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My first live video what is Dance floor game/seduction...

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    Bro your videos are really good! You are very entertaining. I am curious about one thing, how do you transition from dancing with them to going for the pull?


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      Originally posted by PUA Reality View Post
      Bro your videos are really good! You are very entertaining. I am curious about one thing, how do you transition from dancing with them to going for the pull?
      thanks bro... The way i do it is post dancing i stay in set till sex, sometimes i isolate.... Every situation and girl is different, best is to look at the lay reports, and they are all different....

      Also now a days i do dance floor and second generation verbals a bit....


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        New video topics covered:

        - Intro. Featuring the first ever engagement ring rap in history. My cell or phone must be not working correctly since Doctor Dre. has not called yet.

        - Right way to ask women to dance.

        - In what situations is ok to ask women to dance.

        - Why you should not beg post dance floor request denial

        - Why if rejected by one of the girls in the group you should not pursue other girls in the group with my own live samples.

        - High yielding moves for latin Beats

        - When to never ever ask a girl to dance.

        - How to win over the group in the dance floor.

        - Why I believe more time you spend with the hot girl the more attractive she will become towards you.

        - Why I believe in some cases isolation is overrated and how I just stay in set till I end up with the girl in bed.


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          So youtube got rid of captions so I will remake my old videos, this is one of my original videos re-made with explanations, is a summary of the last 5 weeks with samples:

          Mistakes guys make at the club:

          1 – Hanging out with too many guys. I recommend you hang out with a maximum of one other guy. It is better to be alone as women will be less intimidated and may even approach you. (This happens to me all the time.) If you are going to the club with a group of guy friends, make sure that everyone meets at the club in separate cars. The reason you should do this is that when you hook up with an hb and your wing or friends don’t, they will pressure you to leave early or take them back, killing the chances of taking your target home. Make sure if you do hang out with a guy or group of guys, that they are not guys who have no game or do not project higher value. In some instances they may lower your own value in the eyes of your target and her friends. It’s guilt by association. Moreover, when there are too many guys it creeps women out. It looks like a pack of ravenous wolves trying to prey on a rabbit. Generally, I prefer to game alone, although sometimes I have a wingman whom I meet at the club. If he is having an off night, however, or his value is being lowered by too many mistakes, I will move off and game alone.

          2 – Parking. A mistake I frequently notice men make is standing stationary in the middle of the dance floor looking for targets. Doing this is creepy and lowers your value. You need to either park outside of the dance floor or be moving through the club. I usually go to a corner or a spot outside of the dance floor and dance; then, when they play a good song or I see a girl I like, I approach her immediately.

          3 – Looking at a girl multiple times. When you make eye contact with a girl, do not break eye contact. Just go up to her and say: “How are you going to look at me like that and not say anything? Come on, let’s dance,” or better yet, do not break eye contact at all but go up to her and dance. Do not stay where you are and stare at her multiple times. That is creepy and/or shows lack of confidence. Try to use the three-second rule. [Three-second rule, noun: a guideline stating that a woman should be approached within three seconds of first seeing her. It is intended to prevent the man from thinking about the approach too much and getting nervous, as well as to keep him from creeping the woman out by staring at her for too long. Origin: Mystery.]

          4 – Grabbing or touching when opening. When you initially approach the girl, do not grab her hand or touch her. The only exception to this rule is when they play Latin music, or Latin beats, for example Shakira, Ricky Martin, Pit Bull, or reggaeton. After you are in the set and pass the social hook point, you should escalate incrementally a little at a time.

          5 – Chasing. Do not chase women around. When you are dancing with a girl and she walks away, just act neutral and keep dancing or open another girl or set. Frequently, women will try to *shit test” you by dancing with another guy; let her do it and do not chase after her. You are the prize. Regardless of how tempted you are to chase after her, resist it! Remember: to get a girl you must be willing to lose a girl. As I said, women have done this to me all the time, and they end up coming back. [Shit test, noun: a question, demand, or seemingly hostile comment made by a woman intended to gauge whether a man is strong enough to be a worthy boyfriend or sexual partner. If he takes the question, demand, or comment at face value, he fails and generally loses the opportunity to move forward in his interaction with her. Examples include telling him he is too young or old for her, or asking him to perform an unnecessary favor.]

          6 – Buying girls drinks and flowers. Do not buy girls drinks or flowers. If you have already made out with her and she is into you, then you may decide to go this route. Personally, I would advise against buying drinks or flowers as it establishes her as the prize and not you. If you have made out with her and she is into you, make sure that your buying her a drink is not one of her shit tests. If all three of these things check out and you still have your heart set on buying her a drink, knock yourself out. Never buy her flowers under any circumstances. Make your own napkin rose. (I will link some tutorials on how to do this later in the book.) Buying drinks too early in the interaction is sending the message “I am not good enough for this girl, so let me buy you a drink so you can keep hanging out with me,” which comes across as too accommodating and needy and will nearly always kill any attraction for you she may be feeling. If a girl asks you to buy her a drink, tell her “Of course. Do you have $10?” Most girls do not ask guys to buy a drink, especially if they know the guy has game. Usually if a girl is hinting to me after we made out that she wants to get a drink, what I do is say, “Go ahead. I will be right here,” since sometimes this is a hint that she wants the interaction to be over or she wants to be isolated. If she goes to the bar and she wants me, or gives me indications that she wants me to join her, I go with her, but I stay five steps back. I behave as if I have no idea what is going on. I do not look at her but instead give her my back and keep dancing till she has gotten and paid for the drink. At that point she usually comes back to me.

          7 – Failure to pick up on hints. Sometimes the girl will move away, stop dancing when you approach, or her friend will hug her dancing (rescue mechanism). Additionally, her body language may indicate that she/her group of friends want to be left alone. This is normal. No matter how good you get, you cannot win them all. The problem that I see is guys staying there like idiots, or guys who do not get the hints. What is even worse is following the women around after they’ve moved on to dance in a different area. If you are with your wing and the girls reject you by hug dancing the girl, you can do the same shit with your wing while giving them the back. Not only will the girls be embarrassed, it is kind of funny.

          8 – Being too aggressive or not being aggressive. You need a balance of push and pull. Turn her on, but also pull back a bit, then go back to turning her on, then pull back. But do not make the mistake of being all over her to a point that she feels violated. Watch my dancing videos. I will demonstrate the correct way to do this while dancing. Your goal, when dancing, is to escalate as much as possible and to sexually arouse the girl while at the same time seeing to it that the hb is having a really good time.

          9 – Failure to engage the group. If she is with a group of men and women, you have to engage the whole group. I do this by dancing with everybody including the guys (no gay shit, but I will grab a hand and jump in back and forth in hip hop/reggae or like friendly bumping with hard core hip hop and hard rock for example, not amoging) or encouraging everybody to dance and high fiving.

          10 – Approaching difficult sets. If you see that the girls are overly into themselves or are in their own world, rejecting people left and right, it is best to avoid. If they are in a committed relationship, or you saw the group and they were into another guy(s), who just went to the bar and is coming back, approach other sets that are not as complicated. With that being said, approach everybody. I am just saying that in the choice of difficult sets vs. easy sets, I recommend going with the easier set first.

          11 – Fighting. I am a martial artist and, speaking from experience, there will be incidents where guys will try to fight you. Girls can be equally crazy wanting to fight because you bumped into each other, or you are trying to dance with their girlfriend. Regardless, do not fight under any circumstances! Not only will it lower your value, you will be banned from the club, the bouncers will beat the crap out of you, then you will get arrested, and pay a bail bond of $5000. On top of spending a night in jail. Just ignore them and leave.

          12 – Leaning in. No matter how loud the music in the club is, do not lean in to talk to a woman. Your back should be straight as a wall. You must avoid leaning in even if the music is loud. This includes lowering your head. Your head and back should always stay straight when talking. If she wants to talk, cup her ear (so it is not so loud that you two are screaming), and talk, but try not to talk. If you do, remember to avoid leaning in

          13 – Approaching from behind: I do not recommend approaching a woman with her back turned to you, because this is what every other loser does. There is nothing original or unique about this approach. Additionally, she has to turn around to see who is dancing with her, and if you get rejected it will look really bad and lower your value to other potential targets/groups. The exception to the rule is when she has anticipated that you are coming behind her after giving you IOIs. The three most common IOIs she will give are 1) looking at you while fixing her hair 2) proximity to where you are, or 3) bumping you on purpose or subtly. The second exception is booty music with a younger crowd. Remember, in this one your target’s age comes into play.

          14 – Bumping the girl, or dancing back (her booty) to back (your booty). This shows lack of confidence and again is what every other loser does. It may work, and some puas do it, but in my style of club game I do not recommend it ’cause it shows that you are not confident, not man enough to come up to them from the front. The exception to the rule is when she has given you IOIs, but again this is not my style.

          15 – Asking the girl to dance. Do not ask girls if they want to dance—just dance. If they tell you they do not want to dance, do not beg. Worse still is, after she has said no, asking her friends to dance. The friends will most likely say no, even if they like you, due to social proof and group mentality.

          16 – Having too much high energy or too low energy. Your energy level has to be slightly higher than the set you are opening. Too much high energy and the set will think you are a loony. Low energy will lose you the set because you are a buzz kill.

          17 – Being a dancing monkey. I see excellent dancers in clubs who can hold the attention of the whole club but do not get any girls. Alternately, if they are with girls, these women will only be their friends. These guys never or hardly ever hook up. Do not be a dancing monkey. From time to time, I will go into the middle of the dance circle or dance flashily to call attention to myself from nearby hot women. Doing this is a DHV. However, I never do this for more than a minute or two. Then I run my regular club game.

          18 – Getting too drunk. I do not recommend drinking. If you do drink, drink only enough to loosen up. Heavy or even moderate drinking will fuck up your game, get you into fights, and get you in trouble. Drinking in bars or clubs is also expensive.

          19 – Long-term memory. You have to be like an NFL quarterback after throwing an interception. Take Brett Favre, for example. He is a great quarterback, and when he throws an interception he doesn’t stand around all day and obsess about the negative memory of temporary failure. He moves forward, as should you. You need a short-term memory. If you get rejected, or things do not go your way, you need to forget about it immediately and move on. But you need to return to a confident, fun, cool state. Do not overanalyze: What did I do wrong? Why did she ditch me? Maybe I’m ugly. This includes all that negative shit we put in our heads. You need a strong inner game. For inner game the best book is “psycho Cybernetics”.

          20 – Lack of calibration. [Calibrate, verb: to read the verbal and nonverbal responses of a person or group and accurately deduce what they are thinking or feeling at that moment. Origin: Richard Bandler and John Grinder.] Let me illustrate with a couple of examples: One time I met a girl who had not gone out to a club in more than fifteen years because she had been married. She had just gotten out of the relationship. She was struggling financially due to the bad economy, was into me, and wanted to take me home. We were having a good time till she asked me to buy her a drink. I went into pua mode and said, “Do you know who I am? I do not buy girls drinks. They buy me drinks.” Then I told her “Go back to your friends. I have to go.” In this example, all I showed her is that I was a jerk-off and a cheapskate. When I called her three days later, I got no response, and I guarantee you that night she wanted an SNL.
          Another example is this one from the pua forum from a member named Phagan:
          “A case in point from tonight – a three set. HB7s. I start dancing with one of the chicks, getting closer, closer…making out. Great. We dance for maybe three to four minutes, making out a few more times. I make sure to always be the one who breaks it off. She puts her hand under my shirt, she looks at me all seductive… it’s on. Then she takes a step back and tells me “dance!” looking at the floor in front of me as if giving me instructions to “dance for her”… so I come closer to her and say “I don’t take orders from anyone” and back off a little, still inside her air space, smiling, not angry or anything… just being my cool self, the same self she was making out with twenty seconds earlier.” According to PUA rules/textbook, what he did was to follow his teachings. But as you can tell, there is lack of calibration. All he had to do was to dance with the girl seductively. He blew up his chances.


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            Hey guys new video on my approach to valentines day:

            Introduction using my own version of grandmaster style (convination of sex and humor)

            These are different ways based in my experience and natural players I know, on how we handle valentines…

            Women in your life: Text them Happy valentine’s day or something cute and cheesy. (mom, sister, family members, female friends you are not having sex with etc…)

            Women you work with: Give them a little chocolate or something cute and say happy valentines. No is not gaming is just part of being social/charismatic (no other dude at work does this, so you will look like a hero, but the goal is just to be nice).

            If you have a main girl: spend your day with her. One of the things I used to do is go to a restaurant in the afternoon and get food (Italian/Latin/Greek etc..), then I used to pretend I made the meal for her (I can not cook for shit), but I just really warm it up (she will not know, just do ok acting), with romantic decoration and shit (candle lights, wine, sexy music, movies like the notebook, titanic, blue valentines etc…). Another stuff i did was to get a Motel with flowers, Jacuzzi, mirrors really exotic shit. (Just make sure you reserve in advance since they will be packed on valentines). Finally, a lot of women are looking forward to the movie based on the best seller women book “50 Shades Of Grey”, you can take the girl to see that crap, just make sure you get the tickets in advance (a week or month in advance).

            With the girls on the side: still preferably text them something cute… When they reply with stuff leading to an encounter, play stupid, in other words do not respond or change the subject. Use this technique if you are not planning to see them on that day.

            If you have multiple girlfriends, you can convince them to celebrate different days, explain to them is to avoid crowds, or sell them on _________ reason.

            You can also Celebrate at different times of the day with multiple girlfriends (but is stressful and draining specially to your beloved pipi). One time I fucked 3 different girls on Valentines on the same day, I do not wish this on my worst enemy, it virtually destroys your dick!

            You can also come out of the blue with a stupid fights created on purpose and next everybody couple of days prior to valentines. (I did this a lot back in the days with Valentines and Christmas to avoid buying presents), if you are fucking them good and they are invested, they will always forgive after. When I say a stupid fight is not a big drawn out drama, is just a nip pick follow by a next (via text of course), this is never to be done with the main girl.

            If you do not give a fuck about valentines I do not recommend giving women speeches on why you don’t celebrate valentines like a lot of community guys recommend, cause you come across like a misogynistic retard, believe it or not . But, skills didn’t you say you dump women to avoid gifts on Christmas and valentines? you got me, still in my opinion superior technique over coming out with speeches on why you do not celebrate Valentines or Christmas.

            My main is so Red pill that we are not doing shit, hehe, she does not even want to go see 50 shades of grey…(and no, is not a shit test, since I wanted to go see the movie). I probably even go clubbing on Valentines.

            P.s. With valentines day is Awesome news for players, it marks the end of Boyfriend season which in USA runs from Thanksgiving to Valentines, were the availability of women specially in clubs and online is HORRIBLE since they are boyfriend up. A lot of break ups will occur in Valentines day due to women not getting rings, dudes being clueless, women feeling neglected etc… out!

            Edit.- In the original post I wrote this “one of the best clubbing pick up days, after new years, spring break and hallowing”, this is 100% incorrect, I went out clubbing that night it was a cock fest. My theory is most women went out on dates instead of clubbing.


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              Guys new video,

              Topics covered:

              In this video I break down the different type of seducers.

              Lover/player/pua/sigma/natural/playboy/fuckboys: Exchanges sex for sex instead of sex for relationships. Then I go in detail based on teevester Secret Society post part 2.

              Gigolo.- Exchanges sex for money. Usually works for a pimp or escort agency. I go in detail on pros and cons with samples.

              Mack.- Exchanges favors for relationships.- This include rent,car payments, gifts,allowances, favors (laundry, food, tuition) etc... Best famous example was Kevin Federline (a dancer by the way wink). I talk about how also some Europeans Whites come to Latin America an sponsor gigolos due to sex tourism. In my country we called them Sanky Panky

              Pimp.- This is the highest form of game. This guys have women in love with them that have sex with clients for money that go to their pocket. I consider this the highest form of game. Though, I could be wrong since it sometimes involves beatings and drugs.

              To end I have a tribute to a former seducer which I never got along with but respected named Player Supreme:


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                hey guys new video talking about the different type of clubs when it comes to size:

                Big clubs:

                -crowd capacity from anywhere from 2k to over 5k

                -sample club space in South Florida.

                - large crowds

                - more women to choose from.

                - easier to engage in a numbers game

                - Better for beginners with less than 50 lays and low seduction skill due to harder to burn the venue down.

                - long lines

                - expensive

                - harder for advance guys to take over the club due to size, and harder to do some of the technical that are easier to pull of in a smaller club. Ex. You may be checking out a girl and by the time you approach she is nowhere to be found in the crowd.

                Medium clubs are very similar to the big clubs but the capacity a bit lower up to 1200. Sample club liv, story and mansion all in South Beach.

                Small clubs.-

                - capacity 30-500

                -example off the hookah, mangos, Blue martini

                - Easier to gain celebrity type status by becoming a regular.

                -Easier to work angles and do advance technical concepts such as hoovering and approach invites.

                - Easier to take over the crowd

                -Less room for mistake so better for over 50 lay count guys with intermediate or advance level.

                -harder to avoid clingers and stalkers.

                - Less women to choose from.

                - I prefer now smaller clubs.- I usually go to 3 small clubs were i am a regular and get in free.


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                  Hey guys new video:

                  In this video I talk about better way to maximize your cold approaching results and some things that I, naturals and some seducers do pre-approach and during the approach:

                  -How to identify body language tells, approach invites and over-extensions.

                  - What demographic of women based on age, physical characteristics and even profession are more likely to be down to fuck.

                  - In what situations women that are usually NOT down to fuck become down to fuck.

                  - How to force approach invites

                  - Samples of approach invites.

                  - Samples of things different seducers and naturals do when they receive approach invites and over extensions.

                  - What seducers now a days implement approach invites as part of their game with success.

                  complementary reading:




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                    Guys new video (trying to remake my old videos cause youtube got rid of captions):

                    -In this video I talk about free and unusual places were I and other seducers have taken 100s of girls no matter what circumstances such as broke, homeless, living in with women etc....

                    -For maximum video benefit make sure you read the following blogs: How to get a blow job in the car (atten. Bill Clinton)

                    - How to have sex with women if you are broke, live at home or any unfavorable circumstances


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                      Hey guys, sorry for the delay on weekly videos, I was optimizing my health and had some issues with a girl that was creeping in the forum, out of respect for her did not want to post videos (took her off rotation).... anyways, this is a remake of my old video (again due to youtube taking off captions)...

                      In this video I show some popular Hollywood movies that match my real life experience when it comes to seduction in venues such as clubs and events such as weddings, sweet 16, corporate party functions, birthday parties, family parties, new years parties and any type of event that involve crowds and music.