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Cafe Game - Coffeeshop Game - some pointers

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  • Cafe Game - Coffeeshop Game - some pointers

    Alongside the typical day game venues one type of game i really like is cafe game - so figured i would share a thread to nuance the picture together.

    The cafe context provides opportunities
    - HBs are not moving - people are there seated stable for longer periods, aka you dont have to stop them but have lots of time to manage them side by side and make use of space. movement within the cafe is often limited to restroom, outside or bar/service area ,enter and leave.
    - HBs are Often in good moods for seduction - i see DTF girls around lunch period. I see girls bored. i see them being lonely, i see them being fun and vibrant w girlfriends etc etc. Also they can be focussed on a task which makes the engagement more of an intrusion. But there are many good states there especially at certain key times. You can even time this eg for cafes next to model agencies on certain times where their moods are easier to seduce from. or gyms. or dance schools. or whatever. Next to hostels. you can literally choose your segment and hit it at optimal times for efficiency if wanted. Some cafes in the summertime are semibars or used similarly. which provides a bar like space to the surrounding vibe and thus girls-

    Some key challenges
    - The pressure is high as many people are nearby/looking which puts pressure on the girl - what is happening is very visible. a bit of chaos in the cafe can help here or tables on perimeters etc. Waiters etc are looking too and very attuned to dynamics, and their guests comfortability.

    its sort-of-a pendant to Bacchus busstops where the waiting time is perfect and gives a logistical situation for good responsiveness. But cafes has a longer timespan for interaction while also a higher pressure on the girl and you.

    A few key dos that i do:
    - i ALWAYS Sit myself close to my target off the bat - asin a the same table or next to side by side so that i can chat her up from the position. potentially w initial active disinterest OR not dependent on her situation and vibe from the GET GO. Moving around in the space is often strange in the seated universe of it and social pressure.
    - Work her in the space.
    - Or intercept at key places eg "bar".
    - Always frame it as a coincidence/serendipity happening - unless shes in a more DTFish state where larger moves can be done faster. this happens more than you might imagine.
    - I work interactions in a transgressive model based on her vibe at the moment of meet/seeing each other.

    As its often a high pressure place in terms of staff looking and people being semi-still locked in the most optimal approach is to slide in next to your target from the get go and construct it as a serendipity experience/ we just stumbled across each other.

    My simple model (field-developed) is to
    - Calm-Playfully ask if i can borrow part of their table to get a read and start the connection w a pleasure to my smile, and display of good qualities putting me on her radar
    - Ask into whatever - curious energy or playful w an assuming rapport style thing. i like to start w. push-pullish energy managing 3 quick shifts to stir up emotion and add some mmmpph to the initial energy i add/move in them. but it depends again on the vibe. This tends to shake them up a little and get more playful.
    - Then i basically enter Rikers conversational model - ask/push the convo into topic turning points towards fun and interesting, spit related topics and gambits into it.
    - I then lead it towards emotional and imaginative topics driving of topic turning points and by spitting related topics and gambits into it.
    - And i lead us into romantic/sexual topics + sextalk when i sense her readiness.
    Above is the mastery buildup but ofcourse carried out in a fractionating approach. This is not needed but makes it so much more effective. Read Riker and ross and alikes if curious about a workable model for transgressing her through smart states into sextalk and setting up a liminal space or alike with her using frames and the likes.

    Needless to say a plausible deniability bait for being alone can be utilised for the pull if youre not firm at managing nor reading her sexual activation. Or you can tip her into mutual seduction and enjoy direct articulations of lust.

    its an excellent slow model for me for verbal game to actively create a seduction and see/connecting w. the changes in the girls. Just initial write up - ill add things as i think a lil more about it. Shoot in anything please - above is just how i do it. Sure theres more to understand and other models. Im curious to hear yours.
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    I appreciate this glow because I have been looking for a method for the Starbucks that is right next to my house and I have felt competent with the in-line banter and so forth, was never really sure how to start a conversation without buying drinks everyday. There is a patio area so I was considering that and the weather always good here.

    Also, can you share what the Rker conversational model is?


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      could you give a short conversational example if you get a moment?


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        Originally posted by Subterfuge View Post
        could you give a short conversational example if you get a moment?
        yeah, i did a little here to get you started
        Heard you not the type that you take home to mom

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