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Shadow practising (attn: ijji and night gamers)

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    Sports are more mechanical, pick-up is less mechanical

    Sure, visualize better habits, so you will be more aware once it happens in the moment and it's easier to do the "right" thing

    However, don't become too mechanical and get clouded vision from over-preparation

    - BL, EC, vibe things (Ricardus girlschase x-factor series)
    - a better alternative for things that you need to work on cause you clearly repeatedly make errors (one or two things at a time)

    Focusing too much on verbals beforehand tends to make me stiff and rigid
    Same for trying to predict/control a pick-up

    Still best to have in-field awareness, and recognize stuff on the go

    Sports and PU overlap but still remember PU is way less mechanical
    If you need correction, pick only a few and work on that for a while

    PU is way less predictable, so remind yourself about what's really worthwhile to "drill"
    What behaviors are fully in your control and don't depend on others reaction


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      Visualization is the best. I would probably not 'practice' on my own unless I noticed varied reactions. (You kinda need another person in order to vibe)

      If girl responses are varied, the best thing you can do is:
      -Put laptop so that camera is eye height.
      -Turn on recording.
      -Walk over to the laptop from across the room, and strike up a conversation.
      -Keep in mind that you must look in the camera for eye contact.
      -Watch the video. You will get a real sense of the vibe you are giving off, which can be super useful.

      -Record yourself squatting to check if your form is good.
      -Record yourself posing in front of a mirror, then pick a frame for POF picture.
      -Record yourself from all angles, to check your posture.
      -more ideas...?