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    Guys I need your help on getting my mind in the right position.

    I checked some articles on the internet lately. Because I often remebered that one time my therapist tried to teach me something about superstition.

    One article I read was about superstition and magical thinking. There was an example about the 100% system in gambling. Which I can connect 100% with my Idea that when I master pick up I can get every girl I want and fuck whenever I want. I meanwhile think that is magical thinking or superstition. I will never reach that goal. It's simply not reachable.

    It's pretty hard for me to letting go about that Idea because I carrying it with me for about 15 years. I must be brainwashed in my youth pretty hard about that.
    But I think need to let go of that Idea that when I master pu I can have more or less everything I want. Also I think about, why I'm doing it then? How can I see it then in a healthy way?

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    Originally posted by Impulse View Post
    When you master PU, you will indeed have the skillset to get anything you want.
    This is simply not true. You will never have anything you want. Pick up is no wish comes true machine. And just because you "master pu" you are not abnormal successfull suddenly.

    To behonest when I take a look at the industry and the community. The only successfull people I see are the master gurus who sell their stuff for a lot of money. They sell that illusion.
    But I have not seen one single person in real life who mastered pu and suddenly went to be a rockstar. I guess most of the good people here also have a normal jobs or putting at least a lot of effort in their business to make money. Beside that they just go out and approach and get some pussy.


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      I want a realistsic view on what to expect. Because what I expected was too much. I did not say it does not help. I said it does not make you a rockstar.


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        The reason pickup will not get you every woman you want is that women, like men, have agency. They have the freedom to make any choice they want, even if fucking you can be mathematically proven to be the best option. In a given moment. Pickup will put you in the absolute best position to fuck the girl, but at the end of the day she still has to make a choice. And if that choice is irrational you're done. Maybe she just broke up with a boyfriend and she thinks you two look too similar. Maybe her mom called her saying her dad just had a heart attack and she needs to come to the hospital. Maybe she's tripping on acid and thought you were a fucking minotaur so she ran away!

        Look at it like poker. There are right moves and wrong moves, but few 100% guaranteed wins. But if you learn to play the game correctly you minimize losses and maximize wins.


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          Well, the main reason to do pua is to change your perspective on what is valuable
          Initially what is valuable is what you don't have
          So you desire things like proving yourself, experience, control in scenarios you feel very out of control in

          But by changing your perspective on what is valuable(away from that), you gain an advantage
          The advantage is hard to comprehend at first because the positives are DYNAMIC, meaning they are quite hard to predict or see clearly unless you are aware of the patterns or concepts

          But the end result of this dynamic advantage is you better align with womens interest around the idea of fulfilment and sex as a means for pleasure, which then has women work with you on many of your goals rather than give you a lot of resistance and suspiscion.

          I know that has gaps/holes in its explaination, but that is the general idea. You gain a dynamic advantage that betters sex and reduces resistance.

          Since that is probably hard to understand, I'll say
          Yes you don't get to fuck anybdy at any time, but when you are close to such a possibility you experience less resistance and more pleasure

          So, by trading what you percieve as valuable you DO get an advantage, even if it seems at first only about half of what you desire


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            Pick up and gambling and life, there is no 100% system. What is beautiful about life and everything in it is that we all have the opportunity to win. At the same time there is no one who is undefeated. You hear Gary V say it in business and it is true in life. Not any one of the PUA gurus gets all the girls he opens and really it is probable to have good success at rates such as 10% or maybe even lower (the stats guys probably have better numbers on that, but here is a very honest review of this guys stats that eludes to the point:


            As Vince Lombardi stated, “Gentlemen, we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.”



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              Originally posted by Beckstar101 View Post
              I want a realistsic view on what to expect. Because what I expected was too much. I did not say it does not help. I said it does not make you a rockstar.
              The problem lies in the word "realistic" here. Anything you want to learn or do will be greatly affected in its efficiency by the belief you put onto it. If you strongly believe an imaginary dinosaur sitting on your shoulder will raise your chances by 90% to have sex with a certain woman, it probably will. Another factor is if your environment believes this is true too, which is why certain believes work better than others.

              One of the strongest believes that is shared by many people is that you need to have a certain technique or whatever in the first place, and it's true as long as you believe it yourself. It's why so many people try to master techniques, "become" a PUA or run around in circles doing whatever they hope will finally allow them to take that woman in their arms, never realizing that at least 50% of what they're fighting with doesn't even lie in the woman they have to persuade somehow but inside of themselves, their inner insecurities they want to overcome by persuading them with "sure-fire methods". After you have let go of those insecurities that create the illusion you need to master something first, you're golden.

              The next step then is realizing how this is not only true for you but also for the woman you're looking at, that she's also probably struggling with "mastering" some techniques to get to know you and has a really hard time with that. When you've come a few steps along your own, you can learn to make it easier for others, too, which is what people around here tend to call "leading". It's not about dominance, but about allowing her to trust you to lead her a few steps out of her own insecurities, which is a very different kind of leadership than usually proposed here.

              Really great relationships (of whatever type) develop when two people meet who are able to overcome their insecurities without having to resort to too many techniques and security-models anymore, because they can learn to be just there with each other. One thing you'll notice when approaching this step of development (if this is your path too, mine it is) is that you'll automatically sense which women are good for you and which are not. You'll start noticing which women are ready for true interaction, which are not yet there and which are trying to fake it (those are most annoying to me).

              If you care for your own well-being, you will never be able to seduce 100% of women, nor will you want to. You will want to get closer with certain women you feel make sense to you, and you will develop a sense of inner calmness about it once you realize (and experience) that to get to know these women is really easy in fact. I cannot guarantee you you'll reach this point, and perhaps it's not even a path you'll enjoy walking on, but it does work well for me. I wouldn't call myself a PUA, I haven't learned any cool magic tricks to pull off what I do, I just learned to shed most of what I thought was true over the year to uncover the world was much simpler than we usually make it out to be.

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