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  • Dancing as a hobby next to PU


    So been wanting to write this for some time since some of you asked.
    A quick write up for how i would approach dancing as a hobby if i would start over.

    In short dancing in itself makes a lot of sense for PU. Being physical with women, getting access to many, getting into a mor friendship/intimate based kinda relationship with many girls where touching each other is the key should make it pretty simple as to why. My entry was just from the fun of it and getting sucked into this as a fun social thing i did with friends. along the way it hit me and i turned towards making it more of an art. Having this in my life is a solid thing that gives me so much. and also provides a real value in my personality and life since i do it for me and as a life project with strong and healthy personal motivations.

    i write this not as a guide for how to pickup women but as a way to have it as a hobby on the side that gives loads of real value benefits for Pu. But one i would advice to invest in for the richness in itself. for you.

    Why i do it
    Dancing as a hobby comes down to one primary thing for me that many seem circulate around in dancing:

    The feel of moving my body within music. Together with a woman. and connecting with that floor full of dancers while doing so.

    its one of the finest forms of pinging with other people - resonating in whats defined as one of the most harmonious movement forms. Theres a harmonic liberation and expression in a freely dancing guy and once you get technique and platform down the freedom gets a quality that heightens the feel. depth is limitless. which is why some dancetypes are referred to as "soul dancing".

    As a hobby it is an extremely relaxing thing to do to be honest as it frees up energy and let me be body and music for an hour or two. I consider it more relaxation and joy than something to work on to be honest even if i meet 3 times a week w girls to train figures and techniques. Theres a certain addiction often happening w people when they get into it.

    Also Its a great way to get closer to girls in your life - 3 of my inner circle girls come from dancing and i have 3 partners i work with since i dont take classes but focus on my own artistry as a dancer. Needless to say you dont have to follow this deeper sense of it - its one ive attained over many years. But its key to follow a deeper pull into the music rather than just starting to dance cause its good for pu.

    in sum - the why
    - There is huge richness in musical connection and moving to music for us - expression and unfolding yourself is the key here (not seduction). the word expression is important. not impression.
    - Connecting with people in a non mental way - around a simple connective social thing. aka a new way of going out and meeting other people.
    - The intimacy of it and a certain body way of connecting with girls which is naturally embedded in it
    - To be in the Body is often a nice job contrast for people working with thinking like me. After a busy day 1 hour of dancing gets me into the night with a whole new energy and state.

    How to get going
    Below an actionable list to get going that is somewhat smart

    Step1 - selecting and first action
    - sid down and choose your music as the offset - what music do you like? Then look into which style of dancing inspires you. Then check them out. But focus on What music automatically makes you wanna move and express it. for instance i get a migraine from tango but mambo (referred to as salsa NY style by ) makes me go on fire. Others has exactly the opposite and loves tango.
    - I would go for couples type dancing for pu. It will give you styling abilities if you pick some but i find the push pull of proximity and learnings in terms of leading the girl physically and building a naturalness there is key to seduction - to operate in that part of the dance. You also learn to lead touch and pressure which is an art in itself.
    To me its about going for the pull that attracts you inside - feel what music and sort of dancing appeals to you. There will be couple dances in relation to all type from my experience. If not just becoming part of a dancer circle can be fun. note that some are more edgy than others if edge matters. Especially cause musical genres intermix and it will slide in everywhere. i can help you get creative on how to find musical genres. Sometimes it might be hard to find it locally though.
    - Sign up for a class and get your ass going

    Step2 - establishing rhythm - weekly structure
    - Speak to the people at class and set up going out together. half the thing of going to class is to build friends within the community. Partly cause its scary for many in the beginning to go out to dance floors where good people unfold right in front of you. its quite intimidating. Being with others on the same level makes it a lot easier.
    - Finding one chick slowly to practice with 1 day outside the class. it makes hell of a difference in your progression. should be manageable in your own home somehow (i just slide up my sofa and make space).

    Step3 - more optional but if you want to excel or learn fast
    - Expand your female partners as you see fit. Sometimes starting out with a less attractive one can be smart. dedication and stability is better than high levels. Today i train with 2 high caliber girls nd one more plain and less of a dancer - but whos great and have been there much of the way and has a great person i like and appreciate.
    - Ive used great dancer girls for privates - gave me access to them and lifted me hugely. provided access to other good girls. Im heading traveling with one of them soon who ive now become friends w.

    The above model has made me accelerate beyond most other "students" who just went to class once weekly. needless to say the more you add the more you improve. And you will see a difference as you progress a lot more and the girls will seek you more in class than most of the other guys.

    Minimum Time needed
    - 1-2 hours in the evenings a week min. preferable 2-4 eg 2 sessions of 1.5 hours and some transport. this will change however as one gets pulled in by it and you might find yourself doing this a lot more.
    - Going out time (this is often easy as you grow a circle of friends and can just go out a couple of hours if you wanna hit a venue eg from 22-24 without no need to do nothing but show up. Alcohol intake is limited if u like this.

    Just a bit of my angle on things as a starting point. hope that gives something - Hit me up w your questions and lets unfold it from there.
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    Dance teacher: "I cannot and will not teach you unless you have the spirit of the dance in you... you are helpless!"

    Thats you right here :P

    I'm a pretty decent club dancer, but like how do you do things like
    Form your dancing frame
    Decide which spins and maneuverss to do at what time (how many to have)
    What are the mood killers vs mood heighteners when a girl dancer looks at what you are doing
    What can you do that a club dancer can't

    Is it just "wing it" or do you guys study some specific form as a basis to spring board off of that is fairly universal, like main dances


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      Thank you so much, glow!! Sorry for nagging you to do this
      I heard some latin dances are very nice for night game;
      I am clueless so found a guy explaining the difference:

      Someone said to stay far away from Swing courses, which kinda makes sense since a girl can teach you the basics in an hour or less iirc.. (swing clubs supposedly have the most single women though).. Oh and throughfare made a case for Ballet/Jazz, due to hardcore fitness and making other dancing trivial to pick up afterwards.. Im not completely opposed to the idea.. But I would need to catch the dance bug massively, to commit that much time/energy.. I would love for something like that to happen in my life though.

      Originally posted by throughfare View Post
      I've done ballet & jazz dance almost all my life, ///SNIP/// If you want to find a class with tons of fit chicks, and you live in a decent-sized city, fins out where the hardcore dancers are going to class (as in, dancers who are in shows, etc.) Then sign up for the beginner's class in jazz, modern hip hop or ballet. ///SNIP/// you can devote years to social dances like salsa, swing dancing, ballroom, what have you . . . become good, great even . . . the local salsa hotshot at your clubs . . . then get into a performance dance class like jazz, hip hop, ballet- and discover you don't even have the basic skills, or fitness!
      But okay.. I will identify local dance companies, and see what beginner classes they have, rather than getting overly stuck on which particular dance I want to learn


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        Originally posted by thecostofsuccess View Post
        Dance teacher: "I cannot and will not teach you unless you have the spirit of the dance in you... you are helpless!"

        Thats you right here :P
        haha nice Im hoping to provide a glimpse into the spirit itself for you guys.

        Originally posted by thecostofsuccess View Post
        I'm a pretty decent club dancer, but like how do you do things like

        Form your dancing frame
        not sure what you mean here. frame is considered the way i strengthn my body in a holding frame that gives stability to work from and solidifies connection with my partner.

        in a club i get the notion that i am very much in my space and its a sort of closing into myself within my larger back muscles. Theres a sligth tightening of many parts of my body - abdomen, buttocks etc. There is an immersion into my own energy and a circulation between the ground and me that i evoke. Almost like you can close of your neck in pranyayama for the enrgy to stay within. This provides an inner energy and feel that almost ignites the air around me. From here all i focus on is music and connecting that with my body and spirit. dunno if that makes sense.

        Originally posted by thecostofsuccess View Post

        Decide which spins and maneuverss to do at what time (how many to have)
        ive studied the best here and from what i see the following is what i do
        1) a lot of little movements, slow, deliberate , often countrary to the dancers - i am contrasticnly slow and almost in non performance speed. Ignites tension immensely. Very dancing in the spot with myself sort of
        2) i do explosions where i show the beast and skillset within
        3) lots of simple connective soft movements that appeases and allows for connection to arise.
        = a huge level of contrainment with cosmic explosions
        this follows the music which normally is composed of buildups and drops - so i place my explosions around drops

        Originally posted by thecostofsuccess View Post

        What are the mood killers vs mood heighteners when a girl dancer looks at what you are doing
        This is where im "weak" as my experience mostly is in a couples dancing setting - so if i do its in a dancer setting for couples dancing. Here girls look at my leading, my musicality (attunement to the music ability to express eg drops (music has buildups and drops as the core structure - pop music normally 2-4 bigger drops) and how the girls i dance with feel (faces, little screams etc). But i dont do it as techniques. its uncounscious unfolding from training training traing that flows and i can mobilise in different directions. Similar to acting - being mechanical has little effect. it has to come from a true place of wanting within which allow one to flow freely based on a strong embodied platform.

        M​​​​y approach in clubs is to chat one up at bar, make her somewhat sticky/curiois and go dance w her which always gives me an allowance to touch at least her forearms. Thats all i need to make her get the experience of me leading her into the music in ways shes never tried before. her face will make other women wanna dance with me. I prefer less good girls as if i go with one of my dancer girls my status goes throught the roof and most girls turn shy/scared.

        When i dance with her all i focus on is providing her a solid frame and leading her into the music at a higher level than she has herself. Gentleness and unfodling her is key while doing my own thing in resonance w her. in club settings this is done mostly trhough her forarms in the beginning - later i grab her in frame closer - outer rims of shoulder blades up behind her arm pit. i myself do things where i hold her hand in frame aka her in a locked positiong pausing her softly kinda while eg spinning or doing footwork where i dance - partly to impress but to make her get some off time and just enjoy the music a bit. Can be done by givig her frame throug her forarms aka giving her my level if you will. This will be a thrilling experience for her. i add in little things like - eg putting her hand on my hip then doing a double spin. Or just put her hand on my shoulder, half spin, head under her arm sloooooowed down then look up at her. With these spins ALL girls whine in a pleasant way. The leading of foreams and frame makes all girls i dance with say wow you can dance or wow your friend can dance.

        on individual dancing - The simple answer: if i doo to much it becomes too much for them often (most girls) so i do a few that "works" and has an impact. Similar to how you do your "vibing" i believe.

        When alone i keep it slow calling attention to myself by movign deliberately counter slow to the room. in my dancing on the spot kinda too. with certain light musical expansions in isolated body parts. Ads a clarity to my movements. im always self-immersed or muscially immersed doing very little movements but more grooivng in the music. hard to explain but imagine these two doing the same. the very way we move with music is just.. coloured by an inner richness, even if hardly moving. kinda like these but expressing all that they do without moving much. imagine a performer standing in place containing all this movement and just popping a move or two out here and there as if the music pulls me to unfold and i cannot hold back. Creates a mystery and draws in attention.

        key is not to seem high effort nor make her more paranoid or scared.

        im sure theres more to this part but its not my thing so cant give much more indsigt.

        But let me give it some thought as its something i wanna explore and did this wknd.

        Originally posted by thecostofsuccess View Post

        What can you do that a club dancer can't
        i never considered this.

        i outrank club dancers on anything within close or semi close proximity when theres touching involved. Its way more natural to get in there for me.
        i can lead women into music and give her an immersive musical experience that is one of great harmonic feel.
        i believe im way more confident and natural about moving in closer due to the training of being a man in these type of dancing aka a lead.

        in my world club dancers look at each other for hours and it is an individuealisd dance even if you get closer and ping across space for a sort of sync
        similar to getting real i guessi
        have my hand on her body and body to body proximity within minutes for progressive escalation and mutual escalation (leading her hands)
        i can use that space much better moving in close effects, take away effects
        but my club dancing experience is limited as a serious club dancer or alike. Never really went that route.

        Originally posted by thecostofsuccess View Post
        Is it just "wing it" or do you guys study some specific form as a basis to spring board off of that is fairly universal, like main dances
        Well - There is a huge basis - any one studying dance needs to learn this. Ballet, contemporary and i think many of the classical balroom type dances focus on this. Laban movement theory etc.

        Within couples dancing eg "body movements" - example how the womans hip can move within its anatomical framework are studied cross dances by good teachers and the leading of the woman as well. following from her. So yeah theres a HUGE pool of main base that serves as a worldly curriculum. Within indivudalised dances theres shitloads like alignment (posture weight placement etc), balancing, movement (labanese movmeent theory etc) that provides a solid base developed over years through the academies etc. Im using this now to refine what ive learned, to expand it into a more expressive form. And its giving a level of precision that i can now use.

        in hobby dancing it totally depends on the individual teachers/school preference. Lots of school dont study it tbh. Many dance "teachers" dont know. Most schools where this is studied is the modern dance, contemporary, jazz ballet and ballet. Just from my knowledge. these are central i believe as well within any dance curriculum if you study dance. Im sure the mroe traditional dances schools of ballroom, this is key in their teachings too considering what i see there.

        If you dig into more social dances such as salsa, mambo, bachata as ij mentions focus is not on all this. it is to meet and socialize. Ive met guys who can literally do no technical dance but their feel and vibrancy is so immense that its life giving to all that watches them. Their technique is shit. But the life that flows from their movement is colourful. Their vibrancy immense. Just to point out that social dances have a different overall motivation. Techical bases are mostly here specific to the dance and often missing key elements.

        above is just from my limited experience. I learned without a common framework but felt a draw from the ones that had contemporary like movements integrated - who had balance fixed, frame in place etc. it captivated. natural movement which is what they focus on is captivating. So i follow the ones who has this in order and take side classes on it.


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          Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
          Thank you so much, glow!! Sorry for nagging you to do this
          I heard some latin dances are very nice for night game;
          I am clueless so found a guy explaining the difference:

          Someone said to stay far away from Swing courses, which kinda makes sense since a girl can teach you the basics in an hour or less iirc.. (swing clubs supposedly have the most single women though).. Oh and throughfare made a case for Ballet/Jazz, due to hardcore fitness and making other dancing trivial to pick up afterwards.. Im not completely opposed to the idea.. But I would need to catch the dance bug massively, to commit that much time/energy.. I would love for something like that to happen in my life though.

          But okay.. I will identify local dance companies, and see what beginner classes they have, rather than getting overly stuck on which particular dance I want to learn
          haha no worries. Didnt see it as nag. just a cool curiosity and wish to be informed.

          yeah i would love to do more of those classes mentioned by throughfare. But problem is - they bore the fuck out of me. Too much work on body and too little fun.
          The whole style of dancing is one of feminine expressionism to me as an individual often which means work and less joy. social dancing was just more me. Tried tango which is the most seductive thing beyond rumba. but music made me switch.

          i mean fine to pick one you like too. jsut saying that music should be the main guiding light.

          The afro-latin dances they show are right albeit a bit outdated and theres about 2-3 sub genres to both salsa, bachata and kizomba. merenque is dead - forget about that in europe - venues play salsa, bachata and kizomba. ill post some vids for you later to show it better. Most schools tend to teach all and often people swithc along the way. a great idea is to checkout the crowd dancing each to sense the vibrancy pf the local crowd. Oftne many dance all 3 but has one which is their "main" and they dance one subgenre - mostly whats best available around.

          dunno about swing. not my thing.

          tip: find the facebook groups of each and look at what the local venues play/focus on. that will give you indication of what the crowds focus on. normally you can try a free intro or alike in these places just to see what it is. some are findable but closed and even secret too for the more dedicated peeps.

          But that said - yeah find a school and get into it. You can always take a season and switch if you feel like it. Just find one or two insiders to be sure to hit one of the good schools vs the retards.


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            Wow thanks for all the advice!

            I mentioned the dance idea to some buddies, and surprise surprise, most of them have secretly been considering taking a dance cource for the longest time! Very interesting.


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              Minor digression - does dance play a role in tension release?

              I see sometimes when with girls, they have some sort of meter filling up, and then they 'have to' dance. Its looks like tension release to me.
              And Ive seen some people dance very radiantly like that, like its their 'personal style'..
              (Hmm and what about other movement, like walking.. can a lot of things be sculpted like that??)
              Im also curious about dance-vibing.. Like if I release my tension, can rest of dancers 'feel' it?

              ALLRIGHT, I have now been tasked with finding the best class on behalf of myself and 2 friends, for this fall. They were thinking swing, but not opposed to latin either.


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                On tension breaking
                i guess it can be a way to break tension but wondering if its different from eg light kino which can do the same - lowers tension by calming them. Im thinking dancing might be more like going to the bathroom or alike since it breaks eye contact and creates movement of the body which changes/mobilises energy in the body and redirects focus. But curious to your thoughts?

                Vibe wise
                dancing in itslef can be used in many energy directions (aka vibe)
                1) outward oriented aka smilign and using expresssive arm movements etc outwards
                2) blow of steam type
                3) self contained - aka inner circulation of energy and densifying it - aka dense vibe and almost igniting the air
                just the examples i can think of

                im thinking dance becomes an accelerator of vibe that supports and enables the build of specific vibes, especially sexual vibe. As in i can totally amplify it by living it out and going wild. Or contain it and build it up within usign frame to close in the energy while circualting it within - hard to explain but when i step and kidna pull it from the ground almost grapping the floor while using my full body in the movement i cant really build up energy and make the air sizzle. important to be aware that it can be deaccelerated extremely fast too.

                dancing walking relation
                i think dancing is different from walking as its often a sort of body enjoymnet with more harmony and emotional expression. aka theres more boost in it if you will. Also the musical connection makes it a different beast.

                i do believe dancing is the best way to "engineer" vibe as you have lots of emotion and can direct the physical expression or nuance of musicality you would like. On the other hand theres lots of chaos often so you need to be able to centre it which is hard for many. I often look down and collect my self when doing it while closeing of my body a bit. i can then literally move into the vibe i want to. and it becomes more an exploration of emotions as called forward by the music than something i choose. a voyage. which makes it very alive and mroe unconscious unfolding for me.

                just writing a bit as i recollect things here. hope it makes sense.

                in relation to Swing
                cool - then maybe checkout Ny salsa or salsa "on 2", mambo - the coolest salsa genre imo.
                it has many names which is somewhere similar to swing as a musical genre (NY big bands, jazzy latin stuff etc) - footwork example from the genre which comprise of couples dancnign and "shines" where guys and girls seperate and do individual stuff as above.
                super rich music.
                A bit more sofisticated than your usual salsa stuff but also often smaller communities than crossbody on1/la style or cuban.


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                  I sometimes see 'good' dancers make a bit fool of themselves in nightclubs. I dont want to mix the topic of nightclub dancefloors into this thread, but just as something to keep in mind when enthusiastically pursuing a new interest.. making sure to not become 'that guy' in the nightclub.. In short, the more dance stuff you know, the more you will have to incorporate minimalism and restraint in nightclubs.
                  My Fast Beat Slow Dance jedi mind trick
                  Dance Game
                  inquiry: Dancefloor game - social dancing


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                    hm . thought a little about it. and yes youre right. nothing worse than some person going into the basic salsa in a club

                    i think the best advice i can give
                    - actually dance as in a club aka regular club style . could just be in palce beat stepping and mvoing to the music on the spot.
                    - seek to adopt the new such as it amplifies the existing dance manners in an integrated way. Do 10-20% of your dance with this. and swop into back intoclubstyle movement in general. Play wth cross fading things and making the moves an integration between the two worlds. Music is the key here as the guiding light for when how.
                    - Think to do all things SMALL. Like collecting yourself within. Focus initially on dancing in the spot more. Thnk of something inside you that wants to come out make it like that and CONNECT with the music 100% become the music. Focus the circulation of energy within and get to a place where the music is you/inside you. Kinda 100% expression of music while contained/keeping the big moves within but . This can make the very air sizzle around you and is highly captivating if you get it down. Think blind people dancing.
                    - Try once and awhile to isolate the new moves calling attention to it putting all focus on that one move while playing with it within the musical contours (select and instrument/tune/beat/vocal and follow each has various effects to your energy)
                    - Think more dancing in place and exploding into musical bursts with the above

                    In this way you collect it within (energy of dancing), make it super contained and make it look like something that wants to come out adds to the existing which gives a mystery. The above is manny small things, pick some and play with it.

                    for couples type dancing its the same btw. you spin her 1/10 times not continuously like the salsa idiots who come in. just do one slooow Musically tight spin og double spin etc. Putting her hand on your hip while doing so will make her whine pleasantly.

                    i do sometimes unfold freely when i meet a girl who can follow. BUT its all done musically to the music playing in the venue using their drops and buildups etc - not forcing some strange beat usage into it. You can expand the % the better you become at transferring the movement into new musical contexts


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                      Exactly how I see it! That all the advanced dance stuff is 'with' you while you dance, expressing itself in subtle ways, rather than 'showy' ways.

                      Similar to how you spar against a beginner in martial arts! Toning things down and avoiding techniques and force that will scare them, so that they get the courage to try their own attacks against you. (But still doing your own techniques with the sort of gravity of all those years of training..)

                      Id say it relates a bit to containment, where there is something strong lurking just under the surface... When a really skilled person does a basic technique of any kind, even casually without really trying, there is a flow/abundance to it that makes even the most basic thing look a bit spectacular!

                      - - -

                      Wow, just looking at YT, Im getting all sorts of inspirations! (Dancing was always least effort way to make a girl horny for me personally, since I somehow 'magical hands'. Seeing couples dance just fill me with ideas..) Seems that Merengue is the only Latin style that has slight resemblance to my old self-invented 'style'. I thought this linked vid series was really really sweet. These guys even have interesting vibe that I think is part of the dance almost:
             - Edit - OMGOMG, it evidently originated from this treasure trove:


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                        you got it - thats exactly the contained expressionism i was trying to concretize.
                        great w the merenque - if thats your way of moving that route is surebeettedly the way to go

                        For alone type dancing in clubs - from how i do it/my expression just to inspire - check these guys - this is shines aka "mambo" or ny salsa dancing.
                        its like they have something inside that wants to come out. a joyfuld wildness. Contain this 80% and you have how i tend to dance in clubs albeit i adopt the moves to music and stylings of the space. Like somethign wild that wants to come out. but it is contained and just hinted. and less is shown pulling attention to each move. I always dance like somehtign inside is pulling me on the floor. attention is inside me and on the musical connection. Energy rises within.


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                          Glow, thanks for this thread. Just on time. I'll post a bunch of questions and comments as they come to mind.
                          I like:
                          Dance as expression! (not impression.) Yeah!
                          Love of dance first, incidental pick-up commonalities (gender roles, kino, leading, body/movement expression/communication, female rich environment, instant bubble, vibe design, new emotions, connection, etc.)
                          A thought on tension release:
                          I found dance to be one of the surest way to raise the temperature in women. Dance is a releaser of bad tensions. I think Ijjj was asking if dance could release tension in the same way as validating attention would. Or gratuitous and premature makeouts. These are a release from seduction. That is not my experience with dance. In my experience women always come out of a dance night hornier than they entered it. Moving their bodies to music is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs I've seen. Weather they'll take their hornieness out on you is another question. Here is where seduction, not your dancing skills, comes in.
                          What steps do you use with girls that don't know any formal dance? (salsa, swing, tango, blues, they all have a basic form)
                          What basic moves do you lead with the same?
                          How do you encourage her to follow? Most American girls are uncomfortable with the deep listening and abandon that these dances require. I'm struggling to develop my own listening to their levels of comfort, trust, relaxation...

                          Another thought: on dancing vs. walking.
                          In walking you move your feet first then bring your hips over the support that your legs provide. Dance is initiated and led from the core. It gives a very different feeling.

                          And another question: On mixing dance and PU.
                          Some girls turn me on while dancing, others just turn me on to dance. There seems to be no correlation between their skill as dancer and my hornieness. Anyone else noticed this? It's like some scents or timber of voice turn me on for deep, unconscious, personal reasons. I'm curious if others have experienced this, if it's the same for women, if it's reciprocal???? I don't have enough experience/data on this.

                          P.S. Love tango music, but not the dance. Love salsa dance, but not the music. Swing it's my newest obsession. Danced to a wide variety of music, playful distance, push-pull (literally!), flexible, creative, etc.
                          Can't get enough of it:


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                            Nice input! Can comment on 2 of those:
                            -Tension AND release are both very accessible through dance imo. (Verbal PU is like a car with weak engine. Slow but easy to keep on road. Dance is more like an Italian sports car..)
                            -Deep connection solved: SEXUAL STATE! (USA is socially superficial/disconnected. Sexual state cuts through that like a lazer.)


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                              Good points. Makes sense. I like the engines analogy.
                              Sexual State is more accepted in the club setting, I suppose. Heavy flirtation is accepted by everyone as part of a fun night out. I'm afraid it could get me kicked off the dance scene where people are a lot more judgmental and mainly focused on improving their dance.