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    Im _always_ reminded of this thread when I see someone perform on a stage. I have heard several people refer to it as..

    gravity (gravitas?)

    which possibly could be a better word than 'containment', for several reasons, if I understand the stage-context of this term correctly. (As in the direct opposite of 'fluttering'..?)

    Anyone here with stage experience, who care to elaborate a bit on how 'gravity' is added to a performance?


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      Ah man, this was a real cool thread to read and it helped a little with some thought I've been having recently.

      I've been holding a thread idea in my mind to write about called Vibe Windows, Fractionation, and Holding the Gap (Restraint--> Contrast --> Vacuum) that is connected with this post.

      There are a couple cool things from that idea, you might like.

      1. It is a mistake to employ actions outside of their intended vibe. In fact, that is the very definition of "forcing" in my eyes and off the top of my head I can think of three common ways forcing takes place. Disconnection, expectation or desperation, which brings about the initiation of actions before the vibe is in place, after it has peaked, or after it has changed. What this intimates is that there is a kind of expanding and contracting dynamic vibe window that it pays to slow down and be hooked into. And it pays to keep an even keel so one will not be self-blinded by the three (or more) ways of forcing.

      2. With the understanding of vibe windows, comes the understanding and application of fractionation, because fractionation is about the cycling or patterning of different/contrasting vibe windows aaaannnnd the understanding of why linear escalations are stupid. However, there is a lot of nuance to both the macro of vibe fractionation and the micro of action fractionation within a single vibe window or closely related vibe windows. The point being that there are different degrees of fractionation which changes the degree of affect, so much more than rudimentary push/pull. In between such a polarity is a whole bounty of different shades to play with, stack, and cycle (Like in Cosy's example about dancing, fractionating with style to create that distance/gap, but not so much for it fuck with I guess sex trance's overall primacy in the vibe window stack/pattern).

      3. What one and two create is a diverse eco-system of emotional enjoyment which get's it's uumph from holding the gaps created by these contrasting actions and windows.

      Meh, it's rough and still needs some time to bake in the oven of my mind, but it's pretty cool.

      Oh and about eye contact... I can't recall if I mentioned this before, but I've differentiated my eye contact with a kind of 5 point scale, based on the feel of the WEIGHT of my gaze. There is more available than just the black and white of direct contact vs peripheral, but a range in between. I use this range for a lot of things, like approaching, sneaking up on wild animals (making cats act all afc), but also managing awareness recognition of the people around me. For instance, I can do what Gun I guess calls paimai or hover with just my eyes, by brushing the sides of their periphery with the weight of my gaze, which spurs them to look at me directly, which allows me to then be pulled by them into looking at them directly, which creates that opening, blahblahblah.

      Anyways... I'll write more in depth about all this when the time is right.


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        Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
        [Predators gauge distance to prey by staring intensively. This behavior is so strongly ingrained that throughout animal kingdom, that there is extra sensory processing dedicated to JUST detect being stared at (danger). If you observe cats carefully, you can often see them looking in all kinds of weird directions other than the direction of the tree where the little birds just landed.. so sneaky!]
        Wow, this surely explains one the mysteries I've always experienced in life. When I'm doing something like walking down the street, and inexplicably look in a very random and unnatural direction such as to the left behind me, and there is someone staring at me. It's happened way too many times. My body no doubt must have picked up that I was being stared at, even though it was out of my field of vision. Fucking hell.


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          Containment & Vibing

          -Some actors have a 'thing'.
          -Ill call it Blank Face Expressiveness, for lack of better word.
          -The Mel Gibson 'blank face of vengeful anger' is one example.
          -By some held as the height of 'great acting'..

          Why mention?
          -Because vibes are becoming increasingly part of how we exchange/describe PU advice.
          -Like all things (and possibly even more so) vibes benefit from containment.
          -Could one go as far as to say vibes ARE containment, hence their power?


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            Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
            -Could one go as far as to say vibes ARE containment, hence their power?
            Interesting question. Perhaps it's a little like the end goal of Tai Chi to expend as little energy as possible to the greatest effect. You can push someone away using all the strength of your muscles (expending a lot of energy) OR you can learn to do the same without even touching him. The former attempts to control something on the outside while the latter attempts to control yourself and thus allow the outside world to appropiately align with your actions. In a way the end result can be similar to the control-attempt, but the path to your goals is very different, plus it allows you to sometimes create the seemingly impossible.

            Another aspect could be something I've noticed a lot lately: as soon as I catch myself wanting something to happen, I often get lost in my mind and try to construct strategies for getting what I want, which creates obstacles in my mind that aren't even there. As long as I stay in the allowance-state, things do happen when everything is ready to happen. Like yesterday I was out and feeling kind of lacking of some human touch and found myself wanting to ask an old friend if I could sleep at her place (I wasn't horny really, I just wanted the company of a warm female body somehow), which of course didn't work out too well for above reasons. But as soon as I realized that I was beginning to enter the "I want this now"-state and contained myself once more, I saw another woman I had wished to talk with for a long time so I allowed myself to walk over to her and did, which turned out to be a great experience we'll probably continue in the near future. After waking up today morning (by myself) I realized that it's been about 6 months since I last went out and came home by myself and it was after all quite nice to experience that once again. I probably could have pushed myself to "make things happen" and slept at that friend's place, but I've come to trust over the years that if I find myself in a state of allowance for whatever is meant to happen to happen, I might not get what I think I want but I get what I need which is much more important.

            Lastly, and connected to what I wrote above, if you try to push a situation to turn out the way you want it to, it's a form of control, and while some women do crave this type of relating to them, others are kind of untrusting about it. So if you do radiate what you want but contain yourself from forcing it to happen, it allows a woman to either a) allow it to happen as well in which case things will develop naturally or b) not allow it to happen for whatever reason, a reason that would probably complicate things anyway later on, leading to last-minute resistance or buyer's remorse or something.


            P.S.: Another thing I've noticed is that the concept of "vibes" might be very difficult to understand for certain people is because to just "feel the mood" depends on an ability relatively few people seem to have developed to the extent that they can use it, I call it "emotional sense" and I'd think it is a separate sense from your usual ones like your eyes or your ears. A few years back I used to think I was reading people's body language sub-consciously or something but I've found I was able to sense people's emotions even when I was talking to them on the phone or (which completely blew my mind before I discovered about the existence of another sense) at times even without having any obvious form of contact while they were a few hundred kilometres away. This special sense allows me to just know which women are attracted to me which allows me to be quite calm about most situations: I know for certain what is likely to develop and what isn't. Which could also add to the "power of vibes" since it allows you a sense of inner peace.
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