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  • Cologne advice & layer thickness

    Around 2002, I got rid of my Mum's old advice that less is always more for cologne. Because consistently, I was getting more and more girls reacting shocked how good I smelled, the more cologne I experimented using. (Poor Mum - I assume 60/70s has horrible colognes and people used them INSTEAD of showers.. there is nothing worse than the smell of old sweat, except the smell of old sweat + perfume combined I guess.)

    Getting the right one:
    Not all types of fragrances are enjoyable in large quantities. So if you are going to follow my advice, and lay on thick enough layers to tranquilize an elephant, then you HAVE TO heed the following advice on how to shop for colognes:
    1 - In the store, get one of those paper pin thingies, and spray with tester bottle until SOAKED. Show NO SHAME in how much of the tester you use.
    2 - Shake it a bit to evaporate the alcohol.
    3 - Hold it carefully covering both nostrils and draw a deep breath slowly through your nose, getting as much of that scent as humanly possible.
    -When you found a fragrance SUITABLE for thick layers, this should leave you with a sensation of DELIGHT and a desire to take another deep breath like that. And another.
    -With unsuited fragrances, you will immediately feel that something is off. Typically some detail inside the fragrance will be sticking out like a sore thumb. Like its out of place, and/or gives you unsexy associations.

    -Wearing nothing, spray on lower half of neck until moist from all sides.
    -Spray into the room and move through the the resulting mist. Repeat 1 or 2 times.
    -Spray liberally on wrists and rub ears with them.

    The Method for Finding the Very Best Fragrance
    Choosing a cologne
    Importance of smellin good, or how to buy the right perfume

    PS - in daytime, environments are less 'loud', so you can probably make similar impact with slightly less. Personally I like thick layer even for daytime seduction though!
    PPS - I cant over-emphasize the importance that you get the right type of fragrance for this. If in doubt, try one that strikes you as less complex, and reminding you more of nature.
    ..oh, and below is proof that at least 1 girl agrees with me:

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    What cologne do you wear? I have a top 3 or 5 I use. Need to get a new cologne.

    The ones that slay for me are Dirk Nasamotto and Angel Thierry Mugler
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      I use escada moon sparkle. Done so since 2008. Buy it on ebay as they don't produce it anymore.
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        A) Look for sweet, flowery, fruity.
        B) Be wary of leafy, clean, fresh, soapy or spicy.
        C) Get a super strong whiff when in the store, looking for it to leave you 'hungry for even more'.

        A bit more specific what to look for, when going for 'thick layer'. (Based on my own experience using thick layers.)

        You want something Fruity, Flowery, Sweet. (Plants have select things they want animals to eat as part of plant reproduction. Those are nectar and fruit, and they are advertised through strong accompanying odors.)

        You dont want something Fresh, Clean, Soap'esque, Forest, Grass, Leaves, Pine needles, Bark/wood, Spice, etc.. (Plants fend off animals and microbes that want to eat their seeds, leaves and stems, by producing toxic compounds. These too often come with strong aroma.)

        Both sweet and fresh smells are enjoyable, but the big difference is that sweet smells have tendency to create the "give me more" feeling where you want to rub your nose in it.. while fresh smells tend to become sharp/stingy/'too much' if you pile on more. (Possibly having to do with the former having ties with food, and the latter having ties with toxins...