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    Originally posted by Whirlwind View Post
    The great thing about salsa or bachata is their versatility and applicability to the dance floor. You can go full latin if you like which CAN be badass, but you can scare girls off like that or look a bit overkill, or you can incorporate subtle elements of them into a basic hip hop 2 step or normal groove. Hip hop combined with bachata style leading, stomach to stomach gyrations and twists etc is VERY powerful. Here is a great example (keep your eyes off the girl watch the guy)

    Notice how he enters with a sort of body pop hip hop groove when solo then glides in, going stomach to stomach and leading.

    Cool vid
    i danced w her a few times this summer.

    The entrance you outline is very good with girls close to or in a wilder (sexual) state, party girls who are woooved by flamboyancy. or if its a dancer like the chick in the video who is used to proximity.

    in general i would go more slow in the getting close buildup w most club or bar girls since its to carefree level engangement for most.
    just my 2 cents

    A few more advanced pointers to people who wants more nuance to the hows - calls for knowing dance at a serious level but might give some ideas/understandings:
    1) its not stomach to stomach its his right line of the male body against her centerline focussed on the HIP with his right arm holding her in frame - this allows for a less invasive "escalation" and less "grinding" type engagement. Notice how he is placed a lil to her right side/his left and not straight on her. this makes all the difference as 1) it enables you to actually lead her 2) its not grindy (displays a brutality)
    2) i go forward slower in by establishing a lead first step by step as most girls do not want to be controlled too fast - check earlier videos ive show on it where the girl gets comfortable - i use techniques to establishing leading through her forearms allowing a more soft slide into a more sensual state. its a softer way of engaging her. means the route to get close body to body has more steps
    3) .43 and forward is a lot better way of moving in fully close imo with regular club girls - most sexual escalations should be done in frame by leading her whole frame in circular motion in double tempo - not the lower parts - it will immerse her a lot more to be softly lead like this as it reminds her of sex in a better transgressive way. again its not belly belly but frame that enables the close connection and the lead allowing for proximity and tension to grow immensely while moving her around without the release of kino specific moves.

    im still exploring these things on club floors lightly but it bores me to dance w normal girls, so i dont have shitloads of experience. Im more of a using it to escalate vibes in seductions already going on type. but the above pointers have come from successes of how i transferred my skills to the floor combined with various inputs from eg sleazy and a few others.

    maybe we should make a thread on this to get some meat on that topic?
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