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  • Help Wanted - Moderator For This Forum

    I feel this forum, Direct Approach Game, needs it's own Moderator. The ideal candidate would be someone who is successfully doing cold approach pickup in the field, and was a long time member with a good reputation, and is here a lot. They would also have to have good self control and good social skills, because it takes patient diplomacy to be a good Moderator.

    Feel free to nominate others or volunteer yourself.
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    Someone i can think of that meet all the requirements, would be Glow....

    1.- he has been a member for a long time.

    2.- he has a good reputation (and has met other guys in the field)

    3.- even when people are messing with him, he is very diplomatic and maintains his cool.

    4,- He is here a lot.

    I would volunteer myself but unfortunately i lose my temper a lot lol, and i can't spell just lol...(aka i am not volunteering thanks god, so guys don't get scare)


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      Good points, S!

      Hmm 'direct' has a different meaning in the old jargon. But right now I cant think of a better word to illustrate that this is about chatting up strangers.