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Take ownership of other people's emotions

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  • Take ownership of other people's emotions

    I am posting this here, since it is not directly seduction related, but it had huge impact on my life and may enrich yours too.

    I feel like normally you take ownership of the emotional states a woman is in when you are together. About two months ago I have decided to go out of my way a and extend this onto everyone in my presence and make sure everyone is feeling at ease and comfortable.

    This simple change has cut out massive amounts of annoying bullshit out of my life instantly. Not only it does that, but it also positions you as the highest status person in the room, since you are being protective of the others.

    Try it for a few weeks, see how it goes, maybe report back with results...

    - Jaques

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    Being generous, to give for the joy of giving and without expecting anything back, that is a hallmark of a high status person. But don't take ownership of others feelings, don't be anyones mom/baby-sitter (that's annoying), just be caring within reason and spread good vibes and then relax and let people handle themselves.


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      Jaques, could you elaborate exactly how you take the ownership in a situation where one ore more persons are in bad mood or not feeling great?

      Stargazer, I think I disagree. Its good to be annoying when taking ownership, because then that person realizes they need to straighten up, to get you off their case.


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        Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
        Jaques, could you elaborate exactly how you take the ownership in a situation where one ore more persons are in bad mood or not feeling great?
        I'm not Jaques but maybe I can offer some insight here.

        There's a technique I use called pacing and leading, I've touched on it in previous posts. In that scenario you'd first show understanding / empathy with her suboptimal mood. Then once she feels like the two of you are on the same page, relating to her pov, struggles or whatever, then you lead things away from the negatives to wherever it suits you.

        This technique can be used to reframe obstacles, change topics, moods and a whole lot of other things too.

        On the other hand, while it is important to own her emotions and the feelings of whoever finds themselves talking to you. I'd also say it's worth watching out for people who are just plain old debbie downers. Those people who're always in the worst mood, depressed and / or whining should just be cut off permanently.
        “You know I cant hear none of that spend the night shit... that kumbaya shit”


        • ijjjji


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          Makes sense. Make them feel noticed/appreciated, prior to offering alternatives. Thanks!

        • Jaques


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          I don't think I could put this better