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  • Newer to direct, critique of situation.

    So I've spent the last couple of years getting myself together. I'm finally at a place where my inner game is together, and my life is fantastic. I've never had a ton of problems with women with online and social circle/proximity game. I'm pretty new to cold approach/direct. So if this is the wrong spot (wasn't sure to go with here or newbie) I apologize. Also seeing other women, so this isn't a "there's this one girl" post. More or less looking for some feedback on how it went down.

    I provide a contracted service for a facility, I'm there everyday (but totally separate employers). I've previously hooked up with several of the women that work there (4 total, 3 are still there), but nothing has ended badly/with drama (I don't lie to women, or treat them badly). All of them were casual/FB, and knew I'm a non-mono guy.

    A couple of weeks ago this girl came back to work there. I'm not entirely sure how old she is, but I'm guessing I'm 10+ years older. Anyway so our first meeting she's nice, receptive to banter, and I'm noticing mostly positive body language. See her a few more times in passing, and definitely picking up IOIs. Real/natural smile with eye contact (which I caught her doing a lot), always enthusiastic with banter, and laughing/smiling big at my jokes. Overall I really wasn't interacting with her any differently than I interact with anyone else (I keep banter to neutral/playful, and mildly flirty). So I was keeping that in mind, and she was at least on my radar due to being attractive and potentially receptive. Due to the whole situation I'm not able to isolate at all, and there's always several people around for the conversations/banter.

    Anyway so I picked up some major IOIs from her the next time we interacted... She gave me the "boob shoulder look", touched me when she didn't need to, and looked down, smiled, and giggled whenever I held eye contact. Still not ever being able to get her alone, I figured "strike while the iron is hot". So I wrote a note that said "Yes, You can buy me a drink", and put my phone number on it. Passed it to her discreetly and she snatched it out of my hand like a shaolin monk grabbing a pebble.

    I know that's not the ideal situation, but I wanted to keep some level of discretion there. That was a couple of days ago, and I haven't heard anything yet. I legitimately have no idea if she's attached (doesn't wear a ring at least).

    Any feedback/opinions?

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    go out n sarge a nightclub til you get skills where you dont have to worry about risky once ina while situations at work


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      The way i work these situations in work situations which i consider Social circle like is:
      * Mobilise soft notions of sexual tension and escalating the vibe pleasantly
      * Move forward towards her in a slow gravitational way - small incremental steps driven from the feeling of intent i feel inside towards her.

      i work her inside the premise under a plausible deniability frame and high levels of discretion while working the invisible layers (arousing her, connecting w her etc). eg a series of paimais w soft firm eye contact where i grace her w vibe. Eg by having lunch w her and disarming things moving her closer to me in the connection or arousal part dependent on what i want w her.

      I move things outside work premise without direct verbal intent display or too big moves (eg the note is too big a move for me, i would always preceed that sort of interest displya with "a moment" before doing so eg a series of soft intimate-sensual type gracings). i tend to invite for common interest type things and just w a casual sorta im heading to xxx, you should join shoot me a text if you feel like it.

      That said i can be more direct if i feel its on but you need some intuition and forecasting skills to do that. Some people compliance test through fysical means - thats not seducer way for me. just feel her and see whats appropriate- her degree of comfort resistance or engagement in things provides obvious resistance points and how to properly suggest "nexts". But maybe thats more advanced level.

      maybe a bit advanced but gives you an idea. Ive seduced intelligent model-looking types through this from commercial videoshoots where i directed them like this. Then ending up banging her in an outside forest area.

      * film shoot and escalation of vibe between the doings (im attractive and confident in my line of work from my presence and decisiveness)
      * Asked her to come to my desk for a card for lunch - she got my Business card but even more importantly she walked for and with me through departments just to get it.
      * lunch - agreement to meet outside (cant even remember but we went for a walk in a park)
      * walk ending at my apartment - close

      This girl was a classic type 9er(which is why we used her for the film) and highly successful and intelligent. Aka not an "easy" target. But i met literally no resistance from her in the process. These forms of seductions follows a feeling route of serendipity with notions of something erotic.


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        Grod, I would....but nightclubs aren't a very good environment for me (my hearing is pretty messed up). I'm trying to do a little more with cold approach through daygame and whatnot.

        Glow, thanks. Sounds like good advice. I thought in that situation I COULD be that direct because her interest level seemed to be pretty high. I've used AI/IOI for women that I've never talked to before, but getting those things from someone that I have interacted with before a few times I wasn't really sure what kind of weight to put on it. The situation you talked about seems a little more fluid than my setup. Pulling to your desk like that is still more of an isolation that I'm able to do.

        Edit: To provide a little more context, I'm looking to get a bit better at handling these situations that come up. The women I'm talking about are nurses that work in a hospital, so I can't isolate and have a rather short interaction time with them (and I work in EMS). I'm absolutely at a place where I'm comfortable with being direct, and I feel like due to the nature of the interactions that's pretty much the most ideal option i have. I'm trying to balance being direct with being discreet as much as possible.


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          there was a lot more to it than described but just gave you the big lines

          it turns smooth like that exactly cause i lead it w "moments" and "small nexts".. and create a path of those leading easily forward supporting discretion

          just consider if that could make sense for you in any way

          the many little interactions can help you mobilise her state and overcome resistances if shes less on.

          you just have to start seeing them and opportunities w the nurses to extend the little interactions you have or add things onto them eg using breaks or whatever where youre not working.

          i dont think a full game style should be direct or indirect - i mix em up. what is key is to smoothn the more direct escalations to flow her into it through emotions

          make it flow vs. stops

          dont make her make any "big" decisions-


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            The note thing was too forward and distasteful "buy me a drink", cocky frames shouldn't be mixed with compliance request imo. Makes you look like your full of yourself.

            Socially framed hang outs tend to work a lot better when it comes to getting her out. Don't frame it as something date-ish, ideally you want to give it a very casual vibe. Wait until you get her isolated with you to pull out the more flirty/sexual stuff.


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              Glow that make a little more sense. As far as breaks go though, I see most of them somewhat regularly (but also inconsistently). So basically I might see her twice in a week, and then not again for say 2-3 weeks. That seems like a pretty big lag time to keep it up. What I mean is I can't really take TOO long with this kind of thing right? I kind of have to balance making progress, with taking too long.

              PUA, I was going for facetious (that's kind of more my demeanor). That is to say, I didn't think she'd take it seriously, which is why I phrased it that way. I'm definitely self assured, but I don't think I project a cocky attitude at all. That's usually how I do pitch a meet otherwise "I'm heading to X at Y, you should come". In this case though I was trying to keep from being overheard, so didn't think that was a viable option. I was also thinking because the attraction seemed to be up there, I could get away with being a bit more forward.


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                PUA Reality

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                Ahh ok, I see what you mean by gauging her attraction level as high. From my experience coming in from a more humble angle is usually more beneficial. I recently fucked things up with a girl who was physically my perfectttttt type by being a bit too forward, and it still stings. I guess their ego puts them into retreat mode when they realize that you are very aware of their sexual attraction towards you. If that style seems to be working for you then keep doing it, just be mindful of that kinda stuff in the future.

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              good points,

              in general w most girls - just be creative to create longer periods.

              Look for opportunities
              * if theres something interesting ask into it actively and curiously, just doing it or ask her if she has 5 min to explain something to you
              * or curiously ask into somethings she does, mentions or whatever. If non work show interest actively but cut it after some time as you have to work but setup a lunch to hear more etc.
              * if its around lunch ask them their lunch plans - just a good chance to have 30 min w her/the team to work things
              * use the work setting and what collegial space allows as nice ways to interact
              Just shooting quick ideas - Brain storm on ways to do this slowly growing your repertoire as you go along your days around them/work

              when i feel a good intent it sorta works out easily by itself.

              Even better - sense her or the situation and suggest things shell like that are appropriate within the context. But demands a bit more ability. But the more you can see them and suggest the better.


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                Glow , wow , hahaha , you should make a thread explaining your newly invented glossary . I mean , you are so out of this world weird writing something any newbie hardly would even read .


                • glow


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                  point taken.

                • Grodmeister General
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                  I bring this up and he gets booty tickled, this stuff is already a lot to take in , the goal should be simplify things.

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                  Grod, as you can see i adress people properly when they engage me properly.

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                PUA, Yeah that's what I was trying to figure out. Since I'm somewhat new to this approach is it the same kind of blowout with being too forward in a cold approach?
                Like getting blown out on a cold approach, ok no big deal, I won't ever see her again. Here there's still a "moving forward" aspect where I'll be interacting with her in the future. And that's kind of at least partly what I was looking for some guidance with. Just keep interacting with her the way I have been, is what I'd planned on doing.
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                  Aloofus , Have you watched The Mystery Method DVDs archive or any Venusianarts programs ?



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                    Originally posted by Hdr View Post
                    Aloofus , have you even read The Game or The Mystery Method book and watched any Venusianarts DVD programs ?

                    The Reveletion book by Lovedrop ?
                    he's asking about direct game. Would be better off reading(watching) 60yofC, Tay Social, Evolution Daily, James Tusk etc


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                      I understand the discretion part, But you put her in a position as a woman were she has to jump a huge hoop.....

                      You discretely being the one getting her number or social media somehow would have been way better strategy.

                      Or even you giving her your social media way easier for her....

                      In microsoft i was making a remote session with a client (me accessing her computer), she gave me couple of iois and told me she wanted to see how i look like....

                      since my calls are being heard i just put my weak instagram in the remote session and pointed at it, 2 second later she reached out....

                      small hoop to jump

                      her callling me huge hoop

                      i hope you get the point, and you over reached with the silly line...

                      Read this please:


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                        Originally posted by Hdr View Post
                        Glow , wow , hahaha , you should make a thread explaining your newly invented glossary . I mean , you are so out of this world weird writing something any newbie hardly would even read .
                        very uncalibrated and idiotic comment, a newbie reading this ^ would think seducers are bad at dealing with people... He made the same point i made, just broke it down in details....Thanks for your strong contribution... Do you have a take in the situation?? i have my notepad out


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                          If she knows you well enough to know you were facetious, and if she is interested enough, and trusts you enough... it would be ok. Anything you add to your number is subject to misinterpretation. You could have given her more instruction/ plausible deniability situation (i.e. I'm really worried about the kid/gramma/etc. that we just brought in, will you send me a text that she made it through ok?)