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Banging 18-21 year olds (night game)

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    "Granted I wanted to fuck a whole bunch of the club" _Impulse

    So, then do it! This is some m-w/ white knight thoughts honestly. Break social norms and provide a ridiculous sexual adventure for some hot 18-21 looking to do that.

    That's what comfort is for, and understanding archetypes, sex talk brings out her fantasies. Just because she's a young woman, doesn't mean she isn't a woman in her sexual prime looking for adventure and fun. I'd guess it'd be easier to bring back a group of girls that age and have a great after party.
    In Ictu Oculi


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      I've got an 18 yr old high schooler as my favorite FB at the moment. She's captain of the volleyball team and got her braces taken off a couple weeks ago. She says she's never been fucked like me before (easy to achieve with an 18 yr old tbh) and likes for me to call her my little high school slut as I fuck her with my big 38 year old cock. Hotness and a mutual win/win. Why deny yourself?

      Originally posted by Impulse View Post
      SI guess any relationship with a super young girl has to be based purely on sex..there would be nothing else worth pursuing apart from that. But yeh, probably im just full of bullshit. Thoughts?
      Yep, mostly based on sex (and weed, and ordering delivery during sex breaks). I've opened her up more sexually already and she gets a thrill from the idea of bondange. I'll start lightly tying her up next time, break her in slowly over time so I can enjoy the whole thing unfold more. You can have a good 1-2 yr FB type relationship built solely on sex, ESPECIALLY with a young girl for whom everything is a first. Such a fantastic relationship to have a hot lil thing coming to you for her sexual needs and exploration.


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        Originally posted by Impulse View Post
        Thanks guys, you're right..this is what I need to hear...shes a woman in her sexual prime, and im just buying into society's bullshit big time...I guess I need to take more of a "red pill" and be outside the social norm here
        I'm almost always with exceptionally younger girls, recently (as I've crossed the age of 18 x 2) half my age or LESS (18 year olds are 20 years younger). I'll go out in public with them all the time in a "couple" looking way, I like to hit breakfast with girls sometimes when they stay over. No one seems to bat an eye at me being with an 18 year old. I'm not OLD looking though. . I'm a fit health stylish young-looking guy for whom it makes 100% sense that I'm with a hot young girl, there's no "creepy" even from a societal standard place, at least if you don't know our numeric ages (IE we look like we make sense together at a glance). If I looked old or gray or unstylish or flabby it may be different (I try to stay inside the bubble. Let me clarify that its the the Tina Fey definition of "bubble" I often reference, so ijjjji doesn't come yell at me (read first part of the "plot" section):

        Not sure this is even a blue pill thing? Or maybe I'm just so far gone by now. . in the red pill corner of the world where everyone is super chill, non judgmental, minds their own happy business with a smile as the cultural norm.

        Originally posted by Impulse View Post
        in fact im probably MORE attractive as a guy in my early 30s than if I was their age
        Yes. This is an actual scientific fact too, not just a rhetorical "in fact."


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          Originally posted by Impulse View Post
          Yeh personally I dont think anyone around here would care if I was with a young girl..I dont look that old but I do have a little facial hair...If I talk to an 18 year old theyd probably say I was like 24..but if I talk to someone in their 30s, theyd think I was 36 just depends on who you're with really.
          There's a good 15-25 year period in life, from 20s into 40s, where you can simply maintain a "young adult" look (if you take care of yourself) and its true, your age could be guessed anywhere from mid-20s to late-30s depending on the context. I've found if you fall into this category, no one in "society" will second guess a thing based on how you two look together. If you don't trigger "old" then no one's thinking anything.

          Originally posted by Impulse View Post
          PE: Do you tell girls you're real age, and how do you handle that? Are you having to lie at the start until youve got a relationship going or what?
          I have to say age doesn't seem to really come up except for online where its already announced (and on OKCupid I actually play the age difference to my advatange in a screening/polarizing fashion. Online = polarizing screening game for me, that's the only good use of it). Generally my conversations aren't interview style and so nothing I'm saying will lead them to ask the question of "age." A lot of girls I've fucked from day or night game, even ongoing FBs, probably couldn't tell you how old I was.

          I own it though when asked. You have less than zero to worry about here at 31, enjoy it man! Plenty of time coming down the road where you're going to actually have to worry about age. I ain't there yet though, and I'm 7 yrs older than you. Do NOT waste your 30s allowing yourself to feel old.


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            Err, just start with a couple conversations.
            No need to get all bull headed and insecure that you aren't able to have that frame you are used to.
            You shouldn't be more than 51% sold on a girl initially anyway, still plenty to ruminate on and work through in the flirrting process.

            btw, be aware that this post of yours screams "I was wildly uncomfortable"
            It isn't cuz of the girls obviously
            Its something in YOU that is making you all pent up

            What do you think its source REALLY is or could be?


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              this reminds me of a sticking point that I conquered returned that I was having.

              originally to get really good at game I had to transcend societal conditioning. It was me against the world. Once I conquered it and became elite I got all the accolades that came along with it.
              The props, the respect, the results. My ego snuck back in and I was now 'the cool guy'. I abandoned my 'weirdo' identity that actually helped me be indifferent to other people's societal conditioning bullshit.

              crazy how lessons that I thought I internalized slip away under my feet whilst trying to get other parts of my life handled.

              I was with an 18 year old last night and yeah it's largely sex based. When I picked her up we barely did any talking and just listened to music till I brought her home. Society cringes at that cause 'women are more than just for sex'. Well if your additional character traits are worth more than just sex, that should be apparent and you shouldn't have to shame us into wanting your 'character'. *eyeroll*

              fucking annoying how people think they can actually have an opinion of what men want. I want what I fucking want lol don't tell me what I should want.


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                Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                Yeh definitely dude....I was wildly uncomfortable...Im trying to pin it down..but I do feel pretty insecure about my appearance even though I get a lot of women checking me out...I want a 6 pack and believe I should have one, given the number of years ive been working out, I really should have a 6 pack.

                Im not fat or cant see anything when I have a shirt on...

                So, im massively improving my diet and trimming down a lot to get that physique. Im tired of having these love handles and jugs and it just makes me look like a way better than that, and itll give me proof and evidence that I am attractive. I guess I believe on some level that the interest women give me is unfounded, because deep inside Im not accepting of my body with the belly..which I see and loathe every single day

                Apart from that, yeh subconsciously on some level I still have a lot of shit floating in my head about Ive said elsewhere I have no problem getting wildly checked out by women..last night I can count a whole bunch of women eyeing me up big time (including a cracking little 9 blonde in a high end club which I would have fucked the shit out of). A lot of the time I just freeze and switch off when I get checked out big time...totally hate that when it happens
                So you are self referencing too much,

                Thoughts are a funny thing, they kind of stick to bullshit really easily if you are in that kind of mood.
                But they can be like teflon too in a slightly adapted mood, you just gotta know how to keep your headspace focused.

                I think a lot of guys don't want to control their focuses cuz they want maximum reward and indulgence in possible success.
                But you have to stop thinking from THAT perspective, cuz its clingy (and extra loud and uncomfortable to compensate for that fact).

                There are SOME sacrifices that occur in preperation phases to enter the right mindsets to get laid.
                Not soul draining ones or anything, just things you have to be willing to do EMOTIONALLY, upfront.

                I used to call what you are going through "look-itis"
                Cuz curing it is the same as curing oneitis, you just reduce the frequency of thoughts on the known subjects. With oneitis its kids, marriage, gooey fantasies in your head, you don't let your brain focus on those things and it'll short out the oneitis. With looks based obsessions, you flag things like "oh I wonder if she thinks this is weird looking" etc, and stop yourself thinking that.

                THEN after that is done, you start to develop a rapport with the venue, chill out for twenty minutes and just "feel" the place. Don't slink into a corner awkwardly or bounce around with a narrow mindset, just, feel the place's sort of rhythm.

                Then, you casually look at girls, IF you are scared, avoid looking at them directly until it starts to feel easier. Then slowly work on building up a friendly impression of them. One where things will go well between you and them, where there is no danger of abrupt weirdness.

                Then, just kinda blur things out a bit, mingle, have fun,
                Do some joking around, flirting, get into the fun of it.

                If you do it that way, along that curve, you'll always kinda immerse into the process
                But if you like go at it like a bull you'll crash through things and feel stupid

                Its a headspace thing. Its actually quite manageable. You just need to get proper bearings and not lean on stupid dependent/crutch type thoughts.
                So no blamey stuff on chicks, no self disrespect, no random inner monologue that is yelling or paranoid.
                I mean typically, the fears are,
                - oh shit I'll be too aggressive/loud/uncalibrated (then make it healthy/normal)
                - ah crap a giant void of doom is waiting to suck me up, I want to give up (obviously that is a headspace thing, stop pressuring yourself, get some food or something, it isn't the end of the world, chill)
                - irrational fear
                - wanting to overthink
                - needing to complete a mission (no missions man, just do something cool or on point)

                All that shit is an illusion,
                You just need to get to where you start seeing sense
                Like a normal, happy, friendly reality where things will go ok :P
                Nothing big

                Just start at a few words, jokes, kicking the can down the road a bit with her
                Open up to enjooooying it, don't get too tied down
                Mingle a bit so a state warms up, then balance your headspace out again so its not all wobbly or stupid but has a normal common sense to it
                Then once you have that second fun foundation, you use that to go ahead and spice it up



                Evils bubble clip thing to save anyone the search


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                  Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                  Yeh to be honest getting into the fun of it is what I did, and then the bullshit thoughts died down a lot..I got into the rhythm and started around on the dancefloor and stuff..and got into the loosened me up
                  Yet you are still freaking out a bit from it? Then that is a containment issue

                  But I still froze when a group of chicks were checking me out big time and they were blatantly interested
                  Just lightly chuckle and smile a lil
                  - like I probably made solid eye contact about 10 times with them.
                  that there is your problem, you wanted it to be secure... You don't need ten looks, one or two glances and you know, the rest is just about taking it at your own pace, don't sit in it or grab at it
                  .and it was ON, and I still froze...I hate it when that happens and its keeps happening.
                  It being on, means you need to feel like its going to happen smoothly too. Otherwise its just getting ahead of yourself
                  I was even wagging my tongue out at them and they loved it..thats part of my sexual prizing game, where I show myself as a calm sexual being in a club (instead of just a horny guy). But still I fuckin froze
                  trying to prize them into seducing themselves, well yeah, that aint gonna work. It isnt a game of points, where at the end of the night the guy with the most points gets the girl, you gotta talk to them or dance with them or interact up close :P

                  I dunno why it happens..but I guess down deep inside I still dont believe I can have these women...some weird psychological self-image stuff going on there.
                  Lol, no, its absense of enough speed. Its like water skiing, or riding a bike, at really low speeds you just sink into the water or topple over, that is no good, you need at least a coasting speed, then you swoop in and say hey
                  And I can originate that from a pretty bad one-itis when I was a teenager
                  has nothing to do with that chick
                  ..and that seriously scarred me (probably my first real negative experience with women) - and on some level that self-image is still there. Otherwise why am I freezing so much still?
                  absense of skills :P
                  Thats not normal behavior..sometimes my friends are like: DUDE, THAT GIRL IS CHECKING YOU OUT! YOU IDIOT, DO SOMETHING!! And im like, FUCK! Im frozen!
                  well, even I used to freeze when put on the spot
                  It takes some logistical juggling to do things right away that you wont have for a good while
                  so don't do it in pressured situations
                  Take some of the pressure off, think about the one thing you wanna know about her, that one itching question, nawing at you, stoppinng you from figuring her out
                  Then think of a way to elicit that info from her,
                  Visualise it going friendly and chill, and don't be hyper, and do that

                  I guess it goes back to gunwitch's advice too - get horny thinking about having sex with her instead of wondering what state your in etc


                  To get moving, what I normally do is just start talking and talking - even if the person isnt listening at the bar or something, i'll still start talking just to get my mouth moving instead of being in an introverted kinda mindset
                  you gotta stop doing it the dumbass way though
                  there are real skills here
                  develop it properly
                  Thats what I did..I went to the bar, started talking some crap about how crazy the club was, talked to the bartender a bit too and just talked about everything and anything to loosen up a bit

                  I think the type of venue didnt help cos it was a high end cliquey type of club with everyone dressed up..but that again is all mental bullshit and me buying into the frame of the supposed to be the red pill guy
                  lol, "red pill guy" and who the fuck is that?
                  Most guys suck balls
                  Some don't, and the guys that don't, lol aren't "the red pill guy" in their head, that is way too pretentious
                  Of course that'd fuck you up

                  I guess I really need to take some more red pills lol..I need to be a bit more outside the matrix. I mean at the start of the night I was in another bar and running sex talk game no problem (ive posted that in the Teevster thread) - so how I ended up on such a negative spiral through the night is kinda scary
                  Down spirals happen, dont dwell on it, watch a comedy show or sometthing when you get back and shake it off llike water off a ducks back
                  No biggy

                  MANAGE YOUR FOCUSES
                  (notice I quickly lifted each focus up and away from stupid, you gotta do that in your own head, and not be emotionally against it)


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                    Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                    Its funny you say that, you're right it is an absence of speed..its a movement inertia issue. This is exactly why ive found that doing a morning power walk helps so much with AA - it practically eliminates 90% of it..because your creating movement from your initial inertia (which is when your asleep), and that momentum still carries you on through the day - it goes back to Newtons law of motion- an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by a net force.

                    This is why I believe my fundamentals are shakey - I havent conquered early rising and thats a key fundamental I believe is super useful to get in place - from experience it cured 90% of AA and worked wonders for my game

                    But then again ive had times where I didnt have anything like that and still got laid. Thinking back, my best non-needy, purely game lay first happened when I was like 21..I was about 3-4 months into the community by that time. It was running standard MM and purely canned material on a Danish girl, and it just all went plain sailing. And I didnt have any of my fundamentals in check at all. It wasnt a fools mate because I was intentionally bouncing her and running material to enhance her buying temperature etc..I was practically fucking her in the club in the corner and then got her back to mine.

                    Granted I had the benefit of alcohol then so that could be maybe why. But other times ive been laid i just find myself making out and going home with a girl really easy without any of the mental baggage I get on other nights...its hard sometimes to determine the "why". Strange how seduction works
                    How realistic do you think it is that power walks are how to have momentum?


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                      Originally posted by thecostofsuccess View Post
                      How realistic do you think it is that power walks are how to have momentum?
                      Actually pretty realistic here. Your morning routine has a fairly significant impact on your overall day.

                      In fact the very first thing that came up on a Google search of "morning routines of successful people" was a morning walk.


                      "After that, she embarks on a hike with her husband and dogs through the Marin hillside of California. While this may seem like a nonessential step in her morning routine, Goldin says it's absolutely crucial.
                      "Without my hike, I feel unbalanced," she says. "I need this time to clear my head, connect with what I love, and center myself so that I can handle any challenge that might come up in the day ahead.""


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                        Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                        Haha^ I know it sounds crazy but it works! Its working for me..but it has to be in the morning after you get up...its newtons law of motion

                        The motion from the walk helps generate a "momentum" which helps you talk to people when you go out at night - it eliminates 90% of AA - field tested many many times.

                        Im not saying its a requirement - as I said I got laid without doing any of that shit - but I had the benefit of alcohol then. Now im doing everything sober..I wont go back to drinking (plus I drive).

                        The few things that have genuinely helped me in a club environment are:

                        1. Morning power walks
                        2. Self image exercises
                        3. Right brain emotional feeling (which is what you taught me btw, getting into the rhythm and groove of a place and feeling things)
                        4. Social lubrication - just keep talking to people in field
                        5. Being with a solid wing
                        6. Alcohol/drugs

                        Otherwise what tends to happen to me in a busy club is you get stuck in a corner, no speed, no social momentum or anything...having had that happen for years I kinda figured out what the triggers were.
                        Well if you waste your time telling yourself that then it might get in the way of new info
                        If it helps you keep psychologically focused, ok
                        But its too rough and hyper to be reliable in a pinch

                        Maaaybe you have something that mildly ups your percentage chances of things going well, ok
                        But is that all you want?
                        Seems a bit dumb to make the statement it is, like you are trying to "cult" believe your way into being passive and "happy"

                        Its ok if it annoys you man


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                          Interesting dialogue between Impulse and Cost!

                          I get the point, what is better, a method that is directly linked to the activity - the steps cosy named to slowly slide into a better immersed state


                          some random activity in your day that helps you "beat AA" - the power walk example

                          I get that cosy asks you 'how realistic' it is that you will get momentum
                          I get you'd take care of it in field as much as possible... why?
                          1) You will control all factors by yourself, it gives you a better feeling of controlling yourself
                          - you are facing the stuff as soon it appears, you dial it down or up and learn to monitor yourself and adjust accordingly while taking pressure off
                          2) If you do random activities, that are not as contingent, you will face more chaos on the way still, but you never found a way to deal with this chaos
                          - Taking a walk before can help clear your mind, but it gives no guideline how you will behave once bullshit starts popping up in field again, you need a clearer method for that, as cosy suggested, cause else you still have a higher chance of being a headless chicken once chaos appears, even though you took that walk that 'fixes 90% of AA' (not to be antagonizing, but I just wouldnt ever phrase anything like that myself)

                          See the difference? Cosy is giving a more fool-proof method to face bullshit and fears in the moment, and have a plan ready how you can get on track
                          You try to hack into things, but you won't have answers to what to do once something will be different (you can never 100% fix that, but a rough guide is good) - if you rely on hacks and crutches, that will happen, if you learn how to adjust your behavior in your environment, so you can get more structurally immersed, you will feel more control

                          hope that was clear, it struck some chords for me


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                            Originally posted by Jack Gignac View Post
                            originally to get really good at game I had to transcend societal conditioning. It was me against the world. Once I conquered it and became elite I got all the accolades that came along with it.
                            The props, the respect, the results. My ego snuck back in and I was now 'the cool guy'. I abandoned my 'weirdo' identity that actually helped me be indifferent to other people's societal conditioning bullshit.
                            hahah, I can totally relate to that.
                            "There is a fundamental difference between men and women. To ignore it means to suffer, to experience it means to love. To understand it means seduction."


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                              I'm all for those activities by the way, such as morning walks / cold showers etc - but not as something to claim it will fix AA completely... to me it's a bit more intricate

                              When you wake up, I believe, you are in a depressed state (over-relaxed could be another frame), it's far from taking action, I have witnessed this myself... if I don't do anything too soon I will have an utterly unproductive day.. If I prime myself for action, I will feel more motivated and engaged, just cause I CLAIM ACTIVATION from my body and mind... by the activity
                              You have to somehow break through the initial depression, (I am also not a morning person), that's why people take coffee and can be productive, it's their hack to over-ride their initial depression and set the body in motion

                              I enjoy things like cold showers, yoga, do a little work in morning, to break through the "action barrier"

                              However, if you rely on those tricks, to beat AA, it will still not give you that real state control, that you can learn in the moment

                              So again, that's why I think for purely seduction (not the whole picture) it's very important to know how to face bullshit in field and gain momentum to not worry about limiting beliefs and gain new experiences that can change your perception later ("I CAN ACTUALLY BANG THOSE YOUNG GIRLS NO PROBLEM, I JUST DID IT YOU SEE")


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                                Originally posted by bazoom View Post
                                I'm all for those activities by the way, such as morning walks / cold showers etc - but not as something to claim it will fix AA completely... to me it's a bit more intricate

                                However, if you rely on those tricks, to beat AA, it will still not give you that real state control, that you can learn in the moment
                                Yeah activities like that won't beat AA but they'll definitely help give your day some positive momentum.

                                There are guys who have claimed to beat AA (though I'm pretty sure its always temporary-state reliant, often with some sort of pre-PU ritual to help anchor the temporary state), and of course finding out how to achieve a specialized PU state of no AA is good stuff, but I ultimately don't see this as THE goal. At least for me.

                                For me personally, the goal is to permanently operate within a positive state where saying to myself "dude get over it and just go do it" is all I need to go do ANYTHING AT ALL I may be resistant of, including approaching girls. Because this is a trait I need in business and other aspects of life too, and that I like to have in general, like when my friend takes me cliff jumping and dares me to go first even though I've never been, I wanna be the badass that does it because I can tell myself "dude get over it and just go do it" and then actually do it. THIS is what I personally try to maintain, this level of self control and self discipline. (which is where ongoing discipline tasks like maintaining a 6-pack prove beneficial to me, they help me maintain this state.)

                                This type of longer term ongoing state doesn't beat AA as in I don't ever feel AA. . but it beats AA in that I'm able to say "fuck it" and approach anyway, in spite of feeling some AA. Same real world result: I'm talking to the girl instead of walking.

                                Morning routines definitely help with momentum in this direction in my experience, they create a controlled and disciplined start to your day that require you to say "dude get over it and just go do it" right off the bat, usually rewarded with an endorphin boost. Primes your brain in that direction.