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    hey guys i was on my way to the club, so i decided why not describe what i do pre-clubbing which is a must, last week i had a dude call me 50 times cause he was going to bang a girl and wanted me to supply him with a boner pill, my point is he was unprepared and called me 50 times desperate last minute.....

    In this video I talk about all the things I do before I go clubbing to guarantee a high probability night of success when going out to do cold approach pick up. I had to shoot in cartoon mode due to night lightning (my bad)

    Here is a checklist:

    1.- Grooming.- Beard, hair, nails, eyebrows, chest, armpits, ears hair, nose hair, chest hair. ( Beard theory video at the end of this video)

    2.- Car.- Clean, not smells,neat and organized in case you pull.

    3.- House.- super clean and organized, specially bathroom were i explained it is the first thing women check.

    4.- How i get after a hard work of logical working in the mood before going out by listening to funny stuff or pick up material.

    5.- Multiple accessories that I have available in my car, wallet and house which include condoms, lip balm, Listerine breath strips, boner pills, glasses, baby wipes, sex toys,hand sanitizer, energy drinks, wine etc...

    6.- motel/hotel or places to pull (Isolate the girl to sex) logistics.

    7.- Healthy mood enhancers such as dark coffee seeds, maca etc....

    p.s. please notice how i do my version of grandmaster style which i use a lot in my seductions with women....Though the video is not about grandmaster style


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      important shit and something I hope every potential Pua keeps in mind ,dirty car dirty home equals no pussy!!!!

    • Skills360


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      well not really "no pussy" if she likes you a lot but it will make it a bit harder.... Remember project hollywood was messy.... My wing primo house is messy too.... women forgive if they like you, but yeah if the dude is new he better have shit clean...

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    New video

    -How bad I was at dancing and how difficult it was for me to learn it due to no youtube, no seduction community, no mentors, no youtube tutorials or seduction books.

    - How I learned in a matter of days modern dances such as shuffling, the millie rock, the floss, the pipe etc...

    -How i got started in seduction by watching romantic movies, then by modeling a black natural player named #1, with street game/day game and why I transition to dance floor game.

    -How I gamed in the streets over 20 years ago (pre beepers and cell phones)

    - How my style of dance floor game was developed consisting in none verbal communication and physical escalation and the why.

    - Why not to listen to most seduction advice on dance floor game and examples.(Such as learn salsa advice)

    - What to do if you want to learn fast.

    - why the you can't dance is a myth, there is no such thing as a bad dancer or someone that can't dance.

    - How i learn how to do tricking, and flips in my mid 30s, so age is not an excuse.

    --Now a days is really easy to learn how to dance fast due to youtube tutorials on any type of dance and how by following some of my principles you can transition them to seduction.


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      This is a continuation of my previews video (Last entry -before this one)

      - My crazy intro (intro game is important, all of you old schoolers that used to be in private chats with me, remember my crazy chat room intros/openers now they are video intros/openers just lol)

      - A mini review of the previous video reviewing how I used to game and what lead me into dance floor game.

      - The events that lead me to find the seduction community as a natural.

      - How I created a seduction crew full of natural players.

      - Why I got out of Miami.

      - How I met a game changer that was not into me (remember back then I was a bit blue pill still), got needy which lead me to David D. Angelo Double Your Dating after getting spam with the top 10 dating mistakes that men make while dating, here: this is something I was suspecting I was doing wrong instinctively but I did not understand the why. Then bought the book, game the girl and moved with her to West Palm and lasted 10 years with her.

      -As a joke while on a Barnes and Noble date she show me the book the game, I read the book and join the wrong forum. (In other words the real players were in Masf, I joined mpua forum since I had no idea of Masf). Here is part of the book free: ( The original is 9 hours)

      - How and why I chose the name skills360.

      - How I was so happy at first to find the seduction community since I realized that there were guys like me out there (since all of my former friends retired, getting married and the likes).... But soon, How I could not get along with anybody in the mpua forum.(A bunch of nerds)

      - How I almost quit the community till I met warped mindless.

      - How fighting with Tva_oslo at the time, now teevester in a chat indirectly got me to research and write a book.

      - How I notice that 99.99% of the books did not cover dance floor game.(Not even any of sleazy book on club game, well a quater of a page on the subject and I had no idea what he was talking about in his club book when it came to dance floor game)

      - How I got really popular in Mpua forum and one of my dance floor game post was one of the top views posts with 120,000 views and people requesting me to make a book on the subject.(And it was in a buried sub forum and not the main forum)

      - How is amusing to me that most dance floor game gurus are Asian, while in 20 years I have never seen an Asian pick up girls at a club live. (Of course one of the best seducers, Daigoro who is mod here, is Asian but I never met him in person)

      - The books I recommend for loud club game and that are most applicable to dance floor game. (60 yoc for outer game and Models Mark Manson inner game) here is a free preview of 60 yoc https://60yearsofchallenge.files.wor...ation-vibe.pdf

      _ The seduction forum i recommend

      -My take on the seduction community now a days

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        New video about Halloween, based on tagz post

        Halloween is a great night to go out and meet tons of women and possible get laid. In this post I am going to make some general observations and probably give some general tips about Halloween...

        Unfortunately the bad first:

        1.- A lot of average to ugly women will look super hot in costumes.- Yes super short high skirts, high heels, corsets, make ups, push up bras will make some mediocre to average girls go up at least 2 to 3 points.

        2.- On the flip side some HOT girls, will paint their face or get costumes that hide their hotness.

        3.- Parking is going to be bitch, the same as time of arrival to the clubs. -You will have tons of problems getting stuck in traffic, finding parking and getting to the club.

        4.- Following number 3, If you get in for free you may have to pay.-Owners know this is a money making night, so intentionally they will put staff that is not usually the regular bouncers to make the most money possible.

        5.- FIGHTS.- All places will be extremely crowded, more drunks than usual, in some costumes you can not really see, women practically naked and people bumping into each other, so there more likely be more fights.

        6.- Hard to escalate sexually.- Some costumes make it really difficult to dance, and sexually escalate in club game.

        The good:

        1.- For some reason women find Halloween as an excuse to dress super slutty, take lots of picture, and the state they are in is fun/adventure.- These conditions conductive to get laid.

        2.- A lot of women that are not club women out.- So the more women out, the higher the possibility of us hooking up.

        3.- Bitch shield is a bit lower in hallowing.- For some reason women are a bit more friendly and is easier to open or get open in Hallowing.

        Some tips.-

        1.- Use a costume that is funny, a bit creative, unique. This will allow you to open women easier or get open easier, if the costume subcommunicate a little be of "sexuality" in good taste even better.

        2.- Do not be overly aggressive.- tone it down, though women are sluttier, friendlier and dress almost naked in hallowing do not be so aggressive till passing her hook point (the point of the interaction when she rather you to stay than to leave).

        3.- If you have a hot body, try to use the type of costume were you can show a lot of your body.- ex. Gladiator, Chippendale etc...

        4.- Try to use costumes that show your face(no mask/no painted).- That way the girl know how you look like, is better for dancing, making out etc...

        5.- Try to use uniforms. Women love uniforms, police, firefighter, top gun etc...

        6.-Be creative in the convo. related to your costume and take the convo. into sexual subcommunication.

        ex.- I was dress up as a doctor for work ( I know lame, I did not care, is work):

        hb: omg that so cool a doctor.

        me: i am not just any doctor I am a Gynecologist.

        ex 2.- I was dress up as a cop and I open:

        me: with you look suspicious, you most be carrying conceal weapons on you, let me do a strip search.

        7.- for some reason men dressing as women is a bit of a hit, but I have never seen it much translated to seduction, but is really easy to open dress as a woman.

        8.- Bunch of guys teaming up with costumes is fun and really cool. Ex.- a bunch of dudes dress as women, or a bunch of dudes dress as refugees from a boat from Cuba.

        Note.- Halloween is a good night to meet women but not to get laid, many factors contribute to this:

        People that are not regular club goers
        Women are more in groups
        Women are more into attention whoring mode
        clubs/streets are more chaotic than usual
        With that being said for women prospects and women you are talking to or women that went radio silent aka missing in action a good time to ping.

        A good ping that works for me is: "happy Halloween, for Halloween I will dress as _____________(her name) future lover.


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          Guys new video with the First ever seduction community 3 some rap. (something is wrong with my phone since pure evil and his production company has not called with a multimillion dollar contract, i am so confused)

          - A heart art made of wine corks made and given to me by one of the girls i seduced. Here is the story written by her on how the seduction happened

          - I talk about the clubs I recommend for consistency no matter bad conditions (such as sausage fests) and the why. This is the link i mentioned about club sizes and which one I recommend based on your skill level

          - Why club distance is important logistically but more importantly for repetition and becoming a regular. I also reference this video to watch if you have bad logistics.

          - Why i could not relate to Good Looking Loser night game post were he talks about how most people that get laid in night game is from after parties. But then, years later, i understood the why? since he is talking about 2 am venues and why I recommend 4-5 am venues, but what to do if you have no choice.

          - Why Spanish clubs are not ideal due to the courtship aspect of Spanish clubs. But, to still have them in your club arsenal but pick the ones that play a lot of reggaeton.( 50% of songs ideal)

          -How teevester and other seducers have success in high end clubs. (Gay clubs too). But, my main problem with high end clubs.

          -Main things I look in clubs (music, price, distance etc...)

          - At the time of the video the top 40 chart songs

          - Revolutionary lifestyle design describing different clubs


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            Guys new video short and sweet:

            - Please pay attention to my story telling and how I use my version of grandmaster style. If you want to learn more about the grandmaster style (I use grandmaster early on in interactions switch to second generation verbals on closing interaction).

            - I show how a girl I seduced long ago keeps the napkin flower I gave her on her fridge (that is what inspired me to make this video, seeing how that retarded flower was kept by her and a lot of other girls have also kept them for years).

            - Step by step on how to do a napkin flower, please check my previous tutorial on how to do this though mine is more simple and practical.

            - I explained to NOT DO THIS on the opening, hook point or any other part of the seduction other than when she is already into you or seduced and ready to go.

            - I explained what to do and say after you finished making the napkin flower. "is not much, but is mine" and put it on her cleavage with no hesitation.


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              Guys new video...

              Christmas season (winter holidays) are the worst time for pick up and seduction. Some of the reasons:

              - Women are more depress during the holidays. (But not in the world in Latin countries is the opposite a good season)

              - Women are more emotional

              - Women do not like to go out in the cold

              - Women do not go out much, specially to clubs, exception New Years. (31st)

              - Even in warm environment in United States such as Florida is still bad for seduction.

              - Women are more stress due to shopping, gifts, they reflect on the lack of accomplishment of their goals, weight gain etc...

              - Statistic show highest break up times in the winter and also 44% suffer from holiday depression.

              - How some players get rid of their rotation during the holidays due to women neediness and to avoid buying gifts, meeting the family and the likes.

              - After the 5th year with my ex of 10 years, she would try to break up with me every year. (She broke up with me in December). My theory she realized "no ring" "no marriage" "still clubbing" "what the fuck i am doing with this scumbag"

              - Online dating responses drop drastically and how the online
              dating guru blackdragon recommends not to do online from November 15 to January 2 or so.

              - How you can use this situation to your advantage, but even so the volume way lower.

              complete break down:


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                Guys new video, I could not cover colez masculinity theory cause i got tired....(I will cover in the next video)

                - Pay attention to my story telling style and how I use my own version of Grandmaster style (sexual trolling) which I always use in my interactions.


                - I cover what in MY EXPERIENCE I believe is the difference between being aesthetically good looking (100% out of your control, mainly genetics) and being attractive (100% in your control unless extreme cases). To understand what is aesthetically good looking you can go to forums such as (former puahaters) and channels such as Looks theory

                - I clarify the myth of "women are not as visual as men are".

                - Then I cover with breakdowns based ON MY EXPERIENCE how and aesthetically ugly guy like me can become very attractive:

                Such as hygine, muscles, style, humor(specially sexual humor), dance moves (specially sensual dancing), being blunt/honest/polarizing, self amusement, sexual competence (book I speak about is "Sex God" by rose) , unpredictability, ambition, leadership, manliness, game (attractive behavior that yield the highest % probability odds based on experience)

                P.s. notice the thumbnail Zack Effron (aesthetically good looking) and the rock (attractive but not aesthetically good looking)..... women will prefer the rock (rock won sexiest man of the year, and he is 46)


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                  bro , on your STORIES tension and suck the audience in slowing down and pausing a lil bit at the punchline ......and cutting some of the wording (too many). That can be a great banter piece and a decent gambit for StimulationI in the OSCA model ..not sure how you can add dhv spikes to it though,

                • Grodmeister General
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                  i wouldnt intro into a story like that either ..i know it sounds like im talking shit but im glad you post vids of you doing stories i can give an example of how to story tell ...hell i might re record the sperm bank story ....with the improvements im suggesting!

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                Hey guys new video

                - First ever male ejaculation rap (my phone must have issues since Dr. Dre has no called)

                - In this video I talk about my experience with my involvement with the anti-seduction movement and my vague recollections of events (disclaimer.- This is opinion, speculation, vague recollection since it was more than 8 years or so.)

                - I talk about different personal branding that can be used for seduction and the why it works.

                - I give examples of some seducers’ personal branding/style/niche based on my years on forums, testimonials of people hanging around the people I mentioned and the likes. (Disclaimer. - This is highly speculative and in not means is 100% factual)

                -I talk about with what type of game, women and situations this works and why it will not work for all personal branding.

                - I talk about how the Colez masculinity THEORY/HYPOTHESIS was born since the puahaters at the time were male model worshiping (no homo) and my personal experience and OPINION on it…. For those who do not know this is the colez masculinity theory:

                “Masculinity theory, also known as Colez' masculinity theory, is a theory of physical attractiveness that regards a masculine appearance—in both face and body—as the most important quality to a man's attractiveness. This "masculinity" usually refers to the robust bone structure and muscle mass. According to the masculinity crew, the ideal man is tall, big-framed and muscular, with prominent brow ridges, a wide jaw and a broad face. Another ideal is the mascthetic look which emphasizes both a masculine appearance along with facial aesthetics.

                Proponents of masculinity theory include the masculinity crew, also called Colez masculinity crew or the Colez biker gang. There are some subtleties within the masculinity crew. Some, like the member CruiseControl, asserts that a relatively short midface is masculine and therefore attractive. Others within the masculinity crew assert that the overall broadness of the face is what matters, regardless of midface length. CruiseControl also states that a long chin is unattractive, while some others within the masculinity crew disagree.


                The general male population believes in some sort of "masculinity theory" in regards to looks. Men tend to believe that body matters as much as face, and that facial dimorphism matters to a significant extent, just like how it matters in women. Thus they will deem "pretty boys" as unattractive because of their short height, small frame or relatively feminine faces.

                Ideal height

                The masculinity crew member CruiseControl states that individuals should not be too tall because taller men look lanky. Also taller men tend have "elongated" faces with long noses, which are deemed to be unattractive by some men. According to CruiseControl, the ideal height is between 5'11"-6'2".

                Indeed, scientists have shown that taller people have elongated faces.

                Pretty boy bashing

                The masculinity crew is known for bashing the so-called "pretty boys" like Justin Bieber (2009), Hayes Grier (2014) and Francisco Lachowski (2010).

                Views on sex

                Taller, larger-framed men are not just more attractive but they're being perceived to have higher status.
                They're being perceived to be more dominant.
                Being dominant in all areas, including sex.
                Being more forceful when trusting his penis in and out, WITHOUT EFFORT.
                Being able to throw a female around, WITHOUT EFFORT.
                Having more stamina, WITHOUT EFFORT.

                While the short male has to make an effort during sex.
                Having a weak trust.
                Getting tired easily.
                Not pounding as hard in result.

                Sure, a short male could throw a female around and "dominate" her all he wants just like a tall man.
                But it isn't the same.
                The short guy has to go through GREAT EFFORT to do this.
                Sure, the manlet could be as forceful when trusting his penis in and out, but WITH GREAT EFFORT.
                Sure, the manlet could throw a female around, but WITH GREAT EFFORT.
                Sure, the manlet could have more stamina, but WITH GREAT EFFORT.

                But too much effort is a turnoff.
                Like how being a try-hard is a turnoff.

                Women are attracted to bullies because they're dominant.
                But it's not just dominance, but EFFORTLESSNESS.
                Knocking someone out is attractive.
                But being able to EFFORTLESSLY knock someone out is even more attractive.
                Far more attractive than the manlet who has to go through great lengths to win a fight.
                The EFFORTLESS man is more attractive, even if both men will win.

                The KEY to being perceived as EFFORTLESS during sex is being a tall, big-framed man.”

                Newer studies have found that facial masculinity matters relatively little. Complexion matters more.
                The ideal physique is smaller than what most men think is ideal.[7] Also the optimal bodyfat level is 12%."


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                  Another video with my Christmas present to all of you.... If you do what i tell you in the video, you will definitely get laid....

                  - I was in trolling mood that day (dunno why), so sorry about the intro.

                  - A method that i have been using for years in Holidays to get laid in holidays and even in crisis such as a hurricane.

                  - An opener that I use in December with success or during banter (you do not have to use as opener).

                  Happy holidays (enjoy guys):


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                    Hey guys I decided to make a video for New years, since there are a lot of parties and clubs, this is an easy move that you can learn EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A DANCER OR INTO DANCING, i broke it down like a baby ....

                    -Special guest intro. By Depeche Mode with song Enjoy the silence (remixed)

                    -why i consider the floss the best move on 2018 (to open that is,specially groups that are mixed sets)

                    -how i accidentally discover the move and brought it to the West Palm Beach club scene.

                    - how i seduced one of the hottest girls that was not into me with this move.

                    - Why in my experience is the easiest move to open and how to do it.

                    - Advance variations of the move. (optional)


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                      Hey guys new video on fundamentals....

                      -Introduction with a true virgin story using my own version of Grandmaster style

                      - Why I recommend to go out ideally with 1 guy and maximum 2 guys vs a bunch of dudes.

                      - Debunking going out solo and how some of the best seducers such as Steve Jabba, Gambler, Todd and others prefer it.

                      - Why the top guys only hang out with other top guys, and a bit of my experience with my wing primo. (Here I talk about teevester, pelusita and subserge or whatever his name is) here is the teevester story i talk about

                      - When is Ideal to have a wing and Todd video i reference on the subject (he is 100% correct)

                      Here is my opinion on the advantages of sarging with guys:

                      1.- if they are attractive then guilt by association you will be attractive since you are with them(same tribe)

                      2.- if they get girls then some of those girls have friends and women have group mentality so if some of them hook up you may hook up…

                      3.-You look social if they are cool and like you are having a good time which is attractive

                      4.- Sometimes all of you challenge each other and compete and it makes you more confident in some cases and forces you to approach and hook up.

                      5.- they can drive so you do not have to.

                      6.- You spend time with friends you enjoy and bond…

                      7.- If the dudes are social and good with women will help your learning curve and technique since is a live presentation of pick up, real time.


                      1.- If they are low statue/value whatever you call it or making mistakes in their game constantly you may get the guilt by association and you may be looked as low statue by some women.

                      2.- If you want to go to another club, party or you hooked up, they may bother you or not let you since you drove or they are your ride, so sometimes is decision by the group which kills some of your freedom..

                      3.- sometimes a bunch of guys together will have trouble going in, into a high end club, the too many dudes not good for the club syndrome..

                      4.- if they fight (only takes one of the members you have to jump in)..

                      5.- if they are limited amount of women, you may have to fight for the same women, and for a dude, for example like me, i do not compete, it may fuck with my game.

                      6.- ^ follow up which is a continuation of 5, when i am with a girl i do push pull, so i am aggressive sexual, then i do take away, and ignore and step back and no pay attention sometimes to raise buying temperature( if you do not agree irrelevant i am trying to make a point), sometimes while doing something like this, your friend may fucked up your game by stepping in. For what i heard some rsd people do shit like that to each other, which i think is retarded, but anyways..

                      7.- If they are having an off night or full of negativity or they put you down, it will affect you…

                      8.- If they suck at getting girls or being social, you will learn bad fundamentals, bad technique etc..

                      9.- Sometimes envy or guys trying to high jack your success or put you down, even your friends. For example i had a friend that for years use to tell girls i was a player behind my back and i never knew it ( so he can play good cop and get the girl)…Also he would try to ridicule me and make fun of me to the point i felt uncomfortable when i was learning to dance… Now that i look back he was trying to remind the top dancer.

                      10.- You may get girls for validation instead of chemistry to impress your friends.

                      So my personal opinion the best system is a bit of both, what i love is to go out ALONE, drive my own car, and have my friends at the clubs etc.. But be kind of independent, we hang out, but we are not exclusive, i do my thing without permission, and i can do my banishing act, and they do their thing… Going out alone has many advantages since women and groups of women are less intimidated to open you, specially if you dance, or if you are attractive. However if is a 2 set and you are about to fuck the other girl may feel like a third wheel, and fuck everything up, but if you have a bad wing with no game it is the same as you being alone for that left out girl.

                      What going out alone is not:

                      1.- Being antisocial

                      2.- Acting like you are lost and do not belong.

                      3.- Freaking out and being inadequate cause you are alone.

                      4.- Not knowing people in the venue(You will start knowing people after couple of times you go to the same clubs) Hope it helps since i see at least 10 post a week about sarging alone…It is not big deal I LOVE IT! The last few weeks i have a dude that i am teaching following me around and i hate it (my results not as good as if i was alone, for the guilt by association reason), he loves it since he is improving.




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                        Guys new video on fundamentals club/dance floor part 2....

                        - Intro. with the sample of some of the bad of being a seducer.

                        - In this fundamentals of club game I discuss Parking (being a wallflower) why is bad and lowers your status, what you can do instead such as the 3 second rule, dancing, interacting.

                        - How being seen or dancing for too long without making a move is seen by women, and how it could lower and kill the initial attraction she had for you. With my own club samples.

                        - Why chasing is bad and what are some of the shit tests that women will give you in the club to see if you will chase or not and to find if you are territorial or a true seducer(secret society dude)

                        - Why when you think the friend is cockblocking you, is not so, but your target aka the girl you are interested in, is sending signals to be rescue and most guys are unable to read cues or hints that women are constantly giving you in micro expressions and actions in the club.

                        - What to do and say when you make eye contact with a girl. Here i use a line that has always wored in this scenario that i learned it from Cajun (love system winner of keys of the vip)

                        - Why in clubs you should not touch or grab when you INITIALLY open for the first time dancing, the only exception is Latin music or Latin beats such as "Despasito" and the right move to use in the Latin music scenario that will yield high opening odds.

                        - Why you should not believe or listen to anything I just said unless you experience for yourself and find out for yourself.


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                          Hey guys new video...

                          -Introduction story were I used my own version of Grandmaster style.(sexual trolling).

                          - I talk about the check list I use to determining if I am buying a drink for a girl, and the minimum level of hotness for me to do so.

                          - In what parts of the seduction you should NEVER buy girls drinks.

                          - what to do if you have no money to buy women drinks.

                          - The max I would spend in drinks I buy for the girl.

                          - What things you need to say or sub communicate if you decide to buy her a drink.

                          - My main objection for seducers drinking and using drugs.

                          - Never buy girl flowers in a cold approach interaction, what to tell the flower lady and what to do instead.

                          -What is the none verbal sign that women use for you to buy them a drink and isolate them.

                          - Why you should never fight at clubs, specially for a girl. When is the only exception to fight for your girlfriend.

                          - What to do if a crazy drama girl assaults you physically.

                          - The importance of calibration and why a lot of pick up artists are sometimes the worst at it.

                          - why you should not lean in the clubs, and if you are tall what to do instead.

                          A lot of the video is based on my last report:


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                            Hey guys new video, topics covered:

                            - Why you should not approach from behind in cold approach and/or when dancing, what to do instead for a higher yield approach and in what cases (music types and ages) is ok to approach from behind.

                            - Mental attitude and frame post a rejection. How the best seducers have extreme high self esteem, big egos and typically are narcisists.

                            - Why you should not self reject and screen yourself out instead you need the girl to be the one that screen you out. In other word don't speculate and speculate on your chances against other guys no matter if the dude is Magic fox, The rock, Bradd Pitt or any male model.

                            - Why some girls think I look better than Brad Pitt, my example of self speculation.

                            - Why you should not speculate on sets that are mix assuming that the guy is with them romantically.

                            - The right level of energy in dance floor game, why too much high energy is bad as well as too low energy.

                            - The dance floor bubble and the right level of physical escalation and self control.

                            - Please NOTICED how i talk to girl on the dance floor, my VOICE INFLECTION AND TONE.

                            - How I finger and eat girls out on the dance floor without touching her vagina.