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list of shit that is life changing i wish i knew about years ago....

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  • list of shit that is life changing i wish i knew about years ago....

    #1.- Google voice: Google Voice is a voicemail service from Google that enables users to send free text messages, customize their voicemail, read voicemail text transcript, and more.Google's voicemail service, which previously required a Google Voice invite code to setup, is now available for free to all Gmail users.

    ^ most of my lay reports are straight from google voice, now they change the format to iphone like so i need to figure out how to copy and paste my lay and field reports from that format(if any of you nerds know let me know)

    2.-)wireless headphone: (i use a cheap brand from wallmart called skullcandy)

    Enjoy all-day listening with the Skullcandy Uproar Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with an Onboard Microphone/Remote. They offer excellent sound quality and are entirely cordless for added convenience. Bluetooth technology lets you pair up compatible devices for your favorite songs. These Skullcandy Uproar wireless on-ear headphones feature comfortable synthetic leather ear pads and run on a long-lasting, 10-hour battery. Choose from a variety of available colors.
    Skullcandy Uproar Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Onboard Microphone/Remote:
    • Bluetooth wireless technology
    • 10-hour battery life
    • Onboard microphone/remote
    • Synthetic leather ear pillows

    ^ this is specially good when working out to listen to audiobooks....

    #3.- Audiable.- Audio books downloadable to any type of device. I am constantly reading books...

    IllumiBowl (As Seen On Shark Tank) is a motion-activated night light for your toilet. It fits on the rim of any toilet & turns itself on & illuminates the inner bowl any time you walk into the bathroom at night.

    #5.- My fitness pal.-
    MyFitnessPal is a free smartphone app and website that tracks diet and exercise to determine optimal caloric intake and nutrients for the users' goals and uses gamification elements to motivate users. You do not track your calories in any type of app you WILL NEVER GET IN SHAPE, sorry!

    #6.-Minimalism.- A: Itís a way to escape the excesses of the world around us ó the excesses of consumerism, material possessions, clutter, having too much to do, too much debt, too many distractions, too much noise. But too little meaning. Minimalism is a way of eschewing the non-essential in order to focus on whatís truly important, what gives our lives meaning, what gives us joy and value.

    #7.- Intermittent fasting.- is not a diet, but rather a dieting pattern. In simpler terms: it's making a conscious decision to skip certain meals. By fasting and then feasting on purpose, intermittent fasting means eatingyour calories during a specific window of the day, and choosing not to eat food during the rest.

    #8.- Girls chase Blog.- Best seduction material hands down (though sometimes i get paranoid that they copy shit from me, but i just realized, people that know what they are doing have tons in common). Does this sound familiar(look at the date)

    #9.- The revolutionary lifestyle design.-
    Ultra efficient, applicable and realistic personal development for men. Fitness, dating, money, entrepreneurship, mindset, lifestyle, sex, organization, productivity, travel and fun all in one place. This is one of my "Community" friends and great influence... his shit is mind blowing and toooo much in common.

    #10.- Different sources (do not agree with them on everything but very influential).- Sedfast of course (pure evil, thinman, illuminatus, teevester etc..), believe it or not blackdragon blog (though we disagree in so much, is a good community in his blog that sparks discussion and disagreement),Tom leykis, Hodge twins,Mario Tomic, Howard stern, good looking loser, rsd.

    #11.- These books totally influence directly my life: 5 second rule, the game, models, the art of not giving a fuck, influence the psychology of persuasion (best selling book ever), How to win friends and influence people, how to stop worrying and start living, the passion trap (best relationship book ever).

    #12.- facebook.- If use correctly just to keep in contact with friends and family.( i hardly ever use it or post, if you see my facebook, you would think i am a chode)

    #13.- Phone dialers.- This is more for business sells, basically robots making phone calls...

    #14.- to download free movies

    #15.- Chromecast.- To broadcast computer into the tv.

    #16.- Robinhood app.- Investment app. without the broker fees, think of it as your free etrade.

    #17.- Zinus memory foam mattress.- Same comfort of a 5k dollar bed for about $300.00 deliver via mail.

    #18.- Creams.- Retin a, C serum, Vitamin k (for the eyes), and 5% topical nicinamide gel. - As an old fart I get more attention now than ever from young girls (too bad I am not longer attracted to them). My point is I look really young for my age thanks to taking care of myself.

    #19.- Capoeira.- Brazilian martial arts that combine dance with self defense.

    #20.-Fiverr.- This is were you hire subcontracting work for really cheap instead of hiring employees.
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    Nice (y)

    #21 - the echo dot - a personal electronic assistant for 60 dollars through ebay, which enables me to from almost anywhere in my apartments to just say: "Alexa" (Activates the echo dot - female voice ) and any of the following commands:

    Alexa whats on my calendar tomorrow ( or any given day)
    alexa - add >>name of event<< to my calendar at xxx ocklock
    alexa - play >> name of playlist, genre, artist, song name, << and it will play music chosen from spotify across my denon heos wireless speaker system in any room selected. similar with radio
    alexa - news brieff from mention eg bbc or local sources
    alexa - read up my recent twitter feed
    alexa - >>any topic<< wikipedia
    alexa - add >>to do<< to my to do list - integrates with wunderlist.
    alexa - add >>xxx<< to my shopping list - integrates with wunderlist.
    alexa - turn on living room lights, >>scenario choice<<
    alexa - set timer to 15 min
    alexa - find a recipee for >>insert food<<
    alexa - im going to xxx - whats the timeframe for >>driving by car<<
    alexa - weather forecast

    in the us i understand you can order food, and purchase stuff etc too. i had to hack it for use in my country.

    Its the first voiceenabled device that works only by voice and reacts instantly and in a way that doesnt irritates me. aka a true seamless experience. Siri was way too much trouble for me.
    Above is just a few of the core elements i use all the time. theres a shit load of more options that im slowly adding and new ones coming everyday.

    Also looking into voice calls and smms, note takings and a screen for tv-news call ups or youtube video call ups through it too to extend the capabilities similar to the siri elements you mention.

    But its just so easy and i think just the calendar function, to do lists + spotify integration ( when i wake up and walk around like a zombie i can just say alexa, play acoustic music and soft tones pop out and nurtues my ears while doing break fast etc.) has made it all worth it. If it can integrate with phone capabilities which im sure it will be able to shortly itll be amazing.

    google home is out too and some prefer this. i took echo dot since it has a solid history and good user feedback - most reviews who has longer term practical usage takes it due to the related services integration that provides less of an entertainment device but one that works for your everyday things.


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      @glow so should i get that or google home????


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        i was honestly uncertain myself but heres my assessment:

        My choice of echo was due to
        1) it has had a 100% review of first device that actualy makes things work seamlessly. example: microhpones (has 9 i think) etc are amazing. mine is on my wall in the ktiitchen but i can call it from my living room and it works easily. you can buy more but i really dont feel i need too. No delay on response type which is fast and efficient. etc etc
        2) solidity and certainty of integration with core functions where it WORKS - seemed undisputed on reviews and i can only say i support this. as in focus on the core functional values like calendar integration, spotify, phillips hue(lights), sonos and heos is supposed to be out soon, wunderlist, google calendar, email etc. They seem to create seamless integrations which is what enables it. for me i knew i could just plug it into my heos wireless speakers and get full quality speaker capabilities. feels more like star treck this way as its omnipresent and has a certaib pad effect to say alexa, soft r&b and then it just starts playing it. sound to 6 etc. easypeasy and also a bit impressive.
        3) the voice and name makes it more personal and living "alexa". dunno just makes it more nice and human
        4) what seems to be a strong community of developers on "skills" aka things you can make it do further
        5) it was cheap
        besides its integrated with audible eg too which you mentioned.

        ive heard that google home is better on
        1) having followup conversatiosn aka asking deeper questions on a subject and more of a dialogue. echo dot works somewhat on it but its more limited from what i understand
        2) youtube integration and the source of music it can tap into. Its better as an entertainment device from what i heard
        3) richer information giving on eg asking tell me about "tom waits" or whatever.
        so definitely some positives.
        but its not as market tested yet. And for some reason all reviewers ive heard chooses echo dot still after testing both side by side. Most seem due to the integrations with their core services and technologies as these work very well. might be due to switching "costs". google might work well here too. btu just something i noted.

        i choose to give google another year to get over initial diseases from my end. These techs are still early stage so i dotn wanna wast too much money on them before theyre at an interesting level. echo dot jsut seemed safer on that front and more "solid". And i can only say that it has delivered very well. Better than i imagined it could. HAs really become a very convenient thing in my life. I find myself missing it when out of my house eg when i have to check my calendar, todos pop up or i feel like music

        since youre using google voice it might make sesne to check if google home itnegrates with that etc. Just to get the services enabled there too. sounds like a cool addon.Thats one i didnt consider BUT really want to integrate somehow - phone capabilities. But its really about assessing what u wanna use it for eg smart tvs, door locks, fasns, cofee mashines, light, music, phone services, twitter, news, blog etcetc. and then pick your 3 main wants to focus on or alike. music/heos integration, News flashes, to dos and calendar was key for me. and maybe consider what i wrote in terms of price and solidity.


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          Yesterday I was sleeping over at a friend's place and watched TV for the first time in ages, there were a lot of ads about this alexa thingy. I do wonder: what happens if you have several in the same vicinity? Do they have voice recognition? What happens if you are ill and your voice changes then?



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            well they dont have voice recognition but you can train them to your wording, accents and things. im still struggeling a little with spanish songs since its an americanized spanglish she speaks.

            had some friends over and they can use it too. Ended up with very strange things in my calendar and todo lists

            if you connect them to the same network i think they work together. im considering one for my living/dining room too.

            mics are very responsive. like impressively responsive. but no voice rec. just an adaption to word usage etc.


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              loooove RLD. literally go back to his videos for reference. also through his new video series he got me more into heartiste. love the red pill game + politics combo, fucking edgy shit.


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                Originally posted by Jack Gignac View Post
                loooove RLD. literally go back to his videos for reference. also through his new video series he got me more into heartiste. love the red pill game + politics combo, fucking edgy shit.
                Hey Jack, do you have a link to one of the better videos of RLD? I'm hesitant to dip into additional channels of self-improvement as it all just gets confusing and overlaps.


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                  Originally posted by Futureproof View Post

                  Hey Jack, do you have a link to one of the better videos of RLD? I'm hesitant to dip into additional channels of self-improvement as it all just gets confusing and overlaps.

                  he would be good for you and he is from canada too...


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                    Originally posted by Futureproof View Post

                    Hey Jack, do you have a link to one of the better videos of RLD? I'm hesitant to dip into additional channels of self-improvement as it all just gets confusing and overlaps.
                    i think you're underestimating your ability to discern which information is best for you. just look at a bunch of his articles and videos and start with the stuff that tickles your fancy the most. I basically listen to everything he puts out because he thinks very similarly to me and his advice has helped me this past year than any other content out there. he has very good skill at simplifying complex topics into actionable advice.

                    because of the tremendous value i've gotten from his channel I can't help but recommend him so he thrives even more.


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                      met with a personal trainer friend to hear his advice for better posture
                      he said before we start working on the muscle we need to find out if you have any mechanicla hickups in your body and skeleton that is the cause or may restriction
                      Went to an elite physio therapist + ostepath who gave me several exercises to improve posture and loosen up problem areas in back and chest before i start training muscles to lift my posture even more
                      from a mechancial assessment and readjustment approach

                      Besides doing manipuations of my body and various blockages - This baby is key to most of the progression:
                      Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 19.38.28.png

                      using it everyday and felt huge diff. after month.
                      my spine has cracked from this so many times and it feels liberating on a body level
                      and my whole back is softly softening up
                      i feel much more rised in my general posture from 1 month of this

                      amazing for posture alignment and releasing all types of muscletension, soreness etc.
                      i use it to soften up the big leg muscles too and its beyond anything ive tried. the release is HUGE and unparalelled by any other means ive tried


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                        -Robo dialers need to die a slow and horrible death.

                        Manga in bed. (I used to spend some time falling asleep.)
                        Vitamin C for skin.
                        Women's scarfs.
                        Gymnastic ring exercises.


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                          Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
                          -Robo dialers need to die a slow and horrible death.

                          that is a game changer if you know how to use them and you are on the other side (yeah i know it may be bad if you are on the other end and do not need the services)

                          But imagine a call saying "if you are a gymnist that uses rings, we got gymnastics rings at 50% of the price with free shipping, press 1 for more info" ... I am surer in this case they would not be annoying unless i do not use gymnastic rings... But any ways is the best screening and effient way to sell i have ever encounter...10,000 phone calls in an hour... :-) definitely a game changer...


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                            Glow. Im looking into new ways to stay in shape. Never really paid attention to foam rollers but seen them mention a lot.. so you are saying its worth looking into? Will do! I am also considering swimming and running. I heard barefoot running is a thing now. That sounds really interesting to me. Ive seen runners who start in the gym - they have a much much faster gain in deadlift than other people. I can only assume running is underrated for core strength. Yoga is great in theory, but gave me headaches..


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                              Just want to give a shout out to glow, that "echo" shit is just a game changer, again you just bring the girls home, and you bs them "l want you to meet somebody that is very important to me"

                              and you then have alexa/echo do the "disarming for you",

                              What it does is that get the girls off the pressure of "i am about to get fucked by this dude" it is a nice distraction....

                              This are the skillset that i found useful with the girls (skillset is the same as phone apps but for the echo dot aka alexa)

                              skillset "my good friend", this is the one i used to start with, alexa will say "who is this that has arrived" you say the name of the girl and alexa will say "is good to meet you hb"

                              skillset called pick up lines (I have the girls laughing like crazy almost peeing in their pants)

                              skillset valentines (alexa will start saying how great you are and how amazing you are and how much she loves you, and how special you are)

                              skillset sleep sound (sounds like rain etc...)

                              and then of course some music, the point is that it relaxes them, distracts them, disarm them, get them laughing, get the mind of sex...

                              Kudos to glow for recommending that pivot lol...