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Open Direct or indirect for nightgame in 2018?

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  • Open Direct or indirect for nightgame in 2018?

    Different PUA's have very different views regarding the correct way to approach a girl and it still seems to be about a 50/50 split in terms of 'direct' vs 'indirect'

    They are each very adamant about their way being the best.

    Some coaches claim direct game is only for good looking dudes.

    Others claim that direct game can work for ugly dudes aswell, because the very act of being direct shows confidence and thus 'creates' attraction in the girl

    Some claim you need to be very indirect and aloof and not show interest in her until she does first, and even then, you need to pretend that your interest in her is based on her behaviour rather than her looks

    Some claim that they used indirect for years, and were shocked at the increase in their success when they decided too adopt much more direct game

    Some say ''going direct isn't even game''. Pure 'fools mate' and that indirect is the only way

    Some claim to get great success from VERY direct game such as the 'shock and awe' method where you spend the whole interaction almost as if you are super taken aback by her beauty - The idea being that girls get turned on by 'desire'
    Lets agree that a male model should probably always go direct since with such good looks, he can get almost any girl without using any 'game' whatsoever.

    But for the case of a regular dude, cold approaching in maybe a bar, do you have particularly strong views EITHER WAY In terms of whether direct or indirect is superior?

    Also, to be clear, for the purpose of this thread, i'm basically saying 'direct' = opening a girl and telling her you think she's attractive, basically.

    I tend to mix it around. I'll go indirect most of the night and when it's getting very late, i'll throw a few hail mary's and do a few very direct opens.

    I'm in the UK for what it's worth

    I'd be interested to hear what your opens look like, and if you wouldn't mind, a little bit about how you 'follow them up' in order to kind of 'hook' them after a minute or so.

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    I dont do plain direct. (I wanna fuck you) I sometimes do robbie willliams style playful sexual staredown. More often I just compliment, kino and smile a lot. Im no model.
    (Terms direct/indirect are too black/white imo, hence the conflicts. Reality is mostly shades of grey.)


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      I prefer indirect can do whatever you want ,but what you cant do is mixed to the two up. Like go indirect ,with direct body language and or go direct then run things indirectly.You gotta open direct indirect without a mixture or you will comprise the opening.


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        Originally posted by Grodmeister General View Post
        but what you cant do is mixed to the two up. Like go indirect ,with direct body language .
        Actually, this is exactly what LOTS of PUA's advise TO do! (Open indirect, but with very direct, flirty sub communications)
        It really does seem like every single thing in 'game' is disputable lol


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          well for those systems go for it ,but that opener you wanted to run the drug dealer one .this direct subcommunication is EXACTLY what got you those bad responses!!!!


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            These days I just use "so how is your night going" and then follow up based on her response, if there is a stall in convo I use open ended questions like "tell me something about yourself" "what are you passionate about" "what do you enjoy doing, what makes you happy" "what do you do for fun" or do some cold read about her.

            Some more commonly used lines :
            "So how do you know each other"
            "do you like to travel"
            "if you had a lot of money, where would you go / what would you do with it"
            roleplaying stuff like "if we would get married...( fill some joke, future projection etc )
            Compliments like "so you did x, it means you are as smart as you are sexy etc
            Joking like she is trying to seduce me "ok we can do x, but my clothes are staying on ! "
            do you like to read, do you like to dance, whats your favorite song etc..
            Whats the craziest thing you done this year ? in your entire life ?


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              The point of the opener is to open. It doesn't get the girl hot and bothered, and unless you're way off socially when you do it you won't ruin the interaction either. Don't worry about it too much, and don't look at direct and indirect as mutually exclusive concepts where you have to work one way.

              Good luck.


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                I have found situational openers to be the best, and they can be both direct, as in compliments for example, or indirect (I usually lean towards indirect though). My directness usually comes very soon after the opener, where I will give a strong SOI, followed by switching attention away from the girl in order to not seem too eager or needy.

                Sometimes I just ping girls, making quick comments to see if they bite, while I am on the move in a mingling fashion. You can always return to them later during the night.


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                  Stargazer how does those mingling openers work for groups and mixed sets , I say that cuz 90 percent of the people there are in groups , last 2 times i went out actually I never seen a lone wolf in the bars and clubs ?????


                  • Stargazer


                    Editing a comment
                    You only approach your target. If you feel the need to talk to the whole group you can do that after you have established a conversation with your target. This is easiest accomplished with the girls who are less engaged with their group.

                  • Grodmeister General
                    Editing a comment
                    bad bad bad gonna get interrupts that way ......just be loud and you get the whole group, neg the target to the group(they join in and make fun of her) there is your attraction !!!! ....

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                  One of my approaches to this

                  Degree of directness or not depends on my read of her state/vibe + setting. Point is it depends on the girls state and the situation in front of me.


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                    Eh I tend to like indirect mostly but always depends on the situation. Sometimes you just need to grab a number and be out.

                    For the mixed groups I tend to find a way in to the group by not talking to the girl I want and then once Iíve hooked the group I make moves on her.