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    Go latin I literally picked it because Salsa its the most popular social dance in the world, with swing being right behind it. Its sexier and flirtier too. I can travel to any city in the world and have something to do that is a shit ton of fun.

    However, in my scene the white girls are there to meet latino men and latinas are there to meet non latino men, a very strange dynamic.


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      Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
      Whoa dance material on WWW is awesome and endless!

      Trying to make sense of what is out there:

      Quick step
      Paso doble

      Rhythm & Swing:
      West Coast Swing
      East Coast Swing
      Carolina Shag
      Collegiate Shag

      Latin Swing:
      Lindy Hop
      Swing Boogie

      Latin nightclub:
      Cha cha

      Reggae Dancehall
      Nightclub Two Step

      In most latin scenes, Salsa, Cumbia, Mambo (honestly its just salsa lol), bachata, tango, merengue, zouk, kizomba are part of the same scene. Most all Salseros will dance Bachata and merengue also, and a huge portion of them will do zouk and kizomba as well.

      Much of the dances you listed aren't really social dances but ballroom dances. e.g. there won't be clubs in every city where you can just show up and dance with random girl.


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        Yeah I figured that some are 'serious' and some are 'casual'.
        Just wanted to list all in order to inform myself, though.

        PS watched the whole series on merengue on howcast the other day! Very nice.


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          the last time i went out dancing a guy asked me whether i am spanish, since i danced like spanish girls do/in a spanish way.. is that a thing? and is that a compliment or not?


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            Originally posted by Kit View Post
            the last time i went out dancing a guy asked me whether i am spanish, since i danced like spanish girls do/in a spanish way.. is that a thing? and is that a compliment or not?
            hahaha MINI-COLD-READ!!! :P


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              dunno, it didnt make sense to be a coldread.. the guy asking was spanish btw

              he seemed honest :')


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                Originally posted by Kit View Post

                dunno, it didnt make sense to be a coldread.. the guy asking was spanish btw

                he seemed honest :')
                lol im sure its honest and not a technique. just fun to see

                spanish girls are more "into" the dance, feel it more, are more sensual in a nice intimate way, more relaxed in it. enjoying it more and meets us men more in that whole enegy they dance with -
                theyre kinda soft, connects nicely and easy to lead - a pleasure
                its a huge compliment and one that could indicate a certain subtle move into something more suave/intimate imo.


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                  So you would say dancing in a spanish way would be 'relaxed'- 'enjoyment' - 'energetic' - 'soft' - 'connecting' - 'following/flowing'?
                  dunno, i thought it would be more about hip movement or something, but that doesnt make sense either when looking at typical spanish dances :')

                  at the flamenco i just see a shitload of hand movements and feet/leg movements


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                    Originally posted by glow View Post
                    hahaha MINI-COLD-READ!!! :P
                    Indeed well spotted!!
                    I often ask "Are you from city X?" Will try "Are you from Spain?" It is evidently great.


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                      if it was a coldread he should have tried it at someone of his own age.. i dismissed him almosy immediately

                      dunno he was honest, it was a fair question considering my hairs could have been of a spanish girl


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                        Flamenco is southern spain and very exitential dance thus huge emotions- its not imo how we see spanish women stereotypically - its more gipsy than spanish tbh. variations of flamenco cantravel in many emotional directions dependent on the type of flamenco chosen.

                        look at shakire in this video at the end when she dances w prince royce - she dances how i see spanish women dance (she is purposely stiff in the dancing in the middle of the video) but softens at the end when with prince royce)

                        they dance the spanish version of bachata here - a softneded suave version very diffferent from the original fro mthe dominican republic.
                        in the end shows what in referring too when she smiles w him and relaxes at the end it comes closer to the suave softness i see being typical for them that i know spanish friends refer to too.

                        not the best example since its very shortly displayed at the end. but didnt have time to find a better one


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                          Went to a tango class.. It was fuckking interesting seduction wise!!!

                          I think if you truly dance the tango you can make guys and for guys girls, truly make a very strong passionate bond with them..

                          I think it's more with the tango than with the salsa and bacchata after this intro class.
                          Because tango gives more freedom to move away, but that also means more freedom to come closer and 'fight' each other by way of speaking?
                          it felt more like a passionate fight as well as a dance as well as that the guy leads but also not in a way?

                          it felt 1000 times more palpable

                          i tried introductory salsa and bacchata classes in the past adn with bacchata i felt more like it was less focused on the individuals and more focused on the lust
                          with salsa it was just.. practise, dunno, did seem nice, but also not very personality dependant
                          while tango seems way more personality linked


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                            i would agree w tango if you wanna learn "containment" and delayed gratification type energies key to arousal generation and seduction. or rumba. the impact on people watching and dancers is that of a great foreplay.
                            i personally get a migraine from tango music.

                            just to provide some perspective

                            dominant energy overview:
                            Tango, latin chacha & Rumba is foreplay and has a contained sexual tension suspense buildup in the connect
                            Salsa is like sex (wilder ravishing energy) - some are more sensual than others (souldancing versions/mambo)
                            kizomba is often like having slow connected sex - full body connect lead ( no ec, deep slow rytms)
                            Sensual Bachata can be both but most places its crap and cheasy ( but in reality its a couple dance to some of the greatest boleros using jazz, ballet, bachata and many which would tell a dancer about the feelings and quality at play) dances in its construct would make any dancer understand the with of it and the height of quality of feel one can get )
                            bachata dominicano is fun and feelings around love but somehow less seducitve for me due to how it uses the music

                            within each youll find finer contours of sex or more trashy ones. But the above are more dominant.
                            in general tango and rumba provides an air of sissle to it that makes it very alike the seductive process pre sex. when i dance sensual bachata i slow it down at times for this feel where most women smile and look down. but i also speed it up to "ravish" her at times.
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                              The great thing about salsa or bachata is their versatility and applicability to the dance floor. You can go full latin if you like which CAN be badass, but you can scare girls off like that or look a bit overkill, or you can incorporate subtle elements of them into a basic hip hop 2 step or normal groove. Hip hop combined with bachata style leading, stomach to stomach gyrations and twists etc is VERY powerful. Here is a great example (keep your eyes off the girl watch the guy)

                              Notice how he enters with a sort of body pop hip hop groove when solo then glides in, going stomach to stomach and leading.


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                                This is exactly what Ive been thinking. I have friends trying to make me join swing, but I feel latin has so much more to offer. (Also, the way I dance with girls currently, is a little bit tango'esque.) The more I consider it, the more sure I will flake on the swing crowd and go join latin courses on my own.

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                              I think last thursday there was an older guy who wanted to dance bacchata with me
                              I wasnt sure about it but watched vids of the bacchata and am pretty sure now XD

                              really, first i was like 'hell no' then i figured he was actually dancing some dance like the bacchata maybe, so decided to give it a try
                              But it seemed like sensual too much so decided to move away xD
                              he kept looking and trying, i just wasnt sure it was a real dance and not some way to get to move sensual/get aroused -_-''
                              wonder what would have happened if i tried XD

                              but concerning the bacchata: for me it seemed too close especially with someone you don't want to go to bed with rIght away
                              which i try not to do 99/100 times nowadays xD
                              anyway the bacchata seems tough to me to do as a real dance, didn't feel like i could take it seriously without classes, just a few moves i could actually distinguish as moves that didn't suggest grinding or were not only based on following I think although I do think it's hard to know what to do 'extra' without classes (like extra feet taps on the outside or turnings.)


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                                Had to ghetto-link (N.R.) for time skip. Entire vid is nice though. My personal tip is holding distance for even more than one song, as a way to tease.

                              • Kit


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                                Thanks for your comment ijjjji, good to know there is something on it. Yet i dont trust most guys to follow on it.

                                Guys and not trying more is just a nice wish for me but not really something i can trust upon
                                Last night i just started dancing with a guy and even while he said he agreed on not getting closer or trying anything, he kept coming closer to me and trying to kiss. It"s freaky how hard it can be to get a no across. Thankfully he happened to be the only guy interested in me last night

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                                in the closer dances its an issue most places. If youre new to a scene - 1) observe alil & 2) talk to other chicks about who the creepers are. get the other girls to point out the good dancers and dare go a closer there also to learn what good close connection is.

                                some organizers are focussed on this and explicityly have policies against it as it has been a problem in many of the dance circles.

                                the other side of it is that in some dances like kizomba and zouk - body leading is key and body-to-body connect IS key to the dance. a girl that holds away here ill leave as fast as possible, even if theres a break in the song where i can exit. Theres a transfer of getting used to this for most people. this makes it hard for newbies to know whats ok and whats not.

                                we dont gyrate bellies etc,
                                we dont grind her from behind crotch to ass
                                we dont put the leg in between the girls leg and manhandle her pussy

                                For hip lead type dances (most of the latin):
                                on the front i push my hip bone towards her center pelvic area - certain part of the hips that are key to body movement for her
                                or i lead it through her upper body
                                im always a lil to her side using my right side of my body more in the place i connect fysically w her
                                on the back shes always on the side my leg towards her back left side eg - so im a bit diagonal to her - again leading her with the front/side of my whole body not just my palvic area or alike
                                means the connection is in specific parts eg chest to upper back, fron/side of the leg towards her leg/side of her hip

                                hope it can help a little