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Some clarification on pre approach-hover-ras-paimai etc.

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    Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
    Cozy thats some interesting considerations!!

    Do you ever make yourself like really soft or 'mellow' near girls? (I have no good word for it actually.)
    My mellowness is more like shaving with a straight razor.

    When near more attractive women, I tense up ever so slightly, but also let it relax back out a bit.
    I actually don't do it as obvious as that makes it sound, I am way way way more ninja, and almost entirely cut off from the girl (leaves just a trace, like a drop of blood in the water, rather than chumming the ocean). That sets a more realistic kind of "doubt" in her mind that stops her from doing anything too early.

    Often girls are on the verge of dismissing what they feel about me, which is what I want because when girls are certain, they are all "hey there is that guy from before!" (They nudge their friends) that isn't what I want, I want her to subtlely adjust silently between her friends (that ludicrous nature is a protection mechanism).

    Women are far more enticed when they don't have a garuntee (which really bluntens their emotional response range). And I prefer to be silent up until the moment I do something.
    Its far crisper of a seduction that way, and helps bring out the "starch" of my masculine form (which sends girls into druel mode).

    Think of it like, your normal mingle is a blueberry (they can take it or leave it depending on mood), but when you add control and "starch" its like a pie, and it makes them salivate and squeeze their toes a little, and because of that, they will wait all night for you if they have to.

    They wait for me to end their suffering.
    But I'm never that merciful
    I'm ruthless with a bit of love leaking through from how emmaculately I do what I do :P
    So yes, I'm a bit mellow, but its got this straight razor feel. It heightens the tactile nature of her senses, and allows her to be alert when we talk.
    I am extremely conservative when I am serious about a girl almost to the point they don't know if I know anything at all.

    That way when she goes out to the balcony and I slowly wrap my arms around her she just gently smiles and goes with the moment, gently letting out her sigh, because she already knew, and I'm letting her slip into that fantasy world, and away from her doubt.
    And I very softly watch over her.

    I try to seduce as subtle and as distilled as possible, because its much easier for me to savor everything.

    If I just go wild I forget the feeling as soon as the girl is gone. And that sucks.
    I only want girls that I like to remember and seductions that help it stay with me.

    Thats why I'm more straight razor.


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      Nice! I think we play on similar strings! I too am very particular about how I unfold my attention towards girls that 'matter'. Its a bit like playing a 'solid' game of chess.. (making those 'small' seemingly insignificant moves that solidify your position, without giving opponent any wiggle-room..)


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        Witcher wrote:
        How the hell you catche them using their periphical vision? I have a little idea but want to know your answer too!
        Practice using your peripheral vision. It is something you can cultivate. Awareness requires using both sides of your brain while out in public. Your left brain does all the talking and lives in the past and plans for and worries about the future and is planning your cold approach of that hot babe dead ahead. Your right lives in the now and communicates with you via feelings. The left focuses on tasks, while the right is aware of the environment and spots stuff like big spiders and snakes, predators, and hot women. The right sees using the peripheral vision, the left, the focal point of high resolution vision called the macula. If the right sees something of immediate interest, it directs your eyes to point the macula at it.

        This is where you have to train yourself. To not immediately direct your eyes to a hot babe checking you out when the right brain detects it, or worse to swivel your head, but to pay attention to her in your peripheral vision. The right brain does not send worded messages like "Hot babe checking you out/tiger/ripe berries bearing 40° left", it sends the, look at that signal, to the part of your brain that does reflexive eye and head movement to save time in case it is a tiger. With practice, you can observe a lot more of what is going on around you without looking at it. Your brain is already taking the information in, you just need to become more aware of it and control your reactions.

        Try walking around and seeing more than what you are looking at. See how much information you can obtain without moving your eyes to people and things. Look ahead as you walk andnotice stuff flow out of the macula and past you in the peripheral. Learn to control your gaze, what you look directly at. Learn to move your eyes, not your head to observe things. It makes you look less fidgety and reactive and people more than about 5 meters away cannot really tell if you are looking directly at them because unless they are staring at your eyes, because otherwise your eyes are in their low resolution visual zone and they do not know what you are looking at.

        Meditation helps all of this because it increases your awareness of your right brain and puts you in better touch with the now.

        Just start working on it. It takes time and today is a good day to start.
        The older the violin, the sweeter the music. Augustus McCrae


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          Thx you but thuis not what i was asking about.
          I know how to use my periphical vision, i learned that in martial arts, i can even see many things witout moving my eyes, just the maximum range!!

          What i ask is how to you know that girls are using their periphical vision, because when they use it it clear that they don't move their head!! They do the same thing as me!!


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            What i ask is how to you know that girls are using their periphical vision,
            Likely hard to do. You can become aware of them making over exertions. Maybe you can get feelings, which is your subconscious reading the situation, but it cannot speak, just feel. That happens more the more you are present in the now.

            A classic from the Hall of Fame by Illuminatus...

            The older the violin, the sweeter the music. Augustus McCrae


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              Yes , that's the most obivious thing to go fort, and i think that with some practice i will be more aware of them!

              Anyways Happy new year!


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                Can I get an AYE for permanent discontinuation of retarded jargon circa 2005 like paimai and reticulate activation whatever


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                  Originally posted by Gunwitch
                  It is so annoying when people don't get this very valuable principle and just say "hovering is creepy" ugh.
                  How can anyone not get, or not do the "hovering" thing. I remember when I was in mASF and finally new that there was a I started skimming through it, when I read the hovering, this was the thing that made me go "Holy fuck ! This guy knows his shit". I had mother-fucking goose-bumps because it speaks to me. I do day-game. My days involved walking a lot in the city, taking buses, etc. I'd notice a girl getting in a bus and sit, I'd get in and stand there: Not close so that she thinks I'm seeking her company, but not far so that she can't see me. Bus starts rolling. She starts looking at me. I start looking at her. A place empties, I sit besides her.. Or not (if I know she's a student and guess at 99% that her stop is mine, I get out the bus with her, and then talk with her).

                  But it turns out that a lot of times, they really noticed me before I notice them.

                  I don't do the phone stuff, though, unless I'm really using the phone and having a conversation or writing a text. But I can be talking with someone and a girl passes by like inches away from me (or her juicy ass in a tight dress inches from my face) , and I wouldn't bat an eyelash continuing what I was saying or listening to the other person. I mean, there's no urge. I'm aware of stuff happening, but chose to ignore most of it (or some specific things that ignoring serves a purpose).
                  "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.


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                    Here is a classical post that flew under the radar of those who move things to HoF.

                    Id like to remind guys about the cat hunting birds in a tree. (Looking in all directions EXCEPT towards the birds, while casually strolling nearer but not directly towards....)

                    (There is a thread called 'sitting group PU' that describes how I use this during PU. There is a term 'bubble' that we like to use when someone has an obvious focus. (Well defined awareness direction.) Even called 'golden bubble' sometimes.)


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                      Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
                      Here is a classical post ...
                      That was head and shoulders above the drivel that I get to read here these days. Thanks a lot.


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                        I just reached intermediate pua. I started practicing bubble in clubs which is great for fingering and fucking in the club.

                        I've done some 360 preapproach through club dancing to get ioi and invitations. Great for warm opens.

                        Soon I will start practicing preapproach for mass transit or venue cold approaches. This thread is about the equivalent of he bubble thread for helping intermediates. So thanks.

                        Also like to mention that when I started pickup 3-4 months ago I was much more a pleasure of sex man. I couldn't even fathom thrill of the hunt as rewarding. Seemed like watching sports instead of playing them.

                        Threads like this and practicing their implementation and refinement in the field help me enjoy toh much more. It's more of a game to be played now. Maybe one day in a few years I'll be on autopilot and be completely self amused.

                        There is no cold approach forum section. It's been time consuming to search. Seems most pua who get to this stage develop and specialize. So not much generalization threads other than bubble, preapproach, and tidbits offered randomly here and there.

                        I guess cold approach is a bit of s misnomer. Pu is a lifehack. So we should always be doing subtle things or overt things to hack the girl. Kind of like the red baron only engaging planes he had an advantage on.

                        I'd appreciate any more links to intermediate stuff that can help me work through cold approach and daygame thanks.


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                          I agree completely with Impulse.
                          -It should be a minor tempo/rhythm adjustment in the act of talking to girls.
                          -Not a deviation. Not a break in focus. Not a break in fluidity.
                          -A bit like a 'silent note' in a musical sheet.. You dont see the violinist checking his phone during that note. He is still 'living the music'. The silence is 100% part of the music.


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                            You can also use this to show off things girls may otherwise miss. I for example like to show off my best physical feature which is my ass.

                            It is easy to forget that girls also like to perv!


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                              The problem i still have is that when i am thinking to do the hover, aka dont't look at her, go next to her and when she notices me open, i sometimes get EC from girls but i look at them first and then they look at me. Sometimes the first time i see the girl she turns and looks at me in the eyes imidiatly. Gun is that also succeful applycation of the hover? Sometimes you just look in front of you in the club and there is a girl and as you notice her, before you are able to play it that you didn't noticed her first, she immidiatly turns and stares you in the eyes. So the official hover isn't possible. Also sometimes i can't notice very good with my peripheral vision if she looks at me and have to turn a bit and then see looks at me smiling. But i am the one who looked at her first in this case. Generaly i tend to get the EC exactly when i look at them, they notice my EC and turn and give me EC back. I wonder if it's the right way to do the techique..
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