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    Mods: I originally posted this over on mpuaforum however they don't claim ownership of what others post. I asked one of the mods over there to make sure. Sense that is the case its my understanding that this does not violate the cross posting rule. Let me know if I'm mistaken.

    ESP Model of Escalation

    The ESP Model of Escalation is the structure of my escalation method that I use on woman and is the biggest factor in why I am able to consistantly pull fast lays with hot women. The ESP Model is broken down like this:

    Eye Contact


    Physical Touch

    In a nutshell, the ESP Model is used to create one major thing, sexual tension. Sexual Tension is often times what makes the woman want to sleep with you. The more sexual tension you build, and the faster you build it, the more a woman will want to sleep with you in order to release the tension.

    Eye Contact

    This one is pretty self explanatory but I’ll go over it anyways. Proper Eye Contact (EC) can be VERY powerful and can litlery make any woman wet and excited. EC is so very powerful but also very underrated in the pickup community. This is because sexual EC is so simple and powerful that most people cant accept the power that EC has on women. They simply cant believe that it can be so easy to turn a woman on.

    I use what I like to call “Laser Eyes.” Laser eyes is powerful but simple to do. While talking to a woman look into her eyes, gaze deeply, and imagine having sex with her at the same time. Imagine her doing sexy things to you and let your imagination run wild. Your eyes will communicate what your feeling, she will sense it and feel it to and become captivated by it all.

    Most guys cant handle the major amount of sexual tension that EC of this nature creates and often times don’t hold it as long as they should. At first this will probably be uncomfortable for you but keep at it and eventually you will not only be comfortable with it but you will be having fun with it as well. Soon you will be comfortable with the tension and be a master at turning women on with your eyes alone.

    The “S” in the ESP Model stands for “Sexualization” and encompasses all the things that give your interactions a sexual vibe which in turn creates sexual tension. This part of the ESP Model includes a lot of things, not all of which has to be done. Calibrate it to each specific interaction as using all of the following techniques may be overkill.

    Silence and Pauses

    When talking to a woman, using silense and introducing pauses can be very powerful. This includes talking slower and more sensual. Silence is a great tool to use to create more sexual tension in certian moments. For example…

    You’re talking to a beautiful blond and you tell her there is a great late night food place that you should both bounce too. She responds, “Ummm, I don’t know…”

    Instead of saying something, just look at her with a completely dead pan face and put the pressure on her to say something instead of bailing her out. Just look at her and hold it and most of the time she will respond favorably.

    “well… ok, lets go!”


    Introducing pauses to your speech is an excellent tool which will help you slow down and speak more sensually. Using pauses at key points creates anticipation and in turn creates sexual tension. I do this a lot when I’m saying something very sexual or seductive


    This is bascially a fancy way of telling you to be close to the woman your seducing. 99% of all men stand way to far away when talking to a woman! You should be extremly close, almost nose to nose and sometimes even closer. And yes, you should be this close within minutes of talking to her. I know this can sound drastic but its true and the best way to do it. Being close, and being comfortable with being close not only shows that your extremly confident but it also creates a ton of sexual tension.

    A good way to get close is to bring her into your space insted of invading hers. Take her hand while talking and just gently tug her into your space. Once you get good at this you can do it effortlessly and without bringing any attention to it. Talk about smooth!

    Sexual Innuendo
    Sexual Innuendo (SI) bascially means saying one thing that can mean another thing sexually. This is best described using an example…

    A woman that I pulled back to my place picked up a few golf balls I just happened to have laying on top of my dressor. I looked over at her, and with “laser eyes” said:

    “I see you like playing with my balls.”

    Be careful not to use this too often or it can get really lame and will be counter productive.


    This little technique is one of my all time favorites. All you have to do is misinterpert stuff she says and make it sexual sounding. Again, much like SI, using this to much makes it lame and counter productive.

    An example…

    Girl: I seen you over there talking to those woman.

    Me: Oh? So you have been staring at me the whole night.

    This is really good stuff when used properly.

    Sexual Overload

    Sexual Overload (SO) is so amazingly powerful that I use it pretty much all the time. This one technique can and will make whatever woman your seducing so horny that pulling her back to a sex location becomes a piece of cake.

    SO has three parts to it:
    1. Make a statement of intent (SOI)
    2. Being physical with her after SOI
    3. Blaming her for you being turned on

    An example…

    Me: Girl, your turning me on so much with that mini-skirt (SOI) *then run your hand down her side smoothly* Its totally YOUR fault I cant keep my hands off of you today!”

    After that you let go and go back to doing whatever you was doing before. Pretend like what you just done never even happened. Then, a few minutes later, do it again. In effect what you doing is causing a bunch of tension and then letting the tension go and then repeating the process. This is POWERFUL.

    Sexual Frames

    Sexual Framing (SF), in essance, is making it to where the woman can behave sexually because she knows you wont judge her for it and that its approiate and even good behavior for her to be sexual. SF will pretty much take away any “anti-slut defense” and because of that, this technique is a must use.

    The best whay I have found to use sexual frames is to use something I call “Behavior Shaping.”

    Bascially, this is making a mini cold read about her. If she has any interest in you at all, even just a little bit, she will want to live up to the cold read so not to dissapoint you.

    An example:

    “I can tell that your a woman who knows how to have fun and goes after what she wants.”

    “I can already tell that your a fun chick whos open to new experiances and wild adventures.”

    “You seem pretty sexually agressive which is cool because I respect women who goes after what they want.”

    The effect of these is pretty obvious. It frames the whole interaction so that its normal and approiate for her to be sexual and to be open to you about sexual stuff.

    Sexual State

    This one is pretty important so I saved it for last so that you will hopefully remember it better. Lets first talk about the golden rule of natural game:

    “She feels what you feel.”

    Your mood and sate are both contagious
    and can often transfer over to her. In a nutshell, if your feeling sexual and horny, she will too. A good way to make sure you in a sexual state is to imagine her doing sexual things to you.

    Physcial Touch

    This is my FAVORITE part of my ESP Model because I love to be physical and touch women.

    Many guys often wonder how soon they should get physical and start being sexual. The answer often times surprises them. The correct answer is…

    Right Away

    You should be getting physical right from the start. It is important, however, that you get physical the right way.

    Sexualized Physical Game (SPG)

    Most guys go about touching women in the wrong way. They give her a little shoulder touch when she says something funny, or gives her a little high five to reward her for something cool she does. Lame touches like these arn’t going to turn the woman on. She isn’ going to want to drop her pants and spred her legs because you gave her a tap on the shoulder or a small pat on the back. If anything she would just think your weird and honestly, she would be right.

    The right way to touch a woman is to touch her like a man. Everything you do in an interaction with a woman should be “from a man to a woman” kind of way. Not as her friend, not as her buddy, but as a MAN.

    You accomplish this by doing what I call “Sexualized Physical Game” or SPG for short.

    SPG is all about being close (proxomity) and holding her, stroking her hair, whispering into her ear, leading her by the hand, hand holding, hand carressing, picking her up and spinning her around, dancing, ect…

    I like to treat a woman as if I’ve known her for years, even if I just met her. For instance, would I be afraid to pick a woman up and spin her around if I have known her for years? Of course not. I would do it without a second thought. I do it with women who I have known only a short amount of time. Because I’m confortable with it, she will be too. Remember that golden rule of natural game? That applys here too!


    In essence, that is the basics of my ESP Model of Escalation. It works wonders for me and I know that if you go out, practice and impliment it, then it will work wonders for you as well.

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    I'm not sure why but the formatting of my post came out all weird. I'll fix it later when I have the time.


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      this belongs to Hall of Fame

      great post. Thanks!


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        Yup hall of fame. Great compilation of the essentials.


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          Pfff. This post is ridiculously good. I think we could almost shut down this board and just leave a sticky with this post instead.
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            eye contact

            See the first couple of mins of video (warning! - explicit porno) for eye contact leading to sex. Granted it's acting, but it does show how hold the gaze to build sexual tension.


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              This is dynamite! It's my birthday today and I have booked a booth in an exclusive club for me and my friends. I will need to memorize as much as I can of this and put it into practice tonight. Respect!


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                I believe this works... for you a lot of guys out there. But I cant understand why that doesnt work for me (well, I dont apply one or two points of the sexualization part, but all the rest I do/try).

                What I get, if I do this is:
                - girl telling me I am going too fast
                - girl telling me I am creepy
                which normally led to girl walking away.

                So, I will ask you a couple of questions to see if I can pick a better picture.

                Who are you?
                Girls check you out: often, once in a while, rarely, never?
                How would you define your appearance (from clothes and acessories)?
                Which kind of girls you hit?
                Party girls? Uni students? Shy? Talktative? Isolated in a group? With a friend with strong connection? High energy? Tired? Submissive? Independent?
                In which scenario do you hit these girls?
                Trend clubs? Bars? For 1/2h? For 3h?


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                  Its really good. Fucking awesome!!

                  Another one that also works for me is to look at her lips while talking. When you´re talking to her you need to have the eyes fixed on their eyes and to look sometimes at the lips. That´s it, no big deal. However, it helped me a lot.


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                    Originally posted by newomanizer View Post
                    What I get, if I do this is:
                    - girl telling me I am going too fast
                    It means she likes you. Take a step back, then two steps forward.
                    - girl telling me I am creepy
                    It means she doesn't like you. Forget her and move your attention towards any other of the 3.49 billion women on the planet.
                    "I'm the kind of guy you don't want to bring home to mom. Cuz I'd fuck your mom."

                    "I don't have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination"


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                      I really like this. EC for me is the most important thing I do. I've got so good at it I don't even realise I'm doing it, completely natural and I don't care how hot they are. I think it probably helps I've got nice eyes anyway. Im also pretty good with spotting girls checking me out either directly or that weird corner of the eye shit they do. It's almost 2nd nature.

                      I naturally pause my speech, not sure why but my thoughts go off when I speak and the pause gets it back in-line in my head, a lot of the stuff ends up with some kind of sub-com, dreamlike almost, especially when I get a vibe going.

                      That proximity thing too, I've noticed girls always stand almost on my toes they're so close, when they walk past they almost brush me, that's a rreally good thing and most people don't even see it.

                      I think I fail badly on the physical side, it's damn hard for me, always has been, even as a baby I was never physical (fairly anti-touch TBH) but its one of the things Im currently working on, most girls kino me way before I do it.

                      Nice post anyway, but shouldn't just be in bar/club


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                        Hey guys, I'm going to be redoing this guide and adding some new stuff to it. Anything in the original you want me to elaborate on?


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                          Could you focus more on physical touch, the way you touch women without creeping them out, without much hesitating? It would be even better if you can provide clips from movies or videos that you know, since words hardly translate perfectly physical motions and factors related to it.

                          I am not used to touching people immediately, let alone sexually touching girls. It's not part of my culture and in daily context touching can be a bit weird. That being said, the Italians are among those who are very touchy-feely, and that can be great.



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                            I told you this in the chat, may as well add it here so you don't forget: fastest and easiest way to get kclose
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                              I'd rather not have us start cross posting. Even if it is a forum that is OK with it it makes it harder to justify saying no to others. The only exception to no cross posting is your own material that was originally posted on your own web site, and then we want you to OK it with us first.

                              Would you please modify this so it is a link and a attribution to the original forum.
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