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Beginner level *low effort* first step towards fit & shredded !!!

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  • Beginner level *low effort* first step towards fit & shredded !!!

    TLDR: Skip to bold sections.

    1) Make first meal at least 30% animal based foods.
    2) Body weight squats a few times daily.

    1 - Assuming you eat cereal or baked goods with a glass of juice for breakfast today, this will have an ENORMOUS effect!! It basically reduces hunger throughout day by not kicking you into blood-sugar-rollercoaster-mode. Without this, other efforts like exercise and eating less, will simply cause you to eat a lot more of all the wrong things, ending up as one of those who get fatter and fatter in the wrong places, the more they try to diet or work out. By extension, its ideal to get started with this for a few days, prior to starting with the squats.

    2 - Its good to get well started with 1, prior to starting this. Squats are the best thing you can start doing, that requires zero equipment, space, time. At the same time, they are very low risk of causing joint pains and injuries. Print (or draw) a picture of squatting, and pin it to the inside of the door to your toilet/bathroom. So that each time you are about to leave that room, you have to do 5, 10 or 20 quick squats. By habit, this will extend to toilets in school/workplace etc.! And here are the BW squat basics:
    -Find your best/natural jumping position leg placement.
    -Reach forward with both arms as you kinda sit back into an imaginary chair. (No need to go deeper than chair height imo.)
    -If still unsure, YT is your friend. Quick example - see bottom vid.
    -With time and increasing strength, you can vary into 'hard core' squat types (lunge, 1-leg squat etc. again, check YT.)

    If you are not into fitness/diet stuff already, this will have such a tremendous body effect early on, and also function as an easy spring board into more advanced diet/exercise regimes in the future! And look how little effort this requires! Practically zero!