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women holding eye contact at you big time but going cold on the approach (part 2)

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    -Yeah EC can actually go fuck itself, if you ask me Completely unreliable!
    -The alternative: #39
    -Help me vote it into HoF!
    (I think it was Stargazer who called it 'stumble' over girls. I'm sorry I dont have link to his post about it though.)
    My method: Say "Hello" or "Wow" > shy look > starry-eyed look > spamming cold-read-compliments + feather light touches


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      I don't have any problems dancing and taking a girls hand. I rarely ever get the fob off. I usually invade her space, start squatting and swaying up and down her body, and then take her hand.

      I think you are reading too much into eye contact. In fact, I don't like reading into anything a girl does any more, because it generally doesn't mean fuck all. Unless my dick is inside her, I am skeptical of every signal she gives out.