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  • "String along fawning girls" lifestyle

    This stems from a post buried in this thread (, which recently came up in another thread. I think this bit is worth a thread of its own.

    Most everyone knows at least one guy who is always surrounded by hot women, seemingly effortlessly, who doesn't make strong moves, doesn't sweat anything, doesn't seem to try at all, and constantly has pussy fall in his lap. IA's Drummer Friend being an example that was repeatedly brought up on this forum.

    I was able to live the "string-along fawning girls" lifestyle for a little over two years, and I've witnessed several other guys living it. It requires many traits, from logistics to attitude (I had to give this lifestyle up due to the logistics of my shifting work, which I prioritize over lifestyle, the lifestyle needs to support the mission). Here they are:

    "String-Along Fawning Girls" traits:

    1. Good looks/good style
    2. Cool job/mission by society standards (ie girls can tell other girls "this guy I like does XYZ, and the other girls are "ooo wow that's cool.")
    3. Secret society attitudes on sex and relationships
    4. A strong "presence" (JWS explains:
    5. A rock-solid unshakable frame through which you see the world, that you have the ability to easily draw people into
    6. Positive outlook on life (you're inspiring, people feel better/cooler being around you)
    7. Detachment from outcome (you don't actually care if you get laid tonight, because you get so laid. Or, outside seduction for example, you don't actually care if your band gets the gig this friday, because your band gets so many gigs.)
    8. Oblivious to negative outcome (you think you're shooting 100% when you only shoot 50%, because they don't even register the losing 50%.)
    9. Actual abundance (not abundance mentality), you actually have a large social circle of (ideally) good looking/high value people that you spend the bulk of your time with
    10. Logistical control (your spot is the get-together spot, or you're hanging out at "your" bar or "your" club, etc. Essentially you hang out at places you're known and you've already established your social dominance. You're generally the one who decides where the group is hanging out.)
    11. Push/pull pursuits (you show enough interest to get interest back, then pull it away, repeatedly, for everyone, girl and guy, sexual target or no. You give JUST ENOUGH and that's it.)
    12. Zero urgency (You have ZERO immediate needs. You're good to go with whatever, just taking what comes as it comes. You essentially plant hot-girl seeds everywhere, water them as necessary, and pluck the fruit when its ripe. You're not trying to force a vine to grow, you just plant and water, then pick the fruit when its there.)

    If you can tick every box above, you should find yourself effortlessly (after putting in the effort to tick all the boxes at least) swamped in pussy. When thinking of myself at the times of my life where I've had this, and those guys I personally know that have this, all of the above are included. I've seen several different versions of this once you get down to the specifics.

    Everyone feel free to expand.

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    Very cool thread idea.

    When I describe myself and my "social circle game" this is more or less what I mean.

    I'm seriously lacking when it comes to point #2, barely passable when it comes to #1 (style), and I swing back and forth between awesome and terrible when it comes to points #7, #8, and #12, but during times when they line up, it seems like girls just come my way.

    One thing I've struggled with, though, is that it's extremely difficult to give/receive practical advice on how to develop a lot of these. They're long term projects. And sometimes it's hard to see progress in them. Which can lead to frustration, which can be pretty detrimental to the "inner game" type stuff on this list (namely, the stuff I said I swing back and forth on - #7, #8, #12).



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      Originally posted by Faust View Post
      One thing I've struggled with, though, is that it's extremely difficult to give/receive practical advice on how to develop a lot of these. They're long term projects. And sometimes it's hard to see progress in them. Which can lead to frustration, which can be pretty detrimental to the "inner game" type stuff on this list (namely, the stuff I said I swing back and forth on - #7, #8, #12).
      Agreed, there's quite a bit of "chicken & egg" that goes on with the inner game stuff. There's not really a practical way to develop inner game outside of self-developing a positive mindset in general (which can totally be done inwardly), and accruing a large mass of positively reinforced experience.

      So what you need to do to develop these is continue to build positive experiences and actual abundance for yourself by taking field action, with the OP serving as a general long distance road map. Its more descriptive than prescriptive.


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        This is a lot like the Tao of Steve

        You are desireless

        You are excellent

        You are gone.


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            I strive for variations of this, I think there is value in developing a good circle of open minded friends where anything goes and everyone can let loose without judgement. string along some direct game, #12, ons that turn to friendships and occasional other bangs, and girls start to float through the circle. Which is why screening for girls initially "ok" with it is important, you don't want alarm bells going off and then it turns into the skills type oltr discussion.

            An example is a core goup of 3-4 guys, a group of 10 solid girl friends between them or that each guy individually knows, these dont have to be fbs but they should mostly have been fucked by you and they are still hanging around and everyone is cool. Then they have friends, who have friends, etc. Just set the boundaries, everybody is cool with eachother, there is some standard of non judgement, and no one forces anything absurdly. It can work.

            One girl tom banged now becomes joes gf for a few months, most people are cool about it, if not they leave the circle.. basically type vibe.. Generally, you want everyone in the circle to have good game, otherwise your just sabatoging yourself and it's shitty when you watch girls switch faces cause one of the boys is acting up and causing bad vibes.


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              Yeah I'm in the process of setting up my life to get this lifestyle back. I've decided to not take a behind the scene position with my work anymore, I've made a frontman move on a project I'm involved in and press shots are going out with my face all over them on songs that will get hundreds of thousands if not millions of plays on the various internet music sites. That checks off #2 above: establishing that what you do is cool, and verifying this by your face being out there fronting an act. This puts you in a prize position and naturally puts you in a social decision-maker position (unless you're hanging with more successful acts. My goal is a mainstream hit song with my face it though, I want to go BIG big. That's a tough feat though). Along with opening up existing social circles to you, that you can enter into in a leadership role (or at least a high value role) even though they're pre-existing. By the end of the year hot pussy should be on tap again, like those two years I had this going in my late 20s/early 30s.

              If you're above baseline attractive, have the proper underlying attitude, and know game, then social proof/social status is the most powerful way of getting the hottest pussy out there by far. I'm done fucking around, I want this back.


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                I've seen it.

                The vast majority are supernaturals that enjoy socializing all the time (extroverted, party, go to clubs, bars, network) or enjoy socializing enough+passion that brings a lot of attractive women around (being in a band).


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                  yo PE, can you elaborate on #5 more?


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                    Originally posted by Water View Post
                    yo PE, can you elaborate on #5 more?
                    Sure, I'll let others do the talking:




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                      Thanks. I'll keep this method in mind to use in the future. Where my game is at right now I would be incapable of pulling this off, having been basically MIA for a year, so rusty and lots of bad habits ha. Once I can get back to my old level of approximately being capable of pull off about 1 new non-online lay a month for 6ish months in a row, I'll hit this method up.