm). My date rate is higher now and flake rate too, the fact that it make it seems less like a formal date helps a lot too, reduce ASD, stress of date fir the girl, less neediness for me ( she is jsut part of my schedule).

                    However, i would want to see a variation of Ijjji technique to when we can't meet the girl right away.

                    See ya!