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  • Bachelor pad tips

    Hi guys, first post.

    In June I will be moving into a studio apartment, and I am looking for ideas on how to create a bachelor pad with an atmosphere that will make closing the deal a bit easier. What are some basic ideas not just for making a place female-friendly, but some things I could add that would be good reasons to get a girl to come back to my place. Plausible deniability is my friend, and it can only help to have a "reason" for a girl to want to come back with me.

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    I'm growing a couple of vegetables under grow lights, plausible enough for some women to want to come see (talking about not being dependent on grocery stores for food given gas prices etc.) Also, take up cooking, master a couple recipes (especially fancy sounding ones) and play it like 'I'm just cooking Filet Mignon tonight, I could use a hand.' that's literally the only two things that have worked for me so far. Style wise, limited seating besides a small couch and bed would make escalating contact that much easier.
    "I am a sexual animal, my bone always rises to the occasion, it is long and strong and lasts all night long. Girls I fuck become lovestruck slaves of my penis." -Silvertree


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      Originally posted by Gaarth View Post
      Style wise, limited seating besides a small couch and bed would make escalating contact that much easier.

      At my last hole-in-the-wall pad, you'd walk in...aaaaand just a mattress.
      No sofa, no couch. Just semi-double mattress on floor. Japanese style.

      At my new digs I will have a proper double bed and a whole house full of empty rooms.
      The challenge will be to ensure that girls don't try to sneak moving in without paying rent.
      I will put locks on all the bedroom doors. Including my own... so it will be almost like my old pad.
      What women want: A man to care about


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        Here's a few tips I highlighted in a thread I started about What your bathroom conveys to women

        Originally posted by Dimebait View Post
        Mine says: I can't wait to wrap myself up in these big (seemingly) expensive bath towels after I get out of his shower after fucking this guy, and yours should too!

        Things a guys must have in his bathroom:
        • Super large, thick fluffy towels neatly folded like a spa
        • Thick comfy CLEAN Terry Cloth Robe (I actually never wear it)
        • Baby wipes on back of the toilet (she'll feel compelled to freshen up that cooch, thus feel more comfortable coming out of those panties)
        • Small scented lit candle (it only burns when I have company over)
        • I keep an iPod in my bathroom cabinet playing soft jazz (again, when I have female company)
        • This should be a no-brainier, but keep it CLEAN, w/ the faint smell of cleaning products looming.
        Bottom line, chics will inevitably use your bathroom. Its pretty much the only time they'll get to visualize the reality of fucking you. Sure she's probably imagined what your dick looks like, or what you look like w/o a shirt, but this is the time where she can have realistic visions that make it much easier to lay
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          the ultimate bachelor pad

          Girls and friends always joke that I have the ultimate sex room so the following tips based on my bachelor pad should give you an idea

          First of all you have to get her to your apartment, although most of the girls already decided if they want to fuck you or not giving her an excuse to come over to a "sex location" in your case you room will make her feel less guilty as it just happened.
          Some field tested stuff I used in the 7 years that I was at the university:

          - a Wii console, girls love to play on that even the older ones.

          - a big tv screen but I prefer a projector for turning my wall at the opposite of my bed into a big ass tv screen. Girls will cum over all the time to "watch a movie" classic!

          - a Hookah, when I was still smoking a lot of chicks would join me after a night of clubbing to smoke some "hookah"

          - Photo's on your wall of places you traveled to that you "have to show"

          - an animal girls love (don't buy it if you are not into it of course) When my friends dog had puppy's so many women wanted to see it, those puppy's were like pussymagnets...

          - a special kind of drink that they have to try (Belgian genever, absinthe, special cocktails you can make, etc.)

          - Stuff you want to teach her that you are passionate about: playing guitar or in my case show her how to dj with vinyl.

          - Special art if you are into that and have the money

          In your apartment:

          -Have some surround pc speakers that can play some "sex" music which is coincidentally playing from your itunes when the girl enters your room

          - Have some dim lighting, I use christmaslights around my bed too

          Make sure that all you big lights are "broken", In my case it's not even a lie

          - No chairs or if you have to have some put stuff like clothes on them
          A sofa is better than chairs, place it close to your bedů and of course you have a kingsize bed with silky satin sheets. Don't forget to install hooks for your handcuffs...

          - Lot's of pillows, either to sit comfy or to pillowfight with

          - (Scented) Candles for a nice atmosphere (and smell)
          Have some Incense sticks, close to your massage oil because 1+1=3

          - A condombowl in sight

          - A bar with different bottles of alcohol to make her "that" special kind of cocktail.

          - If you have the money or enough room: A pooltable and a jacuzzi

          I also have posters of a sexy guy and a girl laying on each other on a carribean beach (just to play with her mind) I also have an interesting bookshelf filled with books about psychology, massage, sex, traveling, chocolate, cocktails, food, etc
          And I also have some hats, angelwings and stuff to dress up "hanging" around because girls love to do photo shoots and I love sexy girls


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            Cannot stress enough the importance of a clean bathroom, ESPECIALLY THE TOILET!!!! Get a toilet brush and have it next to the toilet. Get in the habit of giving the bowl a quick scrub after taking a shit EVERY SINGLE TIME. Seriously, it takes all of ten seconds. Girls will thank you for it.



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              you're the reason she's going to your place. so work on you.

              have the shit that represents what you're into and who you are.

              do you play music? do you work out? do you travel? do you cycle/run/hike/backpack/kayak?

              really the basis is a comfortable bed with clean, soft sheets, a decent comforter, and the desire you have for each other.

              stop doing shit for girls and do shit for you. clean your bathroom because it's good not to have a disgusting bathroom--not because girls like a clean one.

              really you don't need a whole lot. just some details.

              extra toothbrushes, tampons left over from your ex, soft toilet paper, some options for body wash/hair care.

              i'd also ditch the tv, video games, and other lame distractions. if you gotta watch shit, curl up and view it on the laptop.


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                Gridlock, you are correct for the most part.

                I hate country music, I won't play it if one of you told me women enjoyed it. I'm not going to buy a dog just to attract women. However, I'm also not that particular about things like lamps, the color of my towels, etc. For instance, not including too much seating just works for me since I'm only moving into a studio. Also, I can tell you guys this much just from my college days:

                Have a mat near the door for people to take their shoes off. The apartment I lived in while in school, I always kept a small mat nearby. If a girl won't even take her heels off, hell how are you supposed to get her pants away?


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                  I like these threads.
                  Can we get some pics?
                  I'll post some of my place in a few days, but as a general overview of my digs:

                  Basement Apartment:
                  low ceiling = low decor
                  two vintage hifi speakers with 15" subs and a turntable, hooked into a receiver which also connects to my pc (hidden under futon)
                  futon with dark purple fleece coverings and a sheepskin fur spread (shit is comfy)
                  jet-black hand woven shag rug
                  bar-style granite counter dividing kitchen from living area w/ visible assortment of liquors and wine
                  small white washroom with random facial hair trimmings around the edges
                  bedroom: kingsize bed, drawer with condoms, and a candle. Not much walking space


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                    what works for me is keeping it clean and uncluttered.. I am more into the spartan look myself!


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                      Well I hate the notion that you would need 'help' from your pad to 'seal the deal'.

                      To avoid your pad OBSTRUCTING lays, it simply needs to have a minimum of tidiness.
                      (As pointed out already.)


                      Having said that, its nice to have
                      - a laptop w/internet for movies.
                      - frozen foods that are easy to heat/prepare.
                      - vodka and champagne in fridge.


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                        Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
                        Well I hate the notion that you would need 'help' from your pad to 'seal the deal'.
                        100% agree with this. And the rest of your post.

                        Way too much thinking going on in this thread. It's your pad - kit it out for you. Not for girls. You make it too nice for her she may never leave (!). What you think girls carry bags for?


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                          A bit on the sideline.. I really want a hammock! If you get a proper hammock, its supposedly better for you than a flat bed for sleeping. (My back hates beds in general!)

                          Besides I think it will add an amazing touch to the whole 'feel' of my home.

                          Have to do a bit of engineering though. IIRC you have to vector calculate for the angle meaning the tension on the hanging points will be far greater than the weight inside the hammock. That and finding the proper distance (ca 3m) between two walls in a suitable location. A nice little project.


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                            I've moved into a new place recently and although it's very small (25 sq. meters), I've already started decorating the place. Some guys don't mind living in a hole as long as it gets them laid, but I genuinely like living in a cozy place that I find aestethically attractive. If it appeals to girls, all the better.

                            Anyway, here's what I'm gonna do:
                            • Get rid of those ugly generic beige drapes that were already here when I moved in. I'll probably replace them with wooden blinds like this:
                            • Get rid of my generic bed sheets and buy some cool dark blue/purple satin sheets. What better way to make my room look like a love nest?
                            • Install ambient lighting behind desk, counters, bed, TV etc. I've already ordered some LED strips from EBAY that will allow me to do this fairly easily and make my place look like this:
                            • Get a fishtank that glows in the dark (I live in an earthquake prone area so perhaps I'll reconsider this):
                            • Get a nice big widescreen TV
                            • Put some cool plants in certain locations to fill visual gaps and complete the whole picture
                            • Place surround speakers in appropriate spots that will play smooth jazz when a girl walks in
                            • Put some cool vintage posters on my walls... right now they're plain and look very boring.

                            This shit costs money but if you like living in a nice place, it's totally worth it.


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                              Quick update: I will be moving next friday, and have everything in my apartment by the following Sunday. I will post pictures, mainly as part of the visual log I plan to keep of my development. The biggest issue I've had with women, in all reality, is a fear of success. Living with a rather overbearing parent, I actually was scared that I'd actually have a chick so into me that she wanted to me to go to her place or to mine, which was impossible. Finally having my own apartment fixes this.