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    Originally posted by Dosh View Post
    Turns out sweet potatoes, which happen to be one of my favorites, are high in vitamin A
    Wow thats pretty high :O Wow I heard good things but didnt know SwPotatoes were this awesome. Keep in mind that those are all beta-carotens, which the body has the ability to convert to vitamin A via a rather complex process. The conversion can be effective or not, depending on other factors, so I would have a look into that if its my main source. It may still be a good idea to replace the D pills with D+retinol pills to be on the safe side. (iirc, Qulue has read up on the carotene-retinol conversion, so maybe he can tell you about it!)

    Since you are now interested in the subject, there is a rather interesting article series on WAPrice called Vitamin A Saga.

    Edit: has a number that suggests around 8% utilization of carotens. Here is for 100g skinless cooked SwPot:

    Vitamin A 15741 IU 315%
    Retinol 0.0 mcg
    Retinol Activity Equivalent 787 mcg
    Beta Carotene 9445 mcg

    This 787 mcg of retinol (theoretical) is 52% (not 315%) of daily recommended dosage.. so there seems to be something not quite right about the way they calculate the vitamin A values of carotens for marking?


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      Yes, beta-carotenes are more or less useless. Listen to the debate between Chris Masterjohn and Greggor. Not only is the rate of conversion small and not enough to survive on, but only a certain percentage of the population have the capability to convert it in the first place.

      There's a reason people were eating liver and onions once a week back in the 50's...

      @Dosh, eat liver instead.
      The Qlue, simple perspectives on life.


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        Qlue, thank you so much. If there was a way to rep, I would totally rep you for this.

        I've experimented with putting live on my cheese burgers. While liver on its own tastes great once you get the frying time right, I find that liver tastes exceptionally great when mixed with bread and butter. (I eat super thin buns with my burger sometimes, since my IBS has been unnoticeable lately.)

        Another thing I came up with, is frying small cubes of liver together with minced meat, for risotto type meals. (I just up fry the meat and add some pre-cooked rice at the end..)

        Since I learned that men should be careful with iron, I rinse the cut pieces in cold water to remove most of the blood.


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          Tanning affecting mental ability
          (Something I have very much noticed myself.)