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  • Fixing *anything*

    Life is full of things that beg you to take some sort of action. Some are simple, indicating exactly what needs doing. Others are more vague. Im here to share how I tackle the latter. (Please avoid using it to procrastinate when a task is already sufficiently defined to carry out though.)

    Since birth of Google, finding solutions have become tied strongly to knowing the 'right' words. My technique for this, is expanding each word into a cloud of words, through word association tools. (I use mainly those offered by online dictionaries.) Then using all the words in that cloud to carry out a multitude of online searches. The resulting search-result-archive, is then used as a site for mining/extracting specific ideas. Rest should be fairly self-explanatory, so here we go:

    Phase 1
    -Outline area for endeavor to take place
    -Expand word-cloud for that area, using word association tools

    Phase 2
    -Broad search/research harvest & continued word cloud expansion
    -Extract all ideas from archive of search results
    -Word-cloud narrowing & idea-redundance elimination, using a mind-map tool

    Phase 3
    -Focused deep research and idea-refining
    -Further reduce word-cloud and eliminate idea-redundance.

    Phase 4
    -Compose/design steps

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    Can you demonstrate this with a more specific example? IE. I have this problem with my dating or maybe even financial. How does this then work?


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      Recreating the process for some of my recent successes with this, would be a lot of back-track work. But Ill try documenting it a bit the next time I do a big research.

      The core principal is simple though. Imagine googling "loneliness".. versus googling majority of words found in this word-cloud:
      (Also note, there is no limit to how large you can make these clouds, repeating the process for new words inside the cloud, and also adding particularly interesting words that pop up in searches.)

      These clouds have another property, aside from aiding searches; When you look at them, the subconscious mind starts making certain words stand out. (Best way I can think of describing it.) Its as if the both the subconscious and the creative parts of the brain get really fired up by these clouds somehow.

      (Mindmapping is a topic of its own, but here I use it more as a way to shuffle and chunk things together.)


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        Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
        The implementation part is simply this? This is "how to thoroughly research on google" not "how to fix stuff." Good stuff though man.


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          Ah you noticed.. always the keen eye, PE! Yes, single word just to (intentionally) illustrate the main point of it all:

          Feeling lost -> (sense of) knowing exactly what to do.

          (I was not gonna mention the following; I always experienced a sense of 'simple clarity' using this. I can only guess its from intentionally 'muddying the water' early on, creating the subsequent sensation of pulling order out of chaos.. but its no voodoo though. Just a structured way to ensure 'sample size' and good 'post processing'.) (Speaking of muddying the water.. same on forums, noticing how great input I get from others if I raise subjects/questions in a very vague way. As if vagueness is the spark that ignites the creative mind..?)

          Point taken though! 'Implement' still requires adequate capability. And as for making sense out of clouds of words in the first place.. that requires real life experiences that makes the 'dots connect'... So yes, there is absolutely no magic pill, and I should not have made headlines to the contrary!


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            Perhaps a less verbose description would be better. Something like:

            1) Pick a subject/area, extrapolate a related-words-cloud and do a broad search.
            2) Extract doable suggestions, and repeat the process for those.
            3) Finally, compose your own list of steps based on it, and start implementing from the top.